Beta Motorcycles

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Beta Motorcycles

Made in Italy from 1950 to the present.

A Brief History of the Marque
Established in Florence near the turn of the 20th century as Societa Giuseppe Bianchi by Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, Moto Beta began production of motorcycles in 1948. The marque derives its name from the initials of the founders.

Beta have built many two- and four-stroke machines for competition and street use in capacities of 49cc to 360cc. Their trials machines were state of the art in the 1980s and 90s - the World Championship was won on Beta by Jordi Tarrés in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991; Doug Lampkin rode Beta to victory in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

During the early 1970s Beta machines were marketed in the United States under the Premier label, and, according to Tragatsch, Giuseppe Bianchi was the original designer.

Some models used Franco Morini engines.

Currently Moto Beta has a strong presence in Argentina.

Sources: Tragatsch, Henshaw, et al.

Beta Motorcycles

1950s-1970s Models include:

  • 1948 Cervo 48cc
  • 1954-1956 MI-TA 175cc
  • 1954-1962 Lince 75cc
  • 1954-1962 Astro 100cc
  • 1955 Aeromere 125cc 2T
  • 1955 Vulcano 160cc 2T
  • 1954-1962 Urano 125cc
  • 1954-1962 Mercurio 150cc
  • 1954-1961 160cc
  • 1955-1960 Plutone 175cc
  • 1954-1956 Titano 175cc
  • 1955-1961 Orione 200cc
  • 1958-1962 Cigno 50cc
  • 1958-1962 Grillo 50cc
  • 1959-1965 50cc Scooter
  • 1959-1965 Lince 80cc
  • 1963-1965 Cicogna 50cc
  • 1967-1977 Camoscio 48cc
  • 1969-1975 Pullman 47cc 2T
  • 1969-1975 Cross Special 50cc
  • 1970 Boy 49cc Minibike, 10" wheels, trail style
  • 1970 Holly TT 49cc Moped, horizontal 2T engine
  • 1970 SL5 49cc Moped, horizontal 2T engine
  • 1971 Bambi 49cc Minibike, 10" wheels, horizontal engine. CF built a similar machine, the Bambi 71.
  • c.1971 MB XTR-100A, trail style, US Market
  • 1973-1976 Trial 50cc
  • 1971-1973 Enduro 125cc
  • 1975-1978 CR 125cc
  • 1974-1978 GS 125cc
  • 125 Trial 125cc 1981
  • 1982-1983 Trial 240
  • 1975-1978 CR 250cc
  • 1975-1978 GS 250cc
  • 1976-1978 GS 350cc
  • 1977-1978 GS 420cc
  • 1980s and 1990s Models include:

  • Ark 50 Air Cooled 1999-00
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • ARK LC K 1999-02
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • ARK LC Twin Disc 1997-01
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • Beta 500 CR 1981-90
    Type: Cross 500cc single
  • Cinquantino 1992-99
    Type: Scooter 50cc, twin
  • Models from 2000 on include:

  • 200 4T 2000-05
    Type: Cross 199cc, twin
  • ALP 4.0 2003-06
    Type: Enduro 349cc single
  • Alp 4.0 2008-
    Type: Enduro 349cc single
  • Ark 50 Air Cooled Kat 2000-05
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • Ark 50 AC 2006
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • Ark LC K Series 2003-07
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • Ark LC One 2008-11
    Type: Scooter 50cc single
  • Euro 350 Classic 2001-06
    Type: Custom 349cc single
  • Jonathan 350 2006-07
    Type: Custom 349cc single
  • Jonathan 350 Classic 2001-05
    Type: Custom 349cc single
  • Jonathan 350 Standard 2001-05
    Type: Custom 349cc single
  • M 4 2006-
    Type: Motard 349cc single
  • Motard 4 2003-05
    Type: Motard 349cc single
  • Motard 4.0 2003-05
    Type: Motard 349cc single
  • RE 125 4t 2007-
    Type: Enduro 124cc single
  • RR 125 4t enduro 2006-
    Type: Enduro 124cc single
  • RR 125 Motard 2006-
    Type: Motard 124cc single
  • RR 250cc 4T 2007-09
    Type: Enduro 250cc, twin
  • RR 450 2005-
    Type: Enduro 449cc single
  • RR 450 2009 2006-09
    Type: Motard 449cc single
  • RR 50 2004-06
    Type: Motard 50cc single
  • RR 50 Enduro 2004-
    Type: Enduro 49cc single
  • RR 50 Enduro Standard 2009-
    Type: Enduro 49cc single
  • RR 50 Racing Edition 2007
    Type: Enduro 49cc single
  • RR Motard 50 2007-
    Type: Motard 49cc single
  • R 125 4T MiniCross 2008
    Type: 125cc Honda single, 14" fr, 12" rear.
  • Urban 200 2008-
    Type: Motard 199cc single

  • Beta Scooters

    models include:
    Lynx 80 1959-1962
    Cicogna 1963 (built by BM Bonvicini)

    mauriziocozza0 at
    beta pullman 48 cc 1974
    I am looking for stickers for beta coach 48cc from 1974
    maurizio cozza
    Italia ancona

    waynecassel at
    Beta t 50 engine
    Hi does anyone have any info on this engine I just got

    • Beta T50 Engine image posted to Comments.

    neil1987g at
    Good Morning,
    I have recently purchased a Beta RX 50 (1984) (Originally from Italy).
    I cannot find any information on the bike itself (other than a sales brochure) I want to know any information I can about the bike with regards to repairs.
    Was a workshop manual ever created? If so can you source a copy?
    What model was the engine?
    What gear oil is used and what qty?
    Where can I source clutch plates? (Who originally manufactured these?)
    I need to know the torque setting for the clutch bolts and outer clutch crank case.
    Here is a link to a picture of the bike on the beta website home page.
    Many thanks
    Neil Gibson

    • Sorry, currently have very little information on this machine. Ed.
      Beta RX50 image posted to Comments.

    Bertolotti.Piero At Libero.It
    Beta Zero 260 1992
    Dears, i am looking for old spare parts of the Trial Beta 260 Zero 1992. the code is 28.9198.0.62.
    Beta is not manufacturing it anymore.
    But sometimes somebody could store it in the warehouse and in this case i am interested about him.
    BEst regards
    Piero Bertolotti

    Sat Jan 07 2017
    trapaniracing at<
    Need vintage beta info
    Moto Beta XR50 / XTR50
    Looking for any info from spark plug to oil specs
    Waretown, NJ

    Thu Sep 15 2016
    info at
    Beta rr50 2001
    we are experiencing problems with an rr50 2001 model. engine just rebuilt ,plenty of spark and compression but just wont fire up ? as if the timeing is to advanced any suggestions appreciated

    Sat Apr 30 2016
    tritonoil at<
    i need help on pricing my 1973 beta 125cc
    beta/premier 125cc
    i have no idea what my 125 cc bike is worth unrestored, excellent condition, enduro model with a title, 1800 miles. i cant find a source to help buy or sell these older bikes
    detroit, michigan

    Tue Feb 23 2016

    dsklag at<
    1970 beta primeir 50cc bebe
    need carb & left side cover
    baltimore,md usa

    Sun Jul 15 2012
    Original logo
    Beta 1962
    I am looking for the original logo used in 1960's Beta Motorcycles. I am restoring one and would like to add a decal.

    Christian Perez
    Santiago, Chile

    Badges and Decals

    Thu May 24 2012

    1981 Beta 250 cross
    I would like to purchase parts and manuals for my 1981 Beta 250 cross

    Tue May 22 2012
    BETA 450
    BETA 450 2007 Enduro
    I have a Beta 450 Enduro 2007 model, and i need to get a few spare as the previous guy did not look ofter the bike very well, i have contacted but they not too interested in supplying me with information, and do not have much on their website for this model. can anyone help?
    South Africa

    Sun May 13 2012
    shadowfax55-915<at>hotmail dot com<
    workshop manual
    beta techno 250 1995
    i have been looking for a workshop manual for my beta techno 250 1995 model but cant seem to get one can you help me please ,, Jacques
    Redcliffe 4020, Australia

    Wed Oct 12 2011
    mbeta125<at>hotmail dot com<
    beta 125 cr 1978
    beta 125 cr
    For all Beta fans: here is a current photo of my Beta 125 cross from 1978.

    Wed Jul 20 2011
    wanted to get some spare parts for my scooter
    beta Eikon 150c
    wanted to get some spared parts for my scooter do you had a catalogue for spare parts that i can order from<

    Mon Jun 13 2011
    rstinn<at>hotmail dot com<
    how to sell
    bata's xc-100
    good place to sell them besides ebay

    Tue Jan 11 2011
    ryan<at>candgworks dot com<
    selling a moto beta
    moto beta 100
    looking to see if there is any interest across the pond for this beta 100

    Sat Oct 23 2010
    porscherich AT<
    Beta Motorcycle
    Beta Beta moto
    I found a bike and need help with ID frame and engine have same # L*8925* any Ideas?

    Sat Oct 23 2010
    porscherich<at>hotmail dot com<
    Beta Motorcycle
    Beta Beta moto
    I found a bike and need help with ID frame and engine have same # L*8925* any Ideas?

    Sun Sep 26 2010
    servise R-50
    the motorbike needs many things on the engine but i can't find them.can anybody help me where can i find

    Fri Sep 17 2010
    Beta Year Help
    Beta REV-3
    I have a Beta bike and want to know what year it is. The numbers are as follows:
    Frame *ZD3B90000Y0001657*
    Motor ZD3 B9T *015264* YC23
    Can you help me?


    Mike Richards
    Idaho, USA

    Wed Jun 23 2010
    anthanton<at>gmail dot com<
    Inquiry of engine's number
    BETA Tempo 50 cc 2t
    I need your help. I am an owner of a Beta Tempo 50cc 2t (96-97). I cannot find the engine number. The Greek dealer no longer supports the specific model and was of no help. Is there a chance the motor did not have one the first place? My problem is that I cannot sell it unless I find the number written on the scooter's papers.
    Please if you know something, help me. \Thanks

    Wed May 05 2010
    beta don't know, 1990-94
    i think its a 250 LC beta, unsure. is there a manual becouse the clutch has gone

    Sat Apr 10 2010
    lisawallis2<at>hotmail dot com<
    mini motor clutch
    beta mini motor
    hi ive got a mini motor beta about 10years old looking for clutch 12-7020 do you know where to get one from<

    Fri Feb 26 2010
    magnuz.c<at>gmail dot com<
    Beta cr 1977
    Beta cr
    I have just bought a Beta 250 CR 1977 and I'm looking for a new piston. I have looked everywhere and there seems to be no one who has a piston. I really need help to find piston and info about Beta cr Hope it fine someone who can help me / Magnus from Sweden

    Wed Feb 03 2010
    indiana-daves at hotmail dot com<
    beta scooter parts
    beta eikon 1999model beta eikon 1999
    i need brake pads, do you know where i could get them, sydney australia, thanks :)
    sydney, australia

    Mon Dec 07 2009
    rohan.toyne508 at googlemail dot com<
    beta spares
    beta 125s
    hi.i have a beta 125s.registered in 1981.does any one out there have any does run!.i think it is a road bike with a motocross engine as standard fitting !its very peaky.any info please.regards rohan
    north lincs uk

    Wed Nov 11 2009
    glynnjotaman at
    help with my beta
    beta 150
    i have probabley restored the most rarest beta on the planet, it has a modial engine any help would be gratefull

    Re: the little beta we think could be called an orion or a murcurie no one is shure, all i do know is that it was made in 1956 in the beta factory ,Verius parts are stampt with 56 or 1956 and that the crank and some internal parts are stampt with the letters FBM 150 4 T which is a mondial engine in a beta frame and aprilia electrics. the carb is a spanish amial as we canot get it to run with the deloto it came with

    Tue Apr 28 2009
    filipprz at
    Beta TR35
    Hello!I am looking for ignition module cause I 've got loss of spark in my beta tr35 I heard this is the most common reason How can I check electric instalation to not replacing all parts without sure?

    Tue Feb 17 2009
    tommy-prager at
    BETA 125 RC/CR
    Hello, I search for my 125 RC and CR Bikes from ´81 an ´80 any parts. And I have some interesting adresses if someone needs parts from these motorcycles.

    Thu Jan 15 2009
    bikerhd73h at
    repair manual and parts
    beta beta-premier mini bike
    can anyone help me find a manual and possibly parts for a 1970 beta premier mini bie

    Thu Dec 04 2008
    Help request
    Beta rev3 200
    can you help me find out about a 3 day trial on borders of Austria & (I think) italy in August

    Try this directory, for a start:

    Fri Nov 21 2008
    heurlin.thierry at
    old pub
    beta 50
    for you

    Thu Oct 02 2008
    nikki291burton at btinternet dot com<
    beta plastics
    50cc twist & go zd3mca300242
    Hi, I need a set of plastics and stickers for my sons bike, can anyone advise me of where I can purchase these? Many Thanks

    Sun Sep 21 2008
    talongrey1999 at yahoo dot com<
    Moto Beta Bronco 150 CC 1976
    I really need help with restoring my Bronco motorcycle I cant find anything about it if anyone has any information please help me out I need to know where I might get parts

    Wed Sep 03 2008
    weedyd at hotmail dot com<
    1970 premier moto beta
    premier moto beta ?bebe 50 ?
    Here is a pic of my fathers bike. What is it actually. Manufactors date 9 70. He bought it in May 1971. He rode it for a while. I only remember being able to ride it a few times. It was mothballed for 20years or so. Now I have it and have cleaned it up and it RUNS. Don't beleive I'll put it back on the street. HELP! What is it worth and where do I go with it?

    Thanks for you time
    dan from ks usa
    ks. usa

    Fri Apr 04 2008
    info at
    beta parts
    beta 250 1982 ( motocross ) motocross
    Hi , restoration project
    to ride in vintage competition
     help! need engine parts!

    Sun Feb 24 2008
    michel.capaldi at
    BETA XC 100 1969
    :I seeks left casing lighting and exhaust cross-country race of origin or dimensions for engine 100 xc FRANCO MORINI very difficult BETA 1969 model the USA in France
    Thank you MICHEL

    Mon Dec 31 2007
    beschx3 at aol dot com<
    Looking to Buy
    1960's vintage Moto Beta 125
    Any one interested in selling one or more 1960's vintage Moto Beta 125(s) please contact me at 425-985-1950 or e-mail me at beschx3 at

    Marv Besch II

    Tue Dec 18 2007
    timdodge at
    beta 270
    91 or 94 Beta 270
    Just purchased a used 270 that was not running. Now have it running but i do not know what kind of mix should be in fuel (32:1, 50:1), can you help?
    North Carolina,USA

    I usually ran synthetic 40:1 in mine, but I believe some run it as lean as 50:1. Ed. Thanks for the response. According to Beta/usa web site it is a 1992 Beta Zero 260.
    Right now i need the fan motor and blade. Do these parts numbers mean anything to you?
    14.0101.0.00 electric fan zero
    31.2153.0.00 fan zero
    Can you give me a price and turn around time on them? As soon as i fugure out whats wrong with the rear brake I'll ask you to check those parts out.

    Nov 24th 2007
    michel.capaldi at
    Thank you for would this information It be interesting to count these motor bikes in the USA as I do in Europe mine here 125 ENDURO 300567 300631 1973? 100 XC 10185 1969? I would like to know if the engines 125 enduro are always to mark the premier thanks Michel

    From: Mike Ting
    To: <several>
    Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007 1:33 AM
    Subject: Moto Beta Premier and BEBE 50cc an 125CC Contact

    Al, NH & Michel (plus anyone else interested),

    I believe I have talked to many of you via e-mail in the past about Premier Motorcycle items. Rob Trudeau has a website that you may have contacted previously and he gave me your addresses. The best contact Rob Trudeau and myself have found for Premier / Moto Beta parts is Domi Racer in Ohio USA. Tony Shanz at Domi has just about everything you need, however the prices are very high.

    Another source for historical information on Moto Beta and Premier parts is the owner of GT Motors - Larry Klein (Moto Guzzi Dealer) located in Lansing MI. Larry is hard to get a hold of, but if you run into him at a swap meet of M/C show he can give you a nice history and may have some leads to follow on how to track down your serial number info, titles or other info and sources.

    Domi Racers information is listed below.

    DomiRacer Distributors, Inc.
    P.O. Box 30439
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Toll Free: (877) 451-0354
    Phone: (513) 871-1678 ask for Tony Shanz
    Fax: (513) 871-6684
    E-mail: domiracer at

    Sun Nov 18 2007
    juma5958 at
    1973 Premier 125 Enduro
    Looking to learn more about this particular bike. Would like to know approximate production numbers and how many were brought into the U.S.? Also, looking for a source for good pictures AND specifications that would help with restoration. Also, would like to know if there is a place that still has a large stock of parts for these bikes.

    Nov 11th 2007
    subject: Spare Parts
    Email: btuckey at<
    message: I am operating a Beta Eikon 150cc scooter, Model S700A. I am trying to source a fuel sender unit which screws onto the side of the fuel tank. As electrical wires protrude through the plastic cap of the sender unit, mine leaks fuel at this point if the tank is filled (to the top).

    Thu Nov 08 2007
    Al.Cantrell at Interstatepaper dot com<
    Premier Moto Beta 125 CC Enduro
    Premier 125 cc 1972
    I would like get get engine parts for this bike. can you help?
    Al Cantrell
    Georgia , USA

    Wed Oct 31 2007
    smithsquality at
    Stolen Motorcycle
    1973 Moto Beta Premier 125
    My Premier 125 was just stolen and my insurance agent needs an ideal of what it may be worth. Any help?

    Tue Oct 23 2007
    mfowlkes at bransonfowlkes dot com<
    moto beta premier be be 50cc
    Are there any sources for engine parts for these?

    Mon Oct 22 2007
    michel.capaldi at
    Je recherche des informations sur l'histoire beta surtout aux usa beta premier MB et aussi des pieces mon site d'amateur beta
    I makes same research as you; for same the reasons, the restoration of a motor bike beta PREMIER You can contact me I made a site on the motor bikes beta any grounds fr in France MICHEL CAPALDI

    Sat Oct 20 2007
    Al.Cantrell at Interstatepaper dot com<
    engine parts
    premier moto beta 125 cc 1972
    Do you have piston, rings, crank bearings for this dirt bike?

    Thu Oct 04 2007
    lea1125 at hotmail dot com<
    running problem<
    beta euro 350
    ive got a misfire on my bike and when i rock the bike back and fourth it smokes very badley have you any ideas what could be causing this thanks mike
    manchester england

    Thu Mar 29 2007
    ohlookitsdav at yahoo dot com<
    XTR 125 moto beta
    i have an old XTR 125 moto beta with 1000 original miles on it but cant find out what it is or what year it is can anyone help ?

    Thu Nov 30 2006
    g.davidson1 at btinternet dot com<
    Beta Cross SP1 (MX3)
    I bought this from a guy a couple of years ago, to teach my daughter to ride on. The bike is a 1978 Beta Cross SP1 (MX3), It is a 50cc trail bike, with a 3 speed gearbox and top speed of 30mph. I have trawled the internet but have been unable to find any information on this model. I contacted the factory in Italy, but they could only confirm the colour scheme was correct and they e-mailed a diagram of a Beta Cross MX4 with the physical dimensions of the bike on it. Is this model a rarity, does anybody have any information on this model?

    Gordon Davidson.

    Mon Nov 20 2006
    mktm400exc at aol dot com<
    Italian Enduro Motorcycle
    1973 Beta - Premier
    This bike has 307 origional miles on it, never seen dirt, runs great !!
    New Jersey, USA

    Sat Aug 26 2006
    DAHECK56 at MSN dot com<
    1970 XTR100A
    My Dad bought this bike for me in 1970 ,it is a cool bike, it has been torn apart for a while, the only thing that was wrong with it was the shifting fork, planned on rebuilding it but never found the time, looking for a repair manual
    Colo. USA

    Sun Aug 13 2006
    dianejubb at supanet dot com<
    1956 beta 150
    pictures and any background info please for restoration project

    Fri Aug 04 2006
    hampauliton at
    motobeta xc100

    Hello, My name is Paul Hamilton, and My father Sold Moto Betas from his upholstry shop in Lake City, a suburb of Seattle, Wa. USA I am taking delivery of a 1971 Moto Beta XC100. a race model of the MBXTR 100A. I sold this bike to my good friend some 35 years ago. I built this bike from parts back in 1970 when I worked for my dad as a moto beta mechanic. I would come to his shop after school and repair moto betas, moto morinis, laverda's and whatever motorcycles people would drag in for repair. Those were the very best days of my life.(So far anyway) My dad sponsered Two Moto Beta race bikes and I was one of two riders that raced short track flattrack for Lake City Moto Beta. My bike was a souped up XTR100A, and was known as "The flexible flyer" The other bike was a custom modified XC100 race model with a hand made 6 reed reedvalve and 7port cylinder.I have some photos of these bikes but I am not sure were I put them! We sold MB 50's 80's 100's 125's The XTR100A and XC100 were our best sellers, but we sold a lot of MB50'S as bumper bikes, I think they sold for $299.00 I wish I had kept one, they would go 55 MPH!
    Seattle WA (Shoreline)

    Tue May 02 2006
    darcm10021 at yahoo dot com<
    Moto Beta 175cc
    Turismo Veloce
    Hello, I am trying to complete a restoration of a moto beta 175cc turismo veloce.
    During shipping from Italy the mirror, right side battery box and cover for the electrical panel under the seat were (destroyed, stolen, misplaced enter whatever you like here). The bike is very near completion. I am looking for these parts does anyone have any suggestion as to where to look or who to ask.
    Marc Drapeau

    Fri Feb 24 2006
    PaulKantharia at aol dot com<
    beta xr 50
    I think I have an xr50, and I am trying to get some dating info about it.
    The frame number is : 25*27774* IGM3912DM.
    The engine number is: 17 6 3 Beta mod c.
    If there is any one out there who can help please do.
    Cornwall UK

    Sun Feb 05 2006
    chichi.wat at
    béta kit cross compétition rare 50cm<
    je vends le kit de béta plus 26mm piston parfait 40mm trés rare ,
    bon état à voir peu réparation le chemise petit trou a voir super jamais vu!!!!

    Translation: Béta kit cross competition rare 50CM I sell the kit of béta more 26MM perfect piston 40MM rare, very good state to see little repair the small shirt hole has to see great never seen! !!!

    From: Peter de Wit <rijschoolrijen at>
    Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 7:03 PM
    Subject: E-mail met bijlage (attachment): Re-exposure of 2006-01-29 002

    hello this is my Beta 125 racing bike around 1956.

    Tue Dec 27 2005
    stephen at
    beta euro 350 manual.
    Is it possible to get a workshop manual in english for my beta euro
    350. I believe the engine is made by suzuki.

    Tue Oct 11 2005
    cjmark at panetwork dot com<
    Moto Beta Turismo Veloce
    Does anybody have information about a Moto Beta Turismo Veloce? It's a two-stroke, mid-1950s, of about 175cc. I'm looking for a shop/service manual, parts diagram, general info on the bike, etc.

    Sun Sep 04 2005
    david.scott at
    Moto Beta
    I am buying a Moto Beta 175 to ride in the Moto Giro, it's supposed to be 1958, the engine looks almost identical to a Morini, did they make their own engines then??

    I have since found a mention of the Mercurio ( I think that's the model name on the engine) and that says it's a 150!!!!


    Thu Jun 02 2005
    rijschoolrijen at
    do you know what year this bike was made and do you have technical information?

    • Machine appears to be a 125cc twostroke from the early to mid 1960's with a Bing carbie, Beta on rhs engine case, jampot style rear suspension, plastic tank cap, deeply valanced guards, cylindrical steel toolbox beneath dualseat, heel & toe gearlever rhs, chain and exhaust on rhs. Ed.

    Sun Jul 17 2005
    jeprro at tenforward dot com<
    1965 Moto Betas x 2, 1965 Off Road
    Can you please tell me best place to sell these on line; one runs and the other ran until something "blew".

    If you have a query about Beta Motorcycles, or wish to share information or images of these classic Italian machines, please contact us