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Motorcycles Built in Italy (I)

Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

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Manufactured by Industria Bicimotociclistica Italiana Sperimentale, 1948-1950
Address: Via del Piombo 2 and Via F. Sabatucci 11, Bologna
Founders: Canzio Bonora, Walter Sita, Antonio Ceroni, Anita Frascaroli

Built light motorcycles with two-stroke engines of 50cc and 75cc.

Unrelated to Ibis of Turino

Sources: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna, et al.

1926-1928, Milano
The firm built motorcycles using their own engines along with 175 to 500cc units from Blackburne and JAP. Production volume was low.

Manufactured by Industrie Meccaniche Calzolari, 1954-1957
Address: Via Emilia Ponente 207/6, Bologna
Founders: Angelo Calzolari, Liliana Gambarini, Marco Pagliano, Alberto Gregorini

Based in Vignola, the IMC firm built their first micromotor in 1949, and patented it in 1951. These engines were supplied to Alfredo Focesi of Milan who presented them under the Gloria brand at the XXVII Salone di Milano in 1949.

IMC 48 engines were also sold to Pietro Negrini, who moved his company from Bologna to Vignola in 1949.

Around 1954 IMC constructed mopeds under its own name. In 1954 he opened a branch in Bologna, in Via Emilia Ponente, but sales were slow and bankruptcy ensued in 1957.

Source: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna

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