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Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

This page lists brands for which limited information is available. For a more complete listing visit the Italian Index.

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Cariani Gimk
Manufactured in Reno Centenese (10 kilometers from both Bondeno and S. Agostino) in the province of Ferrara.
1960s to the early 1980s. Built a variety of models, mostly mopeds with single and 3-speed gearboxes, almost all with the GIMK marque (for gimkana, most likely) and Minarelli engines. Some were very sporty indeed.

Manufactured 1930-1935
Used 98cc and 124cc Aubier-Dunne and Stainless engines
Source: Tragatsch p101

Manufactured by Savi Ferdinando & C. of Via Saffi 69, Bologna.

Societa Autoconstruzioni Veicoli Industriali r.L.
A small number of inexpensive three-wheelers were constructed in 1953 powered by Puch engines. These were marketed as "il cavallino".

Source: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna

CCE Design

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Manufactured in Bolgna by M. Ceneri
Late 1940s to early 1950s, these were cyclemotors using Mosquito engines.
Cerbiatto = fawn


Built by the brothers Carlo, Emilio, Vittorio and Angelo Chizzolini at Via San Martino, Brescia in 1897, the Chizzolini Vetturetta was powered by a twin-cylinder 211cc De Dion-Bouton engine which gave the 4-wheeler a maximum speed of 12 km/h.


CIMT Gribaudi Sidecar

Displayed at the 1947 Milan Show, as reported in The Motor Cycle December 1947 issue. Superbly styled, the sidecar has adjustable suspension.

Source: South-Bohemian MC Museum

CNA Rondine 1923-1935

Manufactured by Carbonero & Schoch, Torino, 1926-1928
Built lightweights using 123 and 173 cc single-cylinder engines.
Sources: Tragatsch p106,

Manufactured by Augusto Cremonini, 1949 to 1952.
Address: San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bo), Via Pio IX Bologna
Established in 1904 as a bicycle manufacturer, Augusto and his sons Alfiero and Bruno developed the business over the years with around twenty employees in three workshops which did the welding, painting and final assembly.
After the war they built, along with bicycles, mopeds powered by Garelli Mosquito 38 and 38B, Ducati Cucciolo, Industria Torinese and Meccanica ITCM.

Source: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna

Crescentini, Vimini and Barilari built a 198cc two-stroke in 1924. Only three examples were built before the partners fell out and production ceased. The motorcycles worked well enough - one of them was still performing on the Wall of Death at Togni circus some 20 years later.

Source: Benelli Museum

CR&S, Milan

Rarer Italian Marques