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CF Motorcycles

Made in Italy 1928-1971*

A firm in Piacenza established by Leonardo Fiorani who partnered with Arduino Castelli, using the letters of their surnames for the name of the marque.

Their first machine was the OHV 175cc Turismo with a three speed gearbox and girder-style forks.

This was followed by an OHC competition machine which ran on alcohol and was fitted with a four-speed gearbox, achieving very respectable speeds.

By 1931 they had three models available, Turismo, Sport and Super Sport, and a 250cc version appeared the following year. In 1935 a 500cc SV twin appeared with a 4 speed box.

The factory survived the first years of the war, but closed in 1942.

CF engines were used in Ottino and Fusi motorcycles, among others, and Fusi bought the business in 1937. After the war Fusi built attractive 50cc machines under the CF marque, powered by Minarelli. Models included the Junior GT and GTS. Fusi production of CF machines ceased around 1955.

The brand was revived in 1967 by a Mr. Campagna, a former administrative director of Benelli, trading as C.F. Mechanica s.r.l. Pesaro.

1969 models included 48cc Minarelli Junior GT, Cross and Rocket, the latter with small wheels - 300x10 front and 350x10 rear. There was also a 6-speed sports machine, the Ringo.

1971. Campagna died.

1971. CF advertised another small-wheel model, the Bambi, and it was also marketed as the Beta Bambi.


The firm was sold to Motorvieto in 1971, who changed the brand to CIEFFE (with a new logo) and continued production until the early 1980s. These machines were assembled using parts from external suppliers - very little was made in-house. Models included the Rocket, c.1972-74.

Sources: Tragatsch p102, Mick Walker, Euro Spares, et al.

*Notes: Other sources give different dates including 1928-39, and a development of the Bambi appears to have been produced in 1973.

Mick Walker's "Italian Motorcycles" has a short entry (no pictures, alas) on the CF marque:


Before the war CF (named after its designers Catelli and Fiorani) garnered much success in Italian racing circles with its fleet of 173 and 248cc overhead cam singles. The factory was bought out in 1937 by Ing. Fusi, who had close ties with the Belgian FN marque. Post-war CF built smaller two-stroke models, but never recaptured its prewar prominence.


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Cieffe early 1970s
Hi I have an late sixties early 1970s moped that doesn’t appear to be on your website. So I thought you might want to know about it. It runs a Motori Minarelli engine:)
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Elizabeth Halfpenny
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    CF is thought to have ceased manufacture in 1971, but this does appear to be a development of the 1971 Bambi so 1973 looks about right.

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CF175, 1933
I am looking the all documents available for this motorbike
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