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The firm evolved from Moto Guzzi Hispania which was founded by Oscar Rava in Barcelona. A former director of Fiat, he had fled Italy during the fascist era, fearing for his life as he was of Jewish descent.

The company thrived for many years in Spain, becoming a market leader. After ceasing the relationship with the Moto Guzzi company in 1979 the firm was renamed to Motorhispania and began building lightweight motorcycles using Minarelli engines.

In 1988 Motorhispania changed hands. Eusebio Gallego purchased the company and it continued to prosper, with over 100 employees producing some 16,000 motorcycles annually. The great majority of these were exported, making the firm a valuable asset for the country.

After the bankster fraud caused the GFC of 2008, exports plummetted and the company fell on hard times. They closed in 2014, and the name and assets were bought by Jovicelect SL of Seville who sold Chinese-built Zongshen motorcycles branded as Motorhispania.

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kulrider1 at
Dear all,
I need the rear wheel shaft bearings of a motohispania mh 125 LC ranger 2015 model. The chassis number is LZSJDJLK6F5200077 and the part number is 6261112000116. Could you please let me know if you have in stock and if so, if it is possible to ship to me in Malta. I willtobviosly pay for the shipping costs. If you do not have, could you kindly let me know the dimensions of the bearings as the agent here in Malta does not have in stock and does not know . Maybe I can find some aftermarket parts.
Please reply at your earliest
Kind regards
Norman Brown The bearing will have a number on it. Quote that number to any automotive parts supplier. Ed.
torhau6 at
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Enduro 2006
My son has one MH RYZ 50 Enduro year 2006. There are two plates on both side of the stearing. One shows the factory and the other shows a drawing of the MH with the carburator, the chain and more. We are missising that plate, is it possible to produce one or ?
It has serial number VIVDV0CE200010002.
Best regards
Tore Haugen
Birkeland, Norway

Mon Aug 11 2014
laminkoroma3 <at> Gmail.come
foot gear peg complete set
motorhispania rx125r reg 2010 rx125r
I require the following parts 1: complete set foot gear peg, and all other service parts ; oil filter, break line etc.

Thu May 22 2014
brett.clark1980 at
throttle cable
motor hispania ryz 50
any ideas where i can get a throttle cable

Thu Mar 20 2014
marshp24 at
motohispania wheels
mh furia
hi do you know if the MH rz50 road bike wheels will fit into the furia 50? i have seen some done like it and wondered if you had any advice or other option?
many thanx

Sat Jan 25 2014
simonshannon at parts motorhispania rx125r
hi i am look for parts for my rx125r please can you let me know if you can get them please blackpool

Sun Dec 01 2013

Motorhispania Furia
in need of a left hand switchgear with front light. can anyone help?

Wed Oct 24 2012
slyfox2510<at>gmaildot com
I Need A Manual
I Am Trying To Get A Manual For A MH Furia 50cc?
Great Yarmouth

Thu Oct 06 2011
fuel cap
motohispania rx50
i am desperately trying to get a replacement fuel cap for my sons rx50 2001 model, can anyone help

Tue Jan 19 2010
bialy20041 at gmaildot com
Problems with Moped
2001 Furia RMX
Hello im an owner of Furia Rmx Moped and i have little problems with it. I think it might be that bike is getting to much fuel becouse when i scrue it off it start to run properly. when its open full it runs for a short time and then lose all the power and after some minutes dies completly. It would be nice for some kind of tips. i added a picture with the same bike as mine. Thank You.

Sat Nov 14 2009
radar599 at hotmaildot com
Motorhispania RX 50 2001
My son just bought an RX50. engine disasembled, lot of wiring disconnected.
I hope there are anyone that can help me with carburator manual/hose connection and wiring diagram.If someone have the overhaul manual for this model pls. contactme. I gladly buy it
Best regards Reidar Yri.
Oslo Norway

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Feb 23 2009
kieleygarrett at aoldot com
motorhispania \\\mh6u-sm
hi i just got this bike for my son but i dont seem to be able to find off road tyres for it do i have to change the wheels or do you know where i can get noobly tyres for it if i can please help

Mon Nov 03 2008
giles-fosteruk at
spark plug for RX50
motorhispania RX50
Can you please tell me what spark plug I should put in my RX50. It currently has a NGK BPR5ES. Is this the correct spark plug?

Tue Oct 21 2008
leighjones at
Motorhispania RX50
could you please tell me the nearest stockist in the north east of england?
Cleveland England

Tue Sep 30 2008
samcaplat at hotmaildot com
Motorhispania Furia 50
Do you know what fuel a furia 50 takes ?

Unleaded ?

Tue Aug 19 2008
adrian.bolton at alimakhekdot com
mh furia spares
motor hispania furia 50
we are after the crankcase bearings for this engine, can you help?

Mon Jul 28 2008
samcaplat at hotmaildot com
Brand new plastics
motorhispania furia 2001
Does anyone know where i can get brand new plastics for this bike as i have just bought a used one and i want to make it look brand new


Sam Caplat
Salisbury, WIltshire

Fri Feb 08 2008
gj.roberts at
Motohispania RX 50
I have had a warranty issue over a chain coming off which caused damage to the spockets
GY3 5DT Channel Islands

Mon Dec 31 2007
Pttrsjo7 at aoldot com
Furia or RX50
I have recently purchased the above model of bike for my Son and although the log book states MOTOR HISPANIA MH6V-X FURIA, all the pictures of the bike appear very similar to RX50. As I am trying to insure the bike, I'm unsure whether I should be insuring an RX50 or a Furia. Can anyone advise please.
The model of bike according to the Log Book is MOTOR HISPANIA MH6V-X FURIA 49cc and it's a 2002 model. First date of registration 12 April 2002 with six gears and electric start. I have attached a photo of how it looked prior to the change of fairings etc.

Sat Dec 15 2007
m.s.beswick at btopewnworlddot com
50cc enduro -orange
hi,looking for the above type of bike for a 16yr old,do you have these?

Thu Nov 29 2007
kerrilroche at yahoodot com
rx 50, 2005
I have recently purchased a motorhispania RX 50, and have had to do some work on the forks. I have been un able to find a user manual (written in English) and need to find out how much fork oil the forks need and the grade of oil needed. if this information is known or a manual is available, please contact me, thankyou.
Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Nov 13 2007
jerry at
Starter motor
Motorhispania RX 50
Please give me price and availability on starter motor for above motorcycle.
Kent UK

Tue Oct 23 2007
benjdcabbageface at
Motorhispania Parts
Motorhispania Furia
I have recently bought a 1999 motorhispania furia and had been going mad trying to find parts. eventually i found a place that sold parts and i bought an aftermarket downpipe and can for a reasonable price. if anyone else is having problems finding parts in the uk, try 01903 212140, cheers
Amersham, bucks

Fri Aug 17 2007
henrybond at
Motorhispania furia
i neeeeeeeed.... speedo cable, brake pads, new tyres (supermoto), front and back brake
switches. petrol cap and petrol filter, for my 55 reg furia, email me asap on info for parts,
im in the south east (essex)

Fri Apr 27 2007
jeffsayle at
Has anyone got a spare or can copy/scan a handbook for a late 2001 model Furia. Cheers

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals - Minarelli section

Sat Mar 10 2007
thatkidcrow at hotmaildot com
motorhispania rx50
the bike starts and runs for about 3 seconds then the spark quickly but gradually dies and the motor stops. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wed Jan 31 2007
gavinosborne at
kickstart wanted
motorhisinia fura WU52XXN
Can anybody supply a kickstart please

Sat Jan 20 2007
syndicate-01 at

motorhispania website:

Fri Nov 10 2006
jabano at
Representante MotorHispania em Portugal
Queiram informar contacto representante MotorHispania em Portugal.

Translation: Representative MotorHispania command post Portugal Queiram to inform representing contact MotorHispania command post Portugal. Lisbon

Sun Oct 01 2006
reflex at
Motorhispani RX 50 Parts
Rx 50
Living in the Channel Islands and its hard to get anyone who will source parts reliably ! Is there anyone in the UK who I can order through ?
Jersey Channel Islands

Sat Sep 23 2006
ljharmitt2 at
Running in the Furia Supermotard 2006
Motorhispania Furia Max Supermotard 2006
How many miles do you have to do to run in a Furia and what revs? Thanks Liam, contact me on ljharmitt2 at or add me on msn, same address
West Bromwich

Fri Aug 25 2006
kno392 at [bounced]
gear problem
moto hispania rx 50
hey there, my rx 50 is stuck in 6th gear! i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their rx? if so what did you do to fix it ive heard its simple to fix but im not convinced. ive tried everything i to free it up does anyone know of an easy way to fix it im hoping its not gonna be an engine out job any help will be helpfull he he thanks

Sounds like a bent or broken selector fork, to me. Sorry, but the engine will probably need to come out. Try also the Minarelli Forum. Ed.

Sat Jul 22 2006
motorbikemadness at hotmaildot com
Problem with furia
furia 2002 model
hey, recently my 2002 model furia seems to be having problems, when going above 30mph all power cuts out and speed drops to 20mph and doesnt increase at all after. When the air box is disconnected it seems to be fine. has anyone else had this problem? if so does anyone know how i can fix it its urgent no1 else seems to know whats wrong with it.

Thu Jun 01 2006
paul1990lc at hotmaildot com
motorhispania furia
i have just brought a 2006 model and i am trying to get it to do over 72mph i am getting the bike soon as it is on delivery so what parts can i use and where do i get them from my bike is 50cc contact me on paul1990lc at hotmaildot com
they have to be places in england thanks alot

Wed Mar 29 2006
tonyhq at
hi this will make your day for PARTS just go to or ring 01788 573257 have fun
this company will supply all the parts for your motorhispania if you give them a ring you can order all your parts as i have ordered a head gasket set, air filter, rear break, fluid res, clutch leaver and bottom barrel gasket. let me know how you get on


Mon Feb 27 2006
gnuttall89 at
Workshop Manual
hi people i have got a motorhispania rx50 and i would like to know were i could get a workshop manual cause my electrics went on my CBT!!!

Fri Dec 09 2005
scram2k2 at hotmaildot com
Finding parts and stuff
hi all, jsut wondering if there is anybody out there that knows where i can get hold of parts for the furia 2003 and if anybody has a manual or where to find one
cheers Jordan
Phone - 07725503738

Sat Dec 03 2005
skoyles33 at
I own an motor hispania furia 50 and i have cum off a few times and was wondering if any one nows were to get body pannels

Fri Oct 21 2005
eckkramer at
Motohisoania Furia
Brauche eine Explosionszeichnung des Motors und der Vorderradachse (Tachotrieb aus Alu - ältere Bauart)
Danke im Voraus für prompte Antwort

MfG Franz

Mon Oct 17 2005
phycosteve at hotmaildot com
clutch cable
i am the proud owner of a de-restricted motorhispania furia with complete metra-kit, the problem is that the clutch cable snapped and i'm at a loss for getting hold of one, could anyone plz assist me in this quest?? all aid would be gratefully apprieciated, within the west sussex area.

Mon Aug 22 2005
leenlinz at btinternetdot com
what size chain does a motorhispania rx 50 have 2001 model

Sat Jun 25 2005
motocrossmart at aoldot com
motohispania furia parts
hi my name is martyn pleasea can you tell me were i can get motohispania hand brake leaver, 4 new brake pads and a throtal cabel please can u get back to me a,s,a,p can u get them and the prices thanks i will look forwards to your reply

Wed Apr 20 2005
wak51uk at aoldot com
moto hispania sm crosser
does any body know where you can get spares for a moto hispania 50 cc sm crosser. also could any body tell me if it has a minerelli engine as it has only a 5 speed box.

Wed Apr 27 2005
wak51uk at aoldot com
dear sirs could any body tell me how much oil to put in the gearbox of moto hispania mh6u-sm road legal crosser and is there a given type of oil for the auto lube system

Tue Apr 19 2005
mkhderby at aoldot com
Motorhispania RX50
Does anybody out there know where I can get hold of genuine or patent parts for a Motorhispania RX50 ? Someone told me, that some parts (ie Mirrors) are the same as Derbi. The choke lever snaps off when the handlebars are put on full left hand lock and it comes into contact with the frame. Any help would be great. mkhderby at aoldot com

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005
subject: Stand on Furia
Email: roger.forsen at teliadot com
message: My problem is the stand on my MH Furia, It can only stand on level ground which is bad. Are there any other stand ?

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005

January 15, 2003
Hello I have a motor Hispania Furia and i love the bike to bits but I live in oxfordshire and its so hard 2 get parts round here for it ! so I was wondering where i could get parts from so where close to oxford! please email me bak its urgent -- Tom -- tom.egleston at ntlworlddot com

November 28, 2002
I Own a Motorhispania MH Furia.. I have equipped it with a Metra kit, and fully derestricted it, I'm proud to say it will touch 68mph on the straights and 75mph downhill! I'm now putting a Big Bore Kit on it, so hopefully I should be touching 80mph on the straights! I just recently went to the motor bike show in Birmingham, there is no Motorhispania RX125 :( Yet there is a Mh Furia 125cc. Get a MH Furia there the best! -- From Greggeh --  gatomon at

May 11, 2002
Hi there,
I'm working on a Motorhispania RX 50 site...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

March 23, 2002
Where can I find a second hand Motorhispania RX 50? I live in the south east of England...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

February 12, 2002
I'm goin' to buy a Motorhispania rx reach 85-90 kmh...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

September 14, 2001
I am a Motorhispania owner and I think the bike is phat but the only problem is the stand u can only stand it up on level ground which is bad. Also mine only has a top speed of 50mph which I think is quite slow after it is fully de restricted. mail me back if any one has any help for me -- Antony James -- Antony30 at btinternetdot com

September 12, 2001
I own a Motorhispania rx racing , if you need an answer ask me about it. -- m-h-k at talk21dot com

August 26, 2001
I know that Motorhispania comes with an 125cc version of the rx.

.From OyzZert
oyzzert-86 at [404]

August 2, 2001
My names Gavin and I am a very happy owner of a Motorhispania RX50 IV...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

June 15, 2001
Hi We are main agents for Motorhispania in West Sussex. We can supply all parts for this mark we can also supply big bore kits 72.5cc and 22mm carbs by post and at reasonable cost. Please visit our web site for more info or contact us by phone or email. web: -- Barry -- b.giles at btinternetdot com

June 7, 2001
I've got a Motorhispania RX 50. My first question is does anyone know where I can get hold of parts....
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

May 29, 2001
I also own a Motorhispania. I live in Holland and own the rx racing 50cc....
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

November 16, 2000
I'm a Motorhispania-racing-rx-49c.c. owner...
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November 5, 2000
Rx 50 liqiud cooled
kr 24.900
Nye Rx 50 er den råeste sykkelen i klassen. I stadig hardere konkurranse øker Motorhispania avstanden til konkurrentene. Rx plasserer Motorhispania der de hører hjemme: På toppen!

Rx 50 kombinerer alt en 16-åring kan ønske: En ekstraordinær kraftpakke av en motor; Et revolusjonerende chassis og avansert aerodynamik. Chassiset er utviklet for topp stabilitet og best mulig kjøreegenskaper, samtidig som vekten skal være minimal.

Motorhispania Rx 50 har alt supesportentusiaster har ventet på! Den har mer krefter, fantastiske kjøreegenskaper og veier lite. Og hvis du trodde Rx 50 kun er laget for fart, tar du feil. Du vil bli overrasket over hvor god kjørekomforten er, selv ved lange turer.

Rx 50 gir deg utfordrende superbike Racing-teknologi i en sykkel som er ment for gatekjøring. Den samme teknologien som vinner løp etter løp på banen, kan du nyte på veien. med et rått utseende og ekstremt gode kjøreegenskaper er den blitt utrolig populær som gateracer.

Denne mopeden er utviklet både for stabilitet og de best mulige kjøreegenskaper. Den er svært lettkjørt og liker seg like godt på svingete småveier som på lengre strekninger.

tekniske detaljer
motor Yamaha Minarelli
smøring Separat oljetank
forgasser Dell Òrto Phbn 12
kompresjon 1:10,5
slagvolum 49,7 cc
tenningssystem Elektronisk
kjøling Vannavkjølt
antall gir 6
fjæring foran SHOWR opp/ned gaffel
fjæring bak Monoshock
bremser foran Hydralisk skivebrems
bremser bak Hydraulisk skivebrems
dekk foran 90/90-16
dekk bak 120/80-16
vekt 85 kg
lengde 1865 mm
bredde 750 mm
setehøyde 930 mm
tankvolum 11,5 liter

Litt har du peiling på koe mange hester d e i den??

Takk -- Henrik Bo Rasmussen -- hborasmu at

From Sheldon: Can anyone translate this?

October 17, 2000
Just letting you know, we are official UK dealers for Motorhispania and have Furia and RX50 in the showroom. Full details will be on the website within the week [404 2008] Maybe we can arrange a link from your website. Look forward to hearing from you .
Andrew Grocott -- sales at

October 4, 2000
I am Richard. I am 15 years. I live in Spain. I am very much interested in the bikes made by Motorhispania...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

April 25, 2000
Hi, I like you off-road moped Motorhispania Furia Off-Road...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

April 20, 2000
The Motorhispania Furia bike pictured is a 50cc machine. I am 16 and have owned one for several weeks. You can do a lot to them in the way of engine modifications. My one does up to 65mph. Motorhispania is a Spanish company and they are the only people who make the bikes. As it is an import bike, parts are difficult to find but E.C Bates in dartford are very helpful and can order any necessary parts. You can find them in the Yellow Pages. Please E-mail me if you can give me any information on the bike. -- Andrew Lyne -- ANDREW at

What have you done with your motorhispanina so in go so fast? -- JOCKE KENCZEK -- lantis3 at hotmaildot com

April 8, 2000
Please give me the address and phone number to the Swedish agent for Motorhispania Furia...
See the Spanish Motorcycle Forum

March 22, 2000
I'm a proud owner of a Mh Furia :-)
I live in Sweden and bought mine six months ago here are some spec.

It has a Minarelli 1,6kW engine (2,3 horses)
Cylinder Size 49,8 cc
Compression 10, 5:1
Its liquid cooled and has a pump and is thermostat controlled
It has a cross transmission with 6 gears
It has a multidisc clutch, in oil
It has Helicoil gear in a oilbath
The carburettor is a Dellhorto SHA 14-12
Exhaust pipe is in steel with a expansion chamber
It has a 12volts electric system (no battery just a generator)
I has a steelframe (robot welded)
It has a upside down front suspension (31 mm) (SHOWA)
And a monoshock int the rear (SHOWA)
It has a 21 inch front wheel and a 18 inch rearwheel (offroad version)
It has aluminum rims
It has a 220mm disc brake in the front and a 180mm disc brake in the rear
It has a fuel capacity of 6 liters
It weighs about 85 kilos
Its 2 meters long, 1,3 meters high and 0,7 meters wide

The road version (the one one the picture on your homepage) sucks compared to the cross version. There is just one problem the rear gear is far to LARGE it makes the first gear virtually useless. With one that's half the size of the original one the moped goes around 120 km/h. That about it, hope its to some kind of use for you.
John, Sweden -- johntheking at

March 4, 2000
Guten Tag,
ich hab mir kurzem eine Motorhispania-Furia 50ccm (Fun-Bike Ausstattung) gekauft. jedoch ist der vordere Kotflügel oben am Federbein angebracht und es ist ein großer vom Motocross. Ich hätte gerne einen kleinen der direkt über dem Reifen angebracht ist, wie bei der Husquarna, und er sollte glatt bzw. abgerundet sein nicht wie der andere mit kannten. In Wuppertal (Germany) gibt es nichts weil es die Marke Motorhispania erst seit 1 Monat gibt. Vielleicht können Sie mir einen Katalog aus Spanien mit allen Zusatz- und Ersatzteilen die es

für Motorhispania-Furia gibt oder ähnliches zuschicken.

Über eine Zusage etc. und Diskrete Behandlung meiner Daten würde ich mich sehr Freuen.

Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

Thomas Prinz
Am Heckendorn 49
42279 Wuppertal

From Sheldon: I didn't do well at translating this one, so I tried AltaVista Babel Fish. This is what I got:
Good day,
I have yourself short a Motorhispania Furia 50ccm (Fun Bike configuration) bought however is the front fender at the shock strut attached above and it is larger from the Motocross. I would have gladly one small directly over the tire attached am, as with the Husquarna, and he should not be smooth or rounded off like the other one with knew. In Wuppertal (Germany) there is nothing because it the label Motorhispania only for 1 month gives. Perhaps you know me a catalog from Spain with all addition and spare parts the esfuer Motorhispania Furia give or something similar to dispatch. Over a promise etc. and discrete handling of my data I became much being pleased. Yours sincerely Thomas prince at the hedge thorn 49 42279 Wuppertal

February 10, 2000
I got into your page and read that you needed some info content ... well ill tell you what I know about Furia and I'll hope that you might be able to help me out with a question I have. I bought a Furia at 15 December 99. I got recently stolen by some idiots I guess so I will force the insurance company to give me a new one. Anyways I thought that the Furia was a really vast moped damnit! The acceleration was really great! Now when the Furias get into Sweden they're not allowed to go this fast, who cares right? well so I told the shop dealer dudes I wanted it to go as fast as it could ever go! so they promised me at least 120km/h!

Then when i had followed all their instructions by "Drive the engine in" or what to call it ... I could only get it to go in 80km/h. C'mon my pals Gilera RK50 (old version) raced me out both in top speed and acceleration .... so I was kinda sad about that but when driving it in the forest lane and in muddy stuffy places and so it was terrific. It's really high but you get used to it, kinda hard saddle but you get used to that too. Its great that its allowed to take a passenger on here in Sweden with like two extra foot sticks back and so. I just love that kawa puke green color too! But to tell you I was really really disappointed that it only did 80km/h ....

Now to my question:
Do you know any Furia that does 120km/h when its original so to say, maybe some fixed stuff, I mean with an original 50cc cylinder?

Thanks, hope the info will do!

Kim Björkman -- loganic at yahoodot com

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