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serviceart1 at
lambretta LD 1954 and motoconfort scooter from the fifties
i want to sell two lovely scooters from the fifties in absolutely original condition
first paint, all details original too
if you have interest or you know someone who has, let me know
i could send pictures
very beautiful examples, not restored
Krim Hamaidia
Lübeck, Germany

Fri Dec 09 2016
lawless21 at
year of manufacture
lambrettta pato
year made ta

Fri Feb 28 2014
l.positano at
Innocenti 125 c
Salve sarei interessato per documenti per lambretta c 125 seconda serie 1951.
Italia (Bari)

Sat Aug 03 2013
Model required
Lambretta LI
Hi can you please help me with the Model of my scooter FT125-F. I want to insurer it but none of the companies are finding my bike's in their data. Thank you.

Tue Aug 07 2012
can you advise where i can purchase a poster of the picture -' lambretta 1952 in motorcycling'. THANK YOU

Fri Apr 20 2012
bambini gp /li
suspention unit for lambretta

Lambretta SX Bambini
Lambretta SX Bambini

Tue Jan 25 2011
michaelinterpet<at>aol dot com
sx lambretta and bambini
bambini mk2
finished at last

Tue Jul 06 2010
lather222<at>hotmail dot com
Lambretta 150d 1956
You have a Picture up of a 150d... THATS MINE! Where did you find the Picture? I Need to get her restored.. Working on it now. Will send you a Picture when done.

Tue Jun 08 2010
cor54<at>aol dot com
Original Owners Manual
Lambretta 150 LD
Have the original owners manual for a 57 Lambretta 150 LD

Lambretta Vega 75cc
Lambretta Vega 75cc

Fri Feb 05 2010
gonza1968 at at hotmail dot com
Upload Photo
Lambretta Vega 75 CC 1967
Photo of my contribution motoneta lambretta vega 75 cc year 1967 frame motor n • 672,342: 67l6723 soy de la ciudad de rosario (argentina) my name is gonzalo,

Fri Nov 13 2009
cmoeckel<aT>yahoo dot com
Lambretta Starstream<
Lambretta Starstream<
Reg. I will gladly buy your Lambretta Starstream. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you see this please contact me at cmoeckel<aT>yahoo
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sun Aug 09 2009
dermatologobooccia at at
franco boccia
innocenti lambretta 125 d 2 serie
avrei bisogno di un contakm con relativa basetta su canotto manubrio,due cerchi originali anche da sabbiare

Tue Aug 05 2008
aquibhameed at yahoodot com<
LAMBRETTA 1953 OR 1956
Hello sir I am aquib hameed from jaipur/india.I hav one lembretta 150d..can u tell do u hav tool box cover of lembretta 150 d...thanks

  • Sorry, we don't stock Lambretta parts. Ed.

Sat Jun 30 2007
lather222 at hotmail dot com
Needed GasTank Lambretta 150d
1956 Lambretta 150d
Need a gas tank for a '56 150d.. without any pinholes
Anybody know where I can find this item?
Idaho, U.S.A.

Thu May 03 2007
tas.tiger at bigponddot com<
J series innocenti
can you help me to find somewhere in Australia to buy parts for my innocenti?

Suggest you try the Australian Scooter Directory at Bikelinks:

Mon Apr 09 2007
regdeeat at localnet dot com
Help in deciding, -sell/restore.
1967 Lambretta 125 Starstream<
I have a 67' Starstream that my father bought for me when I was 11 yrs. old. (I'm 47 now). The last time I rode it I was 13, it still looks pretty good, but the motor is siezed and it has some surface rust on it. I'm thinking of selling it, but if it isn,t worth much I would like to purchase parts for it and restore it for my 14 year old daughter. I'm open to any suggestions or info on parts. Thanks Reg.
Londonderry, Ohio

Mon Apr 02 2007
connellyandy at at hotmail dot com
sidecar wanted
to fit sx200 or li series 1
i am looking for a watsonion bambini side car or any thing cosidered

Sat Oct 21 2006
rui.rodrigues at at ntlworld dot com
Early Spanish Lambretta Jet 200
Eibar in Spain wanted to build a Lambretta scooter with 200cc, they based there scooter on the Italian SX200, the only difference was it has Li 150 mudguard, horn casing and it came in either green or gold, there were only 1800 built and at present only about 20 are known in existance. It was to be called the X200 but then it was changed to Jet200.

Lambretta Tv175 winter model
The Eibar only produced 1500 Tv175 Series 2, 750 normal round headset model and 750 sx/special headset model so called the winter model, no-one knows how many there are in existance, the pic enclosed is of a winter model Tv175 with a Baby Comet sidecar this is the only Tv175/Baby Comet combination known.

June 11th 2006
subject: can you ID my motor bike for me
Email: scottnnina at at
message: I have just bought an old scooter to restore, but i don't know exactly what it is. can you help. The engine name is (innocenti) and chassis no is 125f058927
it has an north south engine with a magneto ion the front and kick starter on the front of the engine also and 3 speed twist grip gears. The engine mounts on the rear swing arm and moves with the suspension
What have i got and where can i get parts for this bike.
Thank you
Scott Barnsley

Try the Lambretta section of Bikelinks. Ed. You are a truck load of help with this bike, i am not a bike nut or anything, but i am good at getting some shitty things looking good again. Can you give me roughly a manufacture year of this bike?..

The model information page at indicates that it's a Model F of 1954 vintage. Ed.

Tue Dec 27 2005
santoserik at at yahoo dot com
im selling my lambretta 1957 ld

Lambretta Flywheel Puller
Left hand thread on all models except for LD, D, and TV175 Series 1.

August 13, 2001
howdy... I'm new in the Lambretta world and just bought a bare 1957 LD... if anyone has a picture of a fully/almost restored pls send it to me.. I want to restore mine in it's original look.. thanx -- FRITZ GERALD CORONEL  -- teaser at phayze dot com -- philippines

September 24, 1999
I'm Brazilian collector of Lambrettas and want build a sidecar to my(s) Lambrettas if you can help-me with a simple plan or project ... or indicating me some address in the net that I can find some planes, a project or technical drawing. I don't want buy a sidecar, but building a simple sidecar. because in Brazil it is difficult and costly to import a complete and ready sidecar for the use, thus, I don't intend to build a sidecar to market, but yes for personal use. I can buy a plan to build. -- thanks -- castrox at

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