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Motorcycles Built in Italy (I)

Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

This page lists brands for which limited information is available. For a more complete listing visit the Italian Index.

See also Obscure Italian Marques.

Manufactured by Industria Bicimotociclistica Italiana Sperimentale, 1948-1950
Address: Via del Piombo 2 and Via F. Sabatucci 11, Bologna
Founders: Canzio Bonora, Walter Sita, Antonio Ceroni, Anita Frascaroli

Built light motorcycles with two-stroke engines of 50cc and 75cc.

Unrelated to Ibis of Torino

Sources: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna, et al.

1926-1928, Milano
The firm built motorcycles using their own engines along with 175 to 500cc units from Blackburne and JAP. Production volume was low.

IMC 1949-1957, Bologna

Rarer Italian Marques