Gabbiano Motorcycles

A brief history:

Established by the Gabbiano brothers of Florence in 1952, the marque became moderately well known in the 70s and 80s for a range of 50cc mopeds, cross and road machines, as well as 125cc off-road motorcycles in the 1980s. Production ended in 1986.

Models include:
1970 Gioiello
1969 Turismo N.P.3.
1974 Cross P6 50cc
V1-T Moped 1977
CRS 50 Cross 1976
CRS 125 1976
Puma Cross 49.6cc Minarelli P6
CRSL 1983
Sport CX

The firm is unrelated to FBM who produced the famous FBM Gabbiano in the 1950s.

Sources: Wikipedia NL, et al.

toon.claessensbbc at
I bought a Gabbiano Gioiello from 1956, my question to you was: where could i find parts or stickers for this model?
kind regards
Toon Claessens
Limburg BE
  • That style of headlight appeared much later than 1956. Best place to track down a parts source would be one of the French or Italian 50cc forums. Try this page for Badges & Decals at Bikelinks
    Gabbiano-1956-Gioiello-TCl.jpg posted to Comments.

lkoenraad at
Minarelli Gabbiano
I don't have a clue what type of Minarelli this is.
The block is Gabbiano.
Can you help me with this?
Were can i find some parts?
Koenraad Lerminiaux

Wed May 17 2017
wtrunz at
Gabbiano 1977 V1-T Moped Gabbiano 1977 V1-T Moped
looking for an owners manual for this moped.

Mon Nov 14 2016
rugge70 at
Information for renovation
Gabbiano CX 4
Good morning, I'm Ruggero, a 50 cc scooter collector, I'm restoring a Gabbiano cx 4 as what you have in your collection, I would like to know if possible the size of the lines present on the body is always if you can a photo of this part. Thank you in advance. Thanks for everything. Ruggero
Cremona, Italy

  • I believe the machine you refer to is from Stolte's Showroom in the Netherlands. Suggest you visit their site and pose that question to them - they have been very helpful in the past.

Certo, con piacere.

Buon giorno, sono Ruggero, un collezionista di motorini da 50 cc, sto restaurando un gabbiano cx 4 come quello che avete nella vostra collezione, vorrei sapere se possibile le dimensioni delle righe presenti sulla scocca è sempre se è possibile una foto di questa parte. Ringrazio anticipatamente

Sun Feb 14 2016
cesalex1 at
Manual for Gabbiano V1-T
Gabbiano V1-T
Is a manual available for this moped?
Sunbright, TN
  • Try this page, which includes information on Minarelli manuals

Fri Aug 20 2010

mototecnica dell italia centrale gabbiano gioiello 1970
Restaurato nel 2004 questo è il mio gabbiano del 1970 con documenti originali

Fri Mar 27 2009
tnoon1 at
model identification question
gabbiano 1977 V1-T
1977 V1-T had 3 sub-models V1-T20, 25 & 30 I need to determine which sub-model I have.
New York

Wed Feb 04 2009
lanzamille.wlf at
Gabbiano turismo
Gabbiano N.P.3
Hi everybody, i've got an old Gabbiano, model name Turismo K.S.-N.P.3. I can't find any information about it but that it was been avaible only in 1969. Look at the photo, please help me! Thanks

Mon Jan 07 2008
andereriet at
gabbiano gioiello

hebt U misschien info of fotos van een gabbiano gioiello bromfiets. André.
Wijchen holland

22nd January 2005
subject: gabbiano 
Email: francis.rouleau at
message: I'm looking some informations about the Gabbiano's models which have been send between 75's and 85's in italy and france, thanks a lot

Gabbiano mopeds were fitted with Minarelli engines. gabbiano = seagull. Ed.

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