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A brief history of the Rieju marque

Luis Riera and Jaime Juanola began building bicycle components in 1934 under the brand formed from their surnames, Rieju. After the Spanish civil war business resumed at their factory in Figueres, Alt Empordà, and in 1942 a company was formed named Riera & Juanola RL, now making complete bicycles.

In 1945 they began importing Serwa bicycle attachment engines (or possibly building them under licence) for their first powered machines, the "Autociclo", which they built in 32cc to 50cc versions.

These were followed by motorcycles powered by 175cc AMC four-stroke engines, first appearing in 1953.

Over the following years a good variety of mopeds, motorcycles and scooters were released, almost all of which were powered by the two-stroke AMC engines.

The Rieju Jaca sports moped powered by a 50cc Minarelli engine appeared in 1964. These engines were built under licence by Rieju, and the model proved a great success.

From the 1980s to the mid-1990s the firm built Malaguti machines under licence, models including the F10, F12, Crosser and RST.

The Marathon was offered from 2007 using Yamaha WR 250 and 450 engines in a Gas Gas frame. There was also a model with a 125cc Yamaha engine.

Electric motorcycles were introduced in 2012, in conjunction with Ossa and Gas Gas. This project progressed further in 2015 when a consortium of firms formed an agreement with the Catalan authorities.

Rieju Models include:

    Marathon 2008-12
    Type: Enduro, 250cc

    Marathon 125 pro 2010-
    Type: Motard, 125cc single

    MRT Competizione 50 2010-13
    Type: Enduro, 50cc single

    MRX 50 2002-
    Type: Motard, 50cc

    RS2 125 Pro 2007-
    Type: naked sports, 125cc single

    rs2 50 2004-10
    Type: naked sports, 49cc single

    RS3 125 2011-
    Type: naked sports, 124cc single

    RS3 50 2011-
    Type: naked sports, 49cc single

    SMX 125 2003-08
    Type: Motard, 125cc single

    SMX 125 it 2008
    Type: Motard, 125cc

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Sat Oct 29 2016
parassjbr at
very fast high engine heat
Spain New Rieju 2015 Marathon 185cc (* for Nepal)
Even when the engine is idling it generates very high heat. The head light also heats up very fast. The bike has just come out from the show room.

Sat Mar 07 2015
bimble at
Rieju Tango
Rieju Tango 50cc< br>Can a battery be fitted onto a Tango 50cc 2009 model to improve the lighting and other electrical components
Yeovil Somerset

Fri Apr 01 2011
Parts for Rieju RS1
Rieju RS1 Castrol (2002)
Hi there,
I am looking for parts for my RS1 that I bought recently. I want to purchase front fork seals, chain and sprocket, battery, indicator bulbs and lenses, screen, rear seat/battery cover and possibly some bodywork. Any ideas please?

Rieju-2002-RS1-Castrol.jpg posted 1104

Sat Aug 28 2010
haitasquad24<at>yahoo dot com
Rieju RS1
I'm looking for spare parts for a Rieju RS1 50cc moped...where can i get them?
United States

Tue Jun 08 2010
adrianturnbull<at>sky dot com
deresricting 125 matrix
rieju 125 rs matrix
hi there we were just wondering as we have done a few tweeks to get a bit more out of our bike . and we have heard that we can earth a wire on the dash to the speedo to stop the engine from retarding at 60mph woould u be able to help . we have also lightened the flywheel and jetted and filtered and also a race silencer to liven it up but the top speed would be a great addition hope u can help many thanks
northern ireland

Tue Apr 13 2010
rieju tangoo 50
Hi, my bike struggles to reach 40mph. how can i improve this?
Do i need to remove the restrictor cone in the exhaust?
Change the main carb jet from 75 to 95?
Use a performance air filter instead of the air box?
Any help will be much aprieciated. thanyou ben sturgess.

Tue Jun 30 2009
dalewolfe at
replacement parts
Rieju 2005 RS-1 Castrol 50
I am looking for bodyworks for the above bike. HELP PLEASE!!! I have been trying with no luck to find parts for this bike.

thank you,
North Carolina

Thank you for your reply. I have attached photos of the bike in question,
a 2005 Rieju RS-1 Castrol 50. I need all original bodyworks fairings!  I
would assume that they are sold in the base colors and then a graphic
package would need to be applied by me. We need the graphic package as well
as that is pretty much what makes this bike unique. Your help is much

Dale Wolfe

Rieju-2005-RS-1-Castrol-50-1.jpg posted 0907

Thu Mar 13 2008
fozzie3000 at
Rieju RS2 125
I have bought one of these bikes but i would like to know what upgrades are available for this bike to allow it to go faster and accelerate faster. Information will be greatly appreciated and links to sites selling these parts will be even more appreciated. Thank you

Fri Nov 09 2007
anbejaki at hotmail dot com
Rieju Tango 50cc 2007 model
please advise on lubrication of this engine as handbook only shows engine/gearbox sump dont 2 strokes normally have a seperate header tank for the engine?

Sorry I do not have pictures but bike can be found on Rieju website, I have been back to the supplier who showed me the oil tank is situated under the seat as per most 2 strokes and it also has a low oil warning light on the digital speedo/dash, this information is not printed in the handbook.

The bike has now done 600kms and had its first service, I have done the first stage derestriction which involves seperating the exhaust manifold (header pipe) from the expansion chamber and removing a restrictor plate then changing the main jet from a 75 to 95, it will now do 75kmh/45mph and pulls strongly

next stage derestrict will be soon

regards Andy

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