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A Brief History of the Marque

Ivano Beggio established Aprilia in 1960 as a bicycle factory, and they constructed their first ciclomotori in Noale, near Vicenza. By 1975 they were producing a range of machines with motors from Motori Morini Franco, Sachs, Rotax and Hiro.

In 1982 they began building competitive road racers powered by Rotax twins, gaining their first world 125 championship in 1992 and backing this up in 1994 with both the 125 and 250 titles. The 1000cc V-twins were first produced in 1995.

Aprilia 1968-1989 Models

Aprilia Models 1990 on

lesclarke1 at live.co.uk
Aprilia txr 244. 1988
I am looking to completely rebuild this engine any help with sourcing crankshaft seals, bearings and gaskets and any other parts for a rebuild would be very much appreciated. Thanks Les
Les Clarke
United Kingdom
grocott11louise at gmail.com
aprillia rs4 50 2014
hi iv been searching everywhere for a slotted spring disc for my am6 and can't get it from anywhere.its from behind the clutch basket.could you help as I don't know where else to try.thank you
Sam Broomhead, uk
Aprilia-RSV-disc image posted to comments, above

Mon Apr 13 2015
nigbolt26 at hotmail.co.uk
need help
aprilia climber
I need a wiering diagram for the radiator fan for my aprilia climber

Thu Oct 10 2013
owners manual
aprilia climber
ive just brought 91 climber and cant find any where bout how much fork oli and weight plus how much gearbox oil. are you able to help?

Thu Sep 05 2013
vin # location
aprilla climber 280 r
found vin# on yoke, but where can the # be found on engine?
u.s.a. n.m.

Thu May 05 2011
expansion pipes
aprila or nzeta 471 623
hi do you andy still have those expansion chambers laying around in the shed for that 350 aprilia would they fit my 76 nzeta model 471 623 350 internals etc cheers shane nz

Sun Sep 05 2010
tvs-1000<at>hotmail dot com

aprilia climber
helow,i am looking for workshop manual of aprilia climber,help me,please,please,please,please.

Thu May 06 2010
its-ardcore at hotmail.co.uk
rs 125
aprilla 125 (1993)
Hi can u tell me if a rotex 122 engine will in a k-reg frame or do i need rotex 123 engine and are the engine looms the same ?

Thu Apr 01 2010
workshop manual
aprillia caponord ETV 1000, 2002
Hi i am looking for a workshop manual for this model, can you help thanks

Fri Nov 20 2009
oogamblau at gmail.com
Aprilia RX240 1985 model
I am looking for ignition parts for this model. It uses a Rotax engine
New Zealand

Wed Aug 26 2009
We are in NJ in the USA and would like to find a source of used motors and all parts for the RS 125 motor that comes in the Aprilia motorcycles. We would need only the motors (with electric harness / system) - we will not need other motorcycle parts.

We would consider stocking a fair amount of the RS 125 motors and parts if price and availability were good.

Any suggestions or contacts for us?


Bill Skye

Fri Jan 02 2009
vin.mac at hotmail.com
aprilia 280 climber 1993 mdl
aprillia 280 climber
dear sir.i am looking for a cdi unit for a 93 mdl aprillia climber where could i obtain one in the uk

Thu Jan 01 2009
jim-shag at xtra.co.nz
I need help in New Zealand
Aprilia 1985 RX 240
Hi I am looking at buying this bike but I need to no where I can source parts for it

Mon Aug 25 2008
bonnielarose0368 at msn.com
trike kit
850 mana aprilia
I want to know if it is possible to have the mana set up as a 3 wheeler. I am somewhat handicapped and cannot find a bike that I can afford that is an automatic. I have looked at the mana and with a little handlebar riser and relocation of foot plate and brake and 2 extra wheels I could drive. I asked one trike shop and they suggested a voyager kit which I do not want. I even suggested 2 front wheels but no one has any answers. I have looked into Ridley motorcycles and they are expensive and so are Boss Hoss. I have seen a picture of a suzuki with 2 wheels on the back but cannot get any information. Your Mana is under 10K and with a trike kit I probably could afford it. Please try and lead me in a direction where I could get more info. I am a woman and 61 years old and want to ride again. Bonnie La Rose
michigan, USA

Tue Aug 19 2008
noeliarod57 at optonline.net
looking for a charger
Aprilia motul
the charger short circuit. looking to buy another one
New York

Fri Feb 22 2008
cornacelcatalin at yahoo.com
broken engine
rotax 122 aprilia classic 125
I need a new engine for my aprillia classic 125. Can you please help me somehow? thank you

Sat Feb 16 2008
babercr at hotmail.com
new engine
Aprillia AF-1, 1990-91, 125cc
HI there

I own Apprilia 125,AF-1,single sided swing arm,1991.I want to install a new engine in it.which engine is appropriate?can I use Honda NSR 250,125 OR Apprilia 250cc engine into this 125 cc frame?


Fri Feb 01 2008
esquiva.serge at free.fr
recherch de pirces
Trial Aprilia TXR 240 de 1987
je recherhe un piston pour un trial aprilia 24O txr de 1987 diametre du piston actuel 70,3mm ... d bas moteur Rotax 244 GS LC -125 TL-280 TL pouvez vous m'aider... Merci A+

Fri Jan 04 2008
jhunt at pacewebsite.com
AM6 engine
Aprilia RS50
I need a source for a new AM6 engine for my Aprilia RS50. Can you help?
Greenville, SC

Sat Oct 27 2007
jeanettep2006 at blueyonder.co.uk
headlight wiring
Aprilia Classic 50
Bought new headlight but it's wiring doesn't match my bike. Any help/diagram with colour of wires would be most appreciated.
South Shields

Thu Oct 04 2007
cristi-unchiu at yahoo.com
problem gearbox
aprilia classic 50 - 1993
help me i wanna send my a picture or a bocks for gearbox aprilia classic 50

Thu Jul 19 2007
cherylandy at hotmail.com
Aprilia climber trials bikes
Hello, I have an Aprilia Climber trials bike with 280cc rotax engine. I need to know where I can get a manual, and what mix of fuel the engine uses. Also where to get parts new/used in the UK. Any history on this bike? regards Chappers
Cheshire UK

Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoo.com
Nead parts and info
RS 125
Doing a restoration proyect on a road race Aprillia 125 from around 1996-1998, If some body can let me know where to get parts for it or info so I can know the exact year

Tue Apr 17 2007
vts at polka.co.za
Sidecovers problem<
Aprilia 125 moto
We have lost 2x sidecovers about R1300 each. The way it is fitted to the bike obviously posses a problem. As the bike is expensive I think it unfair that this problem not to prospective buyers. We cannot replace these covers on a monthly basis. Who can I speak to? Estelle, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
South Africa

Fri Mar 23 2007
mpetric at net4u.hr
Engine swap
Aprilia RS250
Hi! Does anyone knows whitch 4-stroke engine would fit into '99 RS250 chasis?
2 stroker are law-breaker, and I love my bike very much, so I don't wanna lose it.

Mon Mar 12 2007
noamfogel at hotmail dot com<
Where can I get a sidestand?
Aprilia SR50 Replica
Where can I get a sidestand for my Aprilia SR50 Replica?
Tel Aviv

Tue Feb 13 2007
n.melton at merseymail dot com<
aprilla sr 50
were can i get a manafold for my scooter from<

Sun Feb 11 2007
nathanandkarenc at aol dot com
aprilia rs 250
hi im racing my rs can you tell me what mix of oil/petrol to mix
hereford uk

Mon Jan 22 2007
fellows-tom at hotmail dot com
aprla rs
adoo mate, just a quik 1, i havee an aprillia rs50 at the moment and have the chance of buying a 125 engine for it, just wondering would it be a straight swap from chassis to shassis or should i not bother? tom lad.

    Probably not a straight swap. Ed.

Wed Jan 10 2007
drdiesel204 at aol dot com
headlight aprilia rs 125cc
aprilia rs 125 2000 model
does the headlamp on the aprilia use both bulbs when dip beam is on. or just the left bulb. also does it only use one when on main beam. my main beam goes to the right hand side of the road. can this be re-positioned?. many thanks
manchester, england

Fri Nov 03 2006
mackem55 at hotmail.co.uk
aprilia scooter SR50
looking for a kickstart shaft for SR50

Mon Oct 16 2006
zeik-129 at hotmail dot com
1990 aprilia (rotax motor 282 TL
hey, would you please be able to supply me with a contact phone number so i would be able to phone some one and ask for parts for an aprilia trials bike (rotax engine) i am currently in australia. thank you

Wed Sep 20 2006
scimitar at queensberry2000.freeserve.co.uk
aprilia pegaso piston
pegaso 1998
we need piston rings gudgeon pin & clips tel 01536 518319
kettering UK

Tue Aug 08 2006
david.brooke at ukipartnerships dot com<
sale of parts
aprilia rs125r (1999 t)
aprilia rs125 race panels for sale,fibreglass,primed ready to paint, all light fittings cut out. sale of bike forces sale. email for details

Sun Jul 09 2006
joules26 at hotmail.fr
service manual
aprilia sr racing 50cc 1999
i am looking for a service manual for the above bike which i bought second hand for my daughter, we live in france but can collect or recieve in the uk

Tue Jun 27 2006
dixybeat at yahoo.co.uk
engine head
scarabeo 100cc 2002
i can not find a head for my engine the place were the exhaust joins the engine is corroded

Fri Apr 28 2006
g.wright at salford.ac.uk
Centre Stand
RS 125
Where can I buy a centre stand or paddock stand for an RS125. (The side stand leans the bike at a really low angle and I'm not confident that a strong wind wouldn't blow it over.

    Anderson Stands I think can supply one. Ed.

Thu Feb 23 2006
frank at fitechnology.co.uk
pegaso 650 advance resistor!
hi guys,
can any one tell me what value the advance resistor is on 1996/7 peg. it goes bebween the cdi unit and ground.can it be altered for different performance. thanks frank.
The bikes a bit od as its an aprilia peg motor stitched into a husqvarna chassis so not much to show in the way of electrics, I'm wiring it now. The advance resistor shown on the service manual (CDI unit) but does not give the value or wattage.
Any help would be useful.
Thanks. Frank.

Tue Jan 24 2006
storci at siol.net
APRILIA europa 125
I recently aquired a brand new APRILIA EUROPA 125 (it was standing in a warehouse since 1990. Unfortunately it's missing the engine cover on the right side together with the magnet and evererything that is suposed to be in there. Since I also found some loose cables right from the coolant expansion canister I am assuming that I am also missing some parts there. Is it possible to get a wireing diagram for this bike and maybe a crossreference to another engine whose magnet and electrical parts might fit onto this bike.

Thank you

Ales Trcek

Mon May 16 2005
langers-2002 at hotmail dot com<
Aprilia rs 50 manual
Hi im looking for an 1996 aprilia rs 50 am 3/5 engine manual. If anyone could help please send details to, langers-2002 at hotmail.com<
Many thnks

I heard that Minarelli is the company that makes the engine for the Aprilia RS50. -- AddMaryA at aol dot com

I found a headlamp at a junkyard...Large black bucket stamped "Made In Italy Aprilio" It has a chrome ring and a very unique looking concave lens. What princess might this slipper fit? ...or is it just a junk shoe.. Thanks for any feedback. -- Greg -- Desertride at aol dot com

The electrics (including headlights) on older Guzzis, like the T and T3, were made by Aprilia -- Fred Sahms -- motophyl at mindspring dot com

Ducati, Gilera, Moto Guzzi and numerous other Italian manufacturers used Aprilia electrics in the 1960s and 70s - headlights, tail lights, indicators, switch gear... Ed.

Tragatsch lists Aprilia as 1968- "Produces good 123cc Sachs and Hiro-engined two strokes for trials and moto-cross as well as numerous 49cc machines..." but that edition of his book is 15 years old. Here in Oz there are two machines currently available, a 250cc two-stroke (using an RGV motor) in a gorgeous chassis, on track days it will lap as fast as any sports bike, they also sell a 125cc fully faired two-stroke. I've seen reports of a 650cc four stroke, which uses the same motor as the 650 single BMW, and then of course there's the Mille, which is competing in this year's World Superbike series. -- Peter M -- peter at mail.cth.com.au

I have a Ducati Monza 250cc Aprilia headlight that sounds like the same style. Same as used on the early 60's Moto Parilla. Definately Italian though. -- Slarsonroy at aol dot com

Aprilia makes stunningly beautiful 125 and 250 two-stroke race replica road bikes. They are road versions of their race bikes which win the 125 and 250 World Championships most years. The 250 has 68 hp, AND is a 90º V-twin. -- Theo Bekkers TB at bekkers.com.au

In addition to the two-strokes Theo already mentioned, Aprilia now also produce the RGV Mille, a 1000 cc four-stroke V-twin. See http://www.aprilia.com --Topi Kuusinen topi.kuusinen at kolumbus.fi

Aprilia is introducing their own 1000 V twin (RSV 1000?) sportbike...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

IS a list presently up for Aprilias? I'm quite keen to hear more about the Mille from other interested parties. -- Chris Smith -- zvezdah at ldl.net

Hallo guys,
I can send you informations and photos about:
Aprilia MX/RX 80-250 ´79-´85
I´m building up a small museum for italian MX-Motorbikes (You must know, we all drove these bikes between 1980-1986) and now we are searching for old motorbikes and parts all over the world. -- Greetings from germany -- Ralf -- Ralf Busch busch at campus-financial-consulting.de

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