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Notes on some of the rarer Italian marques

This page lists brands for which limited information is available. For a more complete listing visit the Italian Index.

See also Obscure Italian Marques.

Manufactured around 1954-1956, it was fitted with a conventional piston-port 125 or 160cc two-stroke in a modern frame with telescopic forks and rear suspension, possibly both from Testi. It is thought to have been built in Bologna.

Source: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna


Manufactured in Treviso in the 1920s using Train engines. An advertisement reads:

"Favari-Train - Filli Favari - Fuori Por'a Manzoni, Treviso."


Fiat built a prototype scooter in 1938 which preceded the Piaggio of 1945. Fiat was later closely involved with the magnificent Moto Major of 1948.


FiM logo

FIM Chihuahua 50cc Modello 50, Salon Torino 1976

Information about this machine is sparse.

Fini and Ballant 1957-1977

1950-1954. Built 123c and 147cc lightweights using their own frames and JLO engines. It is believed that they supplied frames to Franco Chinelli
Sources: Tragatsch p 135, et al.

Rarer Italian Marques