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Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

This page lists brands for which limited information is available. For a more complete listing visit the Italian Index.

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Terra Modena
Founded in 2003 in Modena, the firm built single-cylinder four-stroke supermoto machines in limited numbers.
The motorcycles have 450cc engines with a 98mm bore, and are fitted with carbon lenticular wheels and a carbon handlebar manufactured by Strawber. Most of the other components are of aluminium, titanium and magnesium.

Thunder Motori Srl, Reggio Emilia built motorcycles using parallel twin engines of 173cc.
Source: (NIT)



Manufactured in the early 1950s, these were bicycle attachment engines.
They were also built under license in Denmark by BBE in Esbjerg, 1954.
Sometimes incorrectly spelled "Totako".


Manufactured 1926-1927

Franco Tosi began building diesel engines around 1907, and developed a thriving business. Tosi partnered with Emilio Bozzi to build Wolsit motorcycles, and at some point one of the Maserati brothers was working with the Tosi firm.

Franco Tosi Meccanica went on to become a major force in Italian industry, producing ships, submarines and large steam turbines. The company had 6000 employees in the 1970s. It was bought by one of the Castiglioni brothers, owners at the time of Ducati.

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