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A Brief History of the Marque

Established in 1970 by Jean-Paul Maturaux in Marseilles, early models were of the cyclo-sports style, with 50cc Minarelli-powered trials and enduro models following in 1973-74. 125cc models were also introduced, again in trials and enduro versions. It appears these were then rebadged as MAV machines*. There was also a 500cc fourstroke, the engine possibly of Japanese origin - 320cc and 420cc engines are mentioned on a restoration site.

50cc models of the early 70s were powered by Minarelli and included P6, P6S, P6 Kit, and GTS, and were available in six different colours.

125cc Enduro: Minarelli engine 125cc 5 speed, Ceriani forks and rear suspension, Grimeca hubs and brakes, Radaelli wheel rims and Lafranconi exhaust.

Another 125cc machine of 1977 had a Hiro engine, and yet another had a 125cc Honda four-stroke and Del'Orto carburettor.

Other models include: AO Luxe Super Sport 1971, Cross 50, 125cc Cross and Enduro, Trial 50, Cross 500 MTT 4T.

The firm ceased production in the early 1980s

Notes: Quite possibly some Otus machines were actually M.A.V., not vice versa.

Tue Jun 19 2007
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hello l amy, the cyclo one of otus is manufacture in Marseilles of France

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