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Motorcycles from the past five decades.

Aprilia (according to Tragatsch - 1977)
Italy 1968 -
Produces good 123cc Sachs and Hiro-engined two-strokes for trials and moto-cross as well as numerous 49cc machines. Some versions have 6-speed engines of Minarelli manufacture. Aprilia machines are also known under the Scarabeo trade mark. There are also models with Franco-Morini engines. 

Scarabeo 49cc 1970
Scarabeo Franco-Morini 49cc motor

Daniela 49cc Moped 1968
12mm Dell'Orto, centrifugal clutch, 60km per litre, 41kg

1969 Amico  - similar to the Daniela, but with 4 speed box - designated "turbo" by the factory.

1970 Colibri- very sporty little machine, 5 speed Franco Morini engine, 19mm Dellorto

1976 Partner - 3 speed, mag wheels, 49cc Morini. Later models had 49cc Minarelli engines.

1978 RC50
Single cylinder, chrome-plated alloy barrel, wet clutch. Drum brakes front and rear 118mm dia.

1980 Under 18
4 speed, wet clutch two-stroke.

1980 Under 21
Fourspeed Morini engine

1981 TI320 Trials
Pre-mix two-stroke, chrome moly frame, 32mm forks with 175mm travel.

1981 Trial 50 
air-cooled 6 speed pre-mix 2-stroke, Dell'Orto carburettor. Marzocchi 30 mm forks with 145 mm travel. Marzocchi adjustable rear shock absorbers with 5 positions.

1981 Filo 50
Centrifugal clutch, drum brakes front & rear

1982 ST125
6 speed gearbox, wet clutch.

1983 ET50
gear lever on left

1983 RX125

1984 STX125
6 speed gearbox, wet clutch, 32mm forks with 140mm travel, APS rear monoshock, disc front and drum rear brakes.

1984 ETX125

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