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Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

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Manufactured in Milano by Giorgio Valeri Alba 1924-1926, these were lightweight motorcycles with German OHV 198cc engines.

The Ladetto brothers traded under the Ladetto marque from 1923 to 1927 at Via Giacosa N° 19, Torino. They sold components to Alato among others, and possibly built their own motorcycles.
Joined by Blatto, the firm's name became Ladetto & Blatto, reverting to the original name when he left in 1930. The company ceased production in 1932.
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Manufactured by Lawil S.p.A. of Pavia, Lombardia, 1967-1988

The firm was closely associated with the French Lambretta and the Italian Innocenti companies.

The principals of the firm were Henri Willame (Director of Lambretta France) and Carlo Lavezzari (Designer), and the Lawil brand is derived from their names.

The vehicles were all four-wheel microcars powered by 125cc and 250cc two-stroke engines. These were sold in Italy, and in France as the Willam.

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Leri Logo


The firm produced mopeds in the 1950s and possibly into the 1960s.

Founded 1898 in Bagnolo by Nogarole Rocca and Giovanni Rinaldi. In 1923 Rinaldi's son Leopoldo moved the factory to Cinisello Balsamo, adopting the brand names Leri (Leopoldo Rinaldi) and Mirella for the bicycles.

The business moved to Muggio in 1958. It remains operational -

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The company built GP racers including 50cc machines.

LGM was raced in GP events by S. Zattoni and Ezio Mischiatti in 1978, Massimo de Lorenzi in 1984, and Éric Saul in 1986.

A four cylinder 500cc GP machine built by Giancarlo Librenti using a frame by Carlo Verona of VRP, it was campaigned by Marco Papa during the 1992 season. The highly regarded "Fuzzi" Librenti, who collaborated with Malanca and was mechanic for Agostini in 1976, suffered a heart attack and died in 1993 at the age of 56. The project was taken over by VRP.
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Longhi Sidecars
Manufactured by G. Longhi - Via Arena, 2, Milano (1948)
Built numerous models from the 1920 until 1950 or later.
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