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Carabela Motorcycles

Made in Mexico from 1960

A Brief History of the Marque

Assembled in Mexico from mainly Italian components for the US market using Minarelli and Villa engines.

Francisco A. Rosete writes:
The Carabela factory in Mexico city started making bikes around 1960 using Minarelli engines of 50 cc and 100 cc. Later, around 1966 they made complete motorcycles, the engines were all two strokes of 66cc, 100cc, 125cc, 175cc, 200cc, 250cc, and there was a twin-cylinder 350 that was originally the Jawa 350 with a improved suspension and larger heads.

I think Carabela has been purchased by Yamaha, and they no longer make the Carabela bikes.

continental-divide at live.com
1971 Carabela 125 Caliente
I bought a new Carabela 125 Caliente in 1971 from the dealership in Pasadena, Calif. It was on Colorado Blvd. What a great bike. Rode it hard for a couple years till I moved up to a big bore Husquarna. I kept the Carabela until about 1980 when I sold it. The bike was still in beautiful condition. I wish to this day I had not sold it. Such a fun bike, Very dependable. I wish I new where it was now.
Kurt Draman
Lake Tahoe, Calif.
francisco at harleybmc.com
I have the first 2 Carabela Motorcyles 50cc and 80 cc manufactured in Mexico 1953.
The 2 Motorcycles have frame number 4 and engine number 1, I will like to have an estimate of pricing and maybe i will put them in a auction. francisco martin del campo steta
Mexico City, Mexico

Tue, 24 Oct 2017
scootertom2 at gmail.com
Carabela 1973 125 Caliente MX

Hi, I recently came back into possession of a Carabela MX bike I owned 40 years ago and I'm looking for any leads for a manual and/or parts. Any and all info appreciated! Thanks and Best Regards,
Thomas M. Buchko
Campbell, CA USA

Tue, 17 Oct 2017
Oldtrailcyclecenter at gmail.com
Carbela 1974 pony mistic

I need the body tank and seat
Wade long
Liverpool USA

Mon, 16 Oct 2017
dlpannebakker at aol.com
Carabela 360-450

I'm looking to buy a big bore Carabela. Anyone with one & looking to part with it please contact me.
Doug Pannebaker
Dewey, Arizona USA

Mon May 15 2017
cesarjauber at hotmail.com
Venta de motor nuevo marca minarelli 1975
Venta Modelo 1975
Vendo motor de motocarro carabela, marca minarelli, modelo. 1975 , 100 c.c. 3vel. Esta totalmente nuevo, nunca lo encendieron, nunca lo montaron en una moto, esta como salio de fabrica,
Zapopan, jalisco, Mexico

Image posted in Comments

Mon Sep 19 2016
tom.magee45 at gmail.com
Carabela Vin #
Carabela 125MX
Any idea how to identify carabela vin #s?
Fresno, Ca

Sat Jan 09 2016
mmgunner at ceas.coop
carabela 250
need flywheel
1490sw 760a arcadia fl

Still trying to figure out which flywheel fits my 1976 Carabela 250
mike gunderson

Wed Sep 02 2015
deseko_dg at hotmail.com
carabela 1970 carabela jawa
hola vi que tienes varias fotos de motos carabela pero mo vi una como la mia. es una carabela con motor de jawa 350
merida yucatan mexico

hello I saw several pictures of caravel have bikes but saw a mo like mine. is a ship with 350 Jawa engine

350 Carabela Standard image in posted gallery

Thu Apr 10 2014
cemar1384 at gamil.com
carabela italiana 125 de lux mdelos 1980
no la vendo busco refacciones originales, del modelos descrito, faros, salpicadera, asiento. rines, escape.

Sat Jun 29 2013
bambimatic 60cc 1970
saludos envio fotos originales de mi carabela bambimatic 60cc

Sat Jan 26 2013
Carabela Moto pony formula
It bought this bike new have kept it in like-new condition. Looking for help in establishing its value. Thank you.
Fresno, California

Thu Jan 10 2013
carabela ??? 1967-68
information wanted on this bike.Has 20"tires,looks like moped,but no pedals,has a clutch.Please respond if you have any info

Fri Apr 06 2012
memoria010<at> yahoo.com.mx
necesito piezas para mi moto
engranes de caja de velicidades carabela 100cc 1978
necesito piezas para mi carabela 1978 100cc m urgen engranes para motor mi correo es
Mexico df

Sun Jan 29 2012
Parts and manual supply
Carabela Marquessa
I have about a hundred new parts for Carabela`s. Also some used stuff and four bikes for sale
Huntsville Ont. Canada

Sun Feb 26 2012
cwebster<at>mmsadot com
Parts and worth Carabela Pony GP
Carabela Mini moto GP Pony
Hello, I am just trying to get an idea what a 1979 Pony GP would be worth if restored properly? Also looking for a front fairing, piston rings, gaskets and foot pegs.
St Louis MO

Mini Moto GP Carabela pony, what size engine
Carabela Mini moto GP Pony
Trying to find a few engine parts like rings and gaskets. Also aer these automatics?
St Louis MO

Sat Jun 25 2011
snidandcasey<at>yahoodot com
1974 carabella motomatic
hi i am looking for spare parts(gas cap etc) or even better whole moped. let me know what you've got:)

Sat Apr 09 2011
Mexican motorcycle
carabela various models
those bikes werw really good at a time
irapuato, gto, mexico

Eduardo very kindly supplied a number of scans of catalogs of the day which are posted in the Carabela Gallery

Fri Mar 11 2011
estrada1524<at>yahoodot com
1976 carabela Pedalmatic Moped MOTORCYCLE
carabela engine # 30223
I would like to know how much a pedalmatic is worth and if they still make parts for them thank you
Los Angles CA 90745

Wed Nov 24 2010
carabela marquesa 175 1976

Sat Jul 03 2010
Carabela FTX 125
Mexico 1987
Restauro mi primer moto.
Tengo el manual original.
Alejandro Pastrana

Wed Jun 09 2010
jawacromo<at> yahoo.com.mx
carabela centauro 360 motocross
hola les envio fotos de mi carabela 1979 motocross 360cc 2T, la moto camina bien solo le falta una poco de maquillaje

Sun May 30 2010
v-twin1300<at>hotmaildot com
Carabella Motorcycles
1977 450
I have a 450 Carabella motocross bike. I am searching for some info on this bike.

Sat Jun 27 2009
j3a3h3 at hotmaildot com
Manual de motocarra carabela 200 ariete
carabela 1979
Alguien tiene una manual es este motocarro, pues he adquierido uno y no conozco nada al respecto, para darle el mantenimiento.
Tehuacán, Pue. México

Wed Jun 24 2009
sws8752 at aoldot com
Carabela - 1975 Cararra 200
Is it possible to still get piston kits and gaskets for the 1975 Carabela 200

Fri Jun 05 2009
tomeetmarx at yahoodot com
carabela motorcycle?
Carabela unsure
Hello. My dad has an old Carabela motorcycle in his garage he wants me to get rid of. Any idea what something like this may go for?

Mon May 11 2009
aaronpadillas at yahoodot com
Minarelli manual wanted
Carabela - minarelli Carabela mérida 1983
Hi I own recently a nice carabela very similar to minarelli lazer 50, I would like to get some engine repair manual. Tanks so much.
Mexico City

Wed Oct 01 2008
motosmxa at gmaildot com
Informacion importante y relevante CARABELA
Recontruyo la historia de la marca carabela desde sus inicios y para ello necesito de la ayuda y apoyo (conocimientos y experiencia) de todos estoy realizando una investigacion para de igual manera que otras marcas todo este conocimiento este al alcance de todos gracias

Important and relevant information CARABELA

I reconfirm the history of the carabela brand from the beginning and for this I need the help and support (knowledge and experience) of all I am doing an investigation for just like other brands all this Knowledge is available to all thanks


Thu Sep 04 2008
tonygamo at hotmaildot com
i need pics for restore my bike
carabela lifetime all terrain
hi i looking for carabela lifetime 100cc pics very rare tank
chih mx

Wed Jan 02 2008
kahalapo at adelphia.net
Carabela Motomatic
49c.c. and 66c.c.
Contact for parts
Valinda, California

Thu Dec 27 2007
kaleshifflet at yahoodot com
50cc carabela
GP style with clip on's
we have the kick start rutren spring we have this bike science the 70s' daytona speed way!
this bike was given to me by a pro racer and we need parts or servic manuils

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Dec 09 2007
drofluvss at yahoodot com
engine specs,bore size,parts available?
carabela ,moto pony 60 1970-77
could you please tell me if i could find any engine parts for this bike,i havent had any luck finding anyone with knowledge of this engine. anyhelp would be greatly appreciated
Eagle Pass, TX u.s.a

Wed Oct 31 2007
marlooterry at hotmaildot com
carabela 60cc motopony
Hello, my name is Marci. I have a 1977/78 carabela 60cc that is in perfect condition. I have went to several web sites to find out how much it is worth and haven't had any luck. Hope you can help.

  • Try the page of classic motorcycle price resources at valuations

Tue Oct 30 2007
padrinos-p9 at hotmaildot com
landaverde fernando
1975 carabela
hola soy de mexico y por aca se ven muchas carabelas aunque ya casi no hay si tienen fotos de carabela ponganlas

Carabela 1975 blue

Sun Sep 23 2007
jp at jorgepenadot com
Carabela 200 Carrera MX
I owned a 1072 Carabela 200 Carrera MX, And would like to find one to restore, this bike was featured on the cover of Cicle Guide in September 1972

Thu Aug 30 2007
soongomez at yahoodot com
Saludos from mexico
carabela ariete 200 motocarro (little giant)
I have been in mexico a lot of times the best thing you people regarding parts of carabela is to go yahoo mexico under motocicletas carabela you can get some parts from spain also I hope you can get help for this great bikes your friend jaime soon. I`M sending a couple of pics from my motocarro is under restoration, and my vw tanks.
Chihuahua mex.

Fri Dec 01 2006
jcyclerdr at aoldot com
200 or 250 MX
I am looking for a 200 or 250 MX complete bike or parts. Will pay cash.
U.S.A. Texas

Mon Sep 11 2006
adamhenrickson at hotmaildot com

i have a 1972 carabela 49cc, it runs like new and i was wondering how much it is worth please email me back also is there any one who would be intrested in buying it

Try the page of classic motorcycle price resources at valuations

Fri May 19 2006
bugden-dave at hotmaildot com
Looking for a manual
Carabela mxr 125
If anyone has a manual for the carabela 125 1975 I'm looking for one. Thanks
Pasadena, NL

Mon Apr 10 2006
vintagerings at yahoo.ca
carabela piston
I need piston carbela
bore is 42mm<
the stroke looks like 10.5mm<
there is a model# on the mag flywheel #6923
winnipeg manitoba canada

Sat Apr 08 2006
ortega-george at hotmaildot com
My carabela 50cc
hello i´m from argentina, and i need information of the year of manufacture. Please for information links.
thanks in advance

buenos aires

Fri Mar 31 2006
anneliesoto at hotmaildot com
1970 Carabela

My find of a lifetime is a 1970 scooter by carabela. However it has sat for a while, it will run, but i need help to clean it right up as the gas is old. I am a 40 year old woman with no mechanical experience but want to do the work myself. Can anyone point me in the direction to start?

Sun Feb 19 2006
ale.ros at tin.it
Vorrei foto e informazioni delle Carabela che montavano il motore Villa

Translation: Alessandro Would Want photograph and information of the Carabela that ascended the engine Villa Thanks

Thu Feb 02 2006
jcasciero at comcast.net
carab motorela 250 mx w/motovilla
I have a 1980 carabela 250 mx with what I beleive has a Motovilla motor. I'm looking for any written info or pics on this model. also any info or parts source for the bike and motovilla motor.Also have some limited written info and some pics I will share thanks//jerry

Mon Jan 16 2006
jcasciero at comcast.net
carabela 250cc mx 1980
have a 1980 carabela 250cc mx with what i beleive is a motovilla motor/ looking for any literature/patrs-sevice manuals//also need any parts soure for the bike and the motor //thanx Jerry

Mon Nov 07 2005
jdeltoro at webtv.net
as an old mecanic for carabela al i can tell you is that alot of parts can be interchange with other bikes specially yamaha wen it comes to pistons or points and in some cases the rods

Mon Oct 17 2005
aechoppers at aoldot com
!976 Carabela Formula 60
Hi, I'm looking for info and parts source for this model. It is a Kenny Roberts GP Yamaha replica. Frame # MP.016088-76, Engine #25862.
Any club or parts leads would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks, Tim pecenka

Sun Jul 03 2005
irobertg at yahoodot com
carabela carrera 200mx
I've owned this bike for 18 yrs. Ilooking to get it running again. I'd like to rebuild the engine and carb. can you help?? I live in Rio Rico, Arizona, USA My name is Bob, picture to come later bike is in storage, for now. building new house. If you have a query about Carabela Motorcycles or have information about these classic Mexican machines, please contact us