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Address: Kornwestheim und Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Alfred Kreidler began building 50cc twostrokes in 1950, having re-established his father's Stuttgart factory after war's end in 1945. The last real Kreidlers were built in 1983, although Garelli produced some mopeds in 1988 with a Kreidler badge, and a Dutchman was still producing small numbers of special order Floretts after 2000. Kreidler was very active in competition, and his speed record machine, The Cigar, had considerable success. The firm dominated 50cc GP World Championship racing in the 1970s and 80s, taking the title 8 times.

Their road-going machines were highly regarded and sold well despite their relatively high price. The Kreidler Florette was not sporting in appearance, but performed well and was known for its reliability.

There is an excellent brief history of the marque at Maarten's Kreidler Club.

Mon Jun 27 2016
Cotocalibaby at< br>1978 ratchet top pawl carrier broke
Kreidler No-9
Can't seem to find this ratchet top part and it broke so my moped made a grind noise and didn't move
SD, Sioux Falls, 57104

Mon Jan 21 2013
Early KREIDLER race bike in action

Fri Aug 31 2012
Floret 50cc
1953 3 v
gostava de ter o manual técnico desta mota uma vez que tenho uma e também onde consigo arranjar peças de origem para a mesma, obrigado.
(I would like to have the technical manual of this bike once I have one and also where I can get original parts for it, thanks
) Lisboa

Wed Feb 08 2012

Kreidler 1953 49cc engine
I had one when I was in high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. The gas tank was incorporated into the frame and it had pedals like a bicycle. I wish I still had it.

Thu Nov 24 2011
Kreidler Florret 1965 for sale
Kreidler Florret 1965 for sale. Image available on request. Make an offer
South Africa

Sun Aug 07 2011
Louiseb.lyons<at>googlemail dot com
Restoration service
Kreidler Florett
Kreidler Florett 1971. Suche eine Werkstatt zur Aufbesserung meines Mopeds.

Sun Jan 09 2011
kreidler wasser uhren cockpit
kreidler rs bj.73
hallo. suche ein rs wasseruhren cockpit, bj.'73 & ein rmc cockpit, bj.'75. wo tacho u. drehzahlmesser getrennt sind.
mfg markus

Tue Sep 21 2010
wilf125<at>hotmail dot com
kreidler krc125
I am trying to find information on this 125 kreidler does anyone know the history of this bike thanks

Fri Aug 27 2010
hamletbrat<at>gmail dot com
1977 kreidler
flory 50cc
please - what is the correct gas/oil mix ratio for a 1977 flory moped, 50cc

Fri Jul 23 2010
williamzuk07<at>gmail dot com
1981 kreidler flory 32
i need motor shroud,carb filter housing,new muffler, brake handles/cables, new decals would be nice also
machine has 3100 mi, still in good shape. if anyone can help.......

Wed Oct 21 2009
subject: Kreidler Flory Moped '78-'79
lajforte at
message: Trying to find a value/price on what they are currently worth. Please see the page on valuations

Mon Oct 05 2009
broker81 at
flywheel remover
1977 kreidler flory
Hi I am looking for a tool to remove flywheel so I can replace points can you help
las vegas,nv,usa

Wed Sep 02 2009
bdchippewa at yahoo dot com
1977 kriedler flory
kreidler fory
need gas cap and gas valve or complete tank
ohio usa

Wed Jun 17 2009
bringbring1 at msn dot com
Repair Manual
Kreidler MP 19
I am looking for a repair manual for my Kreidler moped in English.
California Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon May 25 2009
lelieur at
kriedler 77-78 flory
I have a kriedler/flory.I think its 77 or 78 with 490 original miles on it. It has been in my moms garage since 78. I am trying to find out what it is worth or if parts are available in case I decide to start riding it. Any info would be great, thanks.

Thu Mar 05 2009
teamjda at gmail dot com
kridler mp19
looking to see what it is worth and if i can get a piston for it

Sun Mar 01 2009
pratersix at cfl.rr dot com
1970 to 1980 kreidler racer
1970 racer 1980 racer
wanted kreidler 50cc racer. jim prater

Fri Feb 20 2009
inherday at hotmail dot com
Kreidler Motorcycle Moped Florett
Kreidler 1965 Floret Super
Hello! My mother had a '65 years ago and I would like to find one to restore in memory of her. Does anyone have one or know of a place where I might find one?
Minnesota, U.S.

Wed Jan 14 2009
joelbdsouza at hotmail dot com
kreidler florett super 1961-65
required user/owners manual and spare parts engine and body views books and other information

Wed Sep 24 2008
dfinken at
1978 Kreidler Moped M-P-9 1978 Kreidler Moped M-P-9
THere is a leak of oil out of the transfer case any suggestions?

Thu Aug 28 2008
willaeti22 at

Tue Aug 26 2008
brellur at
Kreidler k51
1956 Kreidler k51
Hi, I'm an old man now in Iceland.This picture was taken in a studio 50 years ago. This was the only kreidler in my home and I liked it very much.Do you think I can find a byke like that to fix? I would be very greatful if you can help me.I send you my best wishes and thanks for the pleasure I had of my Kreidler. Sincerely Hilmar √Ārnason

Fri Dec 14 2007
Frourosz at
rs 1978 Florette
I am interested for model rs 1978 and I want to know the cost
please come in contact with me by email frourosz at or argi1976 at
Thanks nikos

Fri Jul 20 2007
ben hughes at netscape dot com
handle bars and cables
78 kreidler moped
help i need handle bars and cables for my moped any help out there
vermont usa

Tue Oct 31 2006
hasenfyfn at
I need a rim
'77 Kreidler Flory
I split my rim and can't ride it now. looking for replacement first. I will go to welder 2nd

Tue Oct 10 2006
chilverstony at
I am living in Crete and recently purchased an old property, which had an old Kreidler Motorcycle inside. Someone told me that it maybe worth restoring. Would you be interested if I sent you a photograph.
Thankyou for your help
Tony Chilvers

Sun Sep 17 2006
info at jan-de-vries dot com
Jan de Vries
Please look at

Regards Ben.

Sat Aug 19 2006
hasenfyfn at
Kreidler Mp3
Kreidler Flory
I have a '77 Florey I restored back in '99 after years sitting. It is not going to be easy. Got to do alot of scouting in Bicycle, Motorcycle, lawnmower and hardware stores in your area.

(and please, can someone help with a better image of a Flory!)

Thu Jun 08 2006
velimir.srsan at
Kreidler Van Veen electronic - Kroeber

We are a small group of motor enthusiasts from Slovenia which are still racing with 50cc oldtimer motors. We are searching for electronic (ignition...) for 50cc Kreidler VanVeen motor. The original electronic is from Kroeber

Because we are still active in racing with motorcycle, we need to get reserve electronic. We would appreciate any information about where we can get electronic or if possible give electric schematic (drawing), so we can make one our own. If you perhaps know, that maybe someone has the old ignition system which does not work anymore, then we could dismantle it and make a new copy . I am actually electrical engineer, but I am affraid to open the existing ignition system, because we have only one, and don't want to mess with that since we need it for racing.

Thank you in advance.
If you have any information or questions please contact me on my e-mail.

Thu May 11 2006
tbeaulee at
1977 Kreidler moped
Do you have an idea of the value of this moped? My father-in-law rebuilt it and it is in great shape, saddlebadgs, rearview mirror, etc.

Please see the page on valuations. Ed.

Wed Nov 09 2005
rustypipe5461 at yahoo dot com
kreidler mopeds
i have a 1977-78 kreidler moped, and i need ignition parts where can i find them?

Tue Nov 08 2005
davymathews at hotmail dot com
John Bos the dutch producer of Kreidler is building new kreidler near the old factory of Zundapp in Portugal
If someone knows the location please let me know

Thank You

I can find no reference to this on the John Bos Kreidler site. Ed.

Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005
subject: Van Veen Kreidler 50 cc
Email: andrea.mcnaul at
message: Hi I have a Van Veen Kreidler 1978 50 cc immaculate condition could I have advice re value and who to contact in u.k. Thanks Andrea

September 11, 2001
My name is Keene SEELEY, and I have many Kreidler Florett 50 cc motorbikes. I also have lots of info. If I remember correctly, Van Veen was the Dutch importer for Kreidler in the 60's and 70's. Van Veen had a factory-backed race team, and developed highly successful 50cc racing Kreidlers (rotary inlet valve, water cooling, electronic ignition).
I'm always on the lookout for additional parts and information, so keep in touch. -- Keene Seeley -- kseeley at

January 4, 2001
I have found a mint condition 70's Kreidler Flory, it is orange and the owner is asking 300$us for it. Should I invest in it or is it too expensive? I would really appreciate your advice.
thank you -- VINTAGESHIRT at aol dot com

je recherche l'adresse ou le telephone de personnes ou je peux acheter un 50 kreidler van veen
merci d'avance
christophe bigot
c.bigot at caramail dot com

From Sheldon: My French isn't all that good, but I believe this says: I don't get the reference to "Van Veen" though as that is the name of the person who had the Kreidler site listed below, which appears to have gone away.

I am looking for a 50 Kreidler Van Veen (?), and would like that address or telephone number of anyone who can help me.
Thank you in advance,
Christophe Bigot
c.bigot at caramail dot com

R. Van der Veen's Kreidler web site - Another great site (404)
(October 17, 1999, this site appears to be down. Does anyone know the status? e-mail biker at cwizard dot com )
Hi I'm looking for info on Kreidler Racers and you have a link to R. Van der Veens Kreidler web site. Anyway that site doesn't exist anymore and it had some great info. Do you happen to have the email adres from R. van der veen. I would appreciate it if you would help me on this one. -- Greetings Kevin -- lajos-damen at

January 30, 2000
Hi Kevin,
Cant help you much about the email but I do have two Kreidler disc valve racers which I have tuned and race in the UK. We may be able to swap info or help out with parts. regards -- Chris -- chris.alty at

I have read with interest the page on the Itom. I am the Editor and Press Secretary of the UK based Racing 50 Enthusiast Club. We specialise in racing 50cc motorcycles of the Classic period from the mid 1950s to 1974. At present we can have on the start line ITOMs, Minarellis, Kreidlers, NSU, Garelli, Motobi etc. They either race competitively or Parade.

I have #1 1967 Mk VIII and a 1971 Mk IX Itom, a Spondon Minarelli 50cc racer and a 3speed hand change MOTOBI 50cc racer. All of these racers are undergoing preparation for the new season but when complete I will send photos and information. I have information on the ITOM models and would be happy to answer questions, knowledge and information allowing for readers of this page.

If any reader wishes to join the club (we have members in Canada, USA, Holland, France, Australia and Italy) please ask them to send me an email to confirm interest.

JEEP JEEP-2000 at compuserve dot com

Don't know much about them, but I own one that I would like to sell. If you know anyone looking to buy a 1967 Super 5 please E-Mail me a: Geneseeman at aol dot com