Dunkley Scooters


Dunkley motorcycles were produced from 1914 to 1916, in Jamaica Row, Birmingham.
  • 1914 The range consisted of models fitted with Precision 2hp, 3.5hp and 4.25hp single engines, or 4hp and 6hp V-twins. The smallest had horizontal ohv, two-speed gear, belt final-drive and Druid forks. It was advertised for 27 guineas, ready for the road, and came complete with lamp, generator, horn, tools, two tool bags and a pump. Also listed was a similar model with a 349cc two-stroke engine with drip-feed lubrication.
  • 1915 The models continued and the 349cc two-stroke now had three speeds.
  • 1916 All models were fitted with JAP four-stroke engines.
  • 1924 There is mention of a single speed 750 V-twin Pramotor, but no source has been found to verify this.
  • It was not a good time to enter the motorcycle market with a range of models and it was very short lived.
  • 1950s Dunkley Whippet scooters were available for a year or two, including 1959.

There was also a Dunkley Sidecar from Dunkley's Alvechurch in 1911.

Engine - Dunkley two-stroke, 75 x 79 mm. 349 c.c.
Iqnition - U.H. magneto, chain-driven.
Carburetter - Senspray.
Change Speed - Two-speed counter-shaft.
Transmission - Chain and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground. 30in. Ground clearance, 6in. Wheelbase, 52in.
Lubrication - Drip-feed, semi-automatic.
Other Features - Druid forks.
Price - 2 h.p. four-stroke engine, 170 c.c. 27 guineas

Dunkleys, LTD., Jamaica Row, Birmingham.

British Lightweights, 1914

Sources: Graces Guide

Wed Jan 14 2015
stephen.watson2 at rolls-royce.com
vehicle identification
Dunkley / Mercury Whippet
I have purchaced a Dunkley / Mercury Whippet which was a barn find to restore and I am attempting to source the bikes original details (if possible) to aid re-registering it. The number plate is :-
TYG 700 (or could be TYC 700).
Does any one know where this info could be found as the company went into liquidation in the late 1950's/60's?

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