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Hiro Motorcycle Engines

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Motocross rider Andrea Mosconi built his own Eurocross motorcycles using Aermacchi Harley-Davidson two-stroke engines.

In 1973 he founded the Hiro s.a.s. based in Origgio (Varese) which built engines used by other motorcycle marques.

Two-stroke engines of 175, 250 and 350 cc were constructed, and in the nineteen eighties produced 125 and 250 cc powerplants for motocross, enduro and road use, and a 320cc trials engine which powered the six-speed Sammy Miller developed by Tau.

Manufacturers who employed Hiro engines include:

Hiro also built a sport aviation engine of 23hp

Production ceased in 1986.

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rickallman91 at
I am after engine parts, gaskets, seals etc for a hiro 350t engine, are parts still available anywhere?
Kind regards
Rick Allman

Parts will be hard to come by as production ceased in 1986. It may be that a specialist Italian VMX dealer can help.

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