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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1950s-1970s.

The Piacenza company released the 50cc David moped scooter in 1954, revised as the Type B in 1957 with cleaner bodywork and two-tone paint. These were powered by DEMM engines, and were also fitted with Garelli and Rex two-strokes. The bodywork was hinged from the steering head and could be lifted in one piece, complete with seat, to reveal the engine and rear wheel. It had swinging arm rear suspension and was both elegant and easy to live with. The Dunkley S65 of 1958 was based on the David Type B design and used many of the original components. It also appeared in the Netherlands as the Typhoon David B48 Bromscooter.

A light motorcycle appeared around 1970 with Earles-style front suspension powered by an FB Mondial engine called the David PT, with a front carrier rack. The same suspension units were used front and rear. It is discussed in some detail by Mark Daniels who writes, "...[t]he full crouch downhill run of 42cc was accompanied by a devastating banshee wail of unnatural volume and revs, as we urge the now highly enraged machine round the lower bend, through the dip and into the uphill climb—we certainly wouldn't have wanted to try that with a full load aboard the carriers!"

There were also small three-wheelers (motofurgoncini).

Production models remained much the same into the 60s, with the addition of a larger motofurgoni, also named David.

Microcars marketed in France as Lawil and Willam were built by Casalini. Very similar machines were sold as the three-wheeled Casalini Sulky as late as 1975.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Henshaw, Icenicam.

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casalini sulky 3 wheel rear 50cc engine. 1975
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