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A Little Benelli History
The Benelli story began in Pesaro with the widow Teresa Benelli establishing a garage, using all of her family's limited capital, in order to build a business to support her six sons. The garage repaired cars and motorcycles and soon went on to make spare parts. (See also Women in Motorcycling)

The small business grew, and in 1920 the first Benelli engine was produced, a 75cc two-stroke. The following year they built a Benelli motorcycle, now powered by a 98cc powerplant.

By 1923 their OHC motorcycles were on the racetrack with Antonio Benelli in the saddle, and by 1931 he had won four Italian championships. His stellar career ended with a bad crash in 1932. The bikes continued to take their riders to the front, and in 1939 the TT was won by Ted Mellors on a Benelli.

World War Two saw the total destruction of the Benelli factory in Pesaro.

The business began rebuilding after the war, but there was discord between the brothers and Guiseppe left to form his own company, Motobi.

By 1962, the two factories employed 550 people and between them were producing some 300 motorcycles a day, but by the end of the decade the Japanese onslaught was taking its toll and despite the creative skills of the new owner, Argentinian Alejondro de Tomaso (who also owned Moto Guzzi and was building some very attractive sports cars), the factory was forced to cease production. In 1980 Pesaro-based businessman Giancarlo Selci came to the rescue but the deal did not work out and Benelli slipped into obscurity until, in 1995, Andrea Merloni (whose family own Indesit, makers of whitegoods) came onto the scene. By 2002 the Tornado 900 had burst onto the world's stage, followed by the TNT Roadster of 2005.

Benelli was sold to Motor Group Qianjiang corporation located in southeast China at Wenling around 2009.

Rather nice 10min video introduction here:

Benelli Models 1920s-1980s

james.langford at erieinsurance.com
1962 Benelli Monomarcia 49CC
Hello, I am a claims adjuster in Nashville, TN. I have been tasked with valuing a 1962 Benelli Monomarcia that is in incredible condition. I can find nothing on the internet remotely comparable to it. Do you have any idea what that would be worth? It is in such good condition that the accessory leather saddlebags are in great shape. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Wes Langford
Nashville, TN, USA

Flo_lutza at yahoo.com
benelli 900 sei 1980
searching on web I find that it is a possibility to order here a complette exhaust for my 900sei. that RC166 curved 6 in 6. please let me know. thanks, flo
florin dan
Resita, Romania
    There's a fellow in Spain who does some interesting SEI specials. It may be worth contacting him. Benelli Club Spain

ron.voice at hotmail.co.uk
benelli 900 sei
hi I am trying to date a 900sei that I have just purchased
engine no BGBO 11544
Frame no DGM 18468 OM
It has 580 miles on kph speedo which judging by condition is prob correct, it has been stored for many years and has a N.I. tax disc from 1993 on it
Any info on year of manufacture ect ect would be greatly appreciated
Ron Voice
woking surrey U.K

    Have no information on that at present. If you find a useful source it can be added to this page: Motorcycle Serial Numbers

klreis at triad.rr.com
69 benilli buzzer 65cc
Looking for a left side cover/generator cover. Would you have any idea where l could find one.
Kelly Reis
Winston Salem NC usa.

stevedavis01 at hotmail.co.uk
i have an old Benelli 90cc which i believe is a T90 circa 1971, im looking for a wiring diagram. i can find very little info on this bike, can you help please? i include a picture found online, its exactly the same as mine
Steve Davis
Southampton UK

gmarieelg at xplornet.com
1971 Benelli Hurricane
Hi. I am wanting to restore my uncle's Benelli 1971 Hurricane. I am looking for any information, such as gas to oil ratio, parts manual, etc. Any help will be appreciated. There doesn't seem to be much information on this year and model on the internet.

Mon, 05 Mar 2018
dale_mickle at yahoo.com
benelli bobo scooter 1960's - 70's
hello, I have a benelli bobo scooter that's been stored for many years. doesn't run but is a complete scooter. I was thinking of advertising it for $750 but I don't where to advertise it or what to ask for it. Might you be interested in the bike or know someone I should contact that may have interest in this scooter? thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide me
bernville, pa USA

Thu, 08 Feb 2018
uno_hoo at hotmail.co.uk
Benelli Trail late 60s I was told

Hi, I've recently purchased a barn find that I'd like to restore (bike in picture for reference only!). It was sold to me as a 68/69 175 trail bike. Chassis number on one side is DGM101370M, the other side is MT*11169F?? BENELLI Engine number MT*6181BENELLI. Is there any way of verifying it's age and cc from these markings? Many thanks in advance for any information or advice. Regards Ben.
Ben Steele
East sussex United Kingdom

No image arrived.

Tue, 02 Jan 2018
recycled1cycles at gmail.com
Benelli Dynamo Trail
Perhaps this image could be used to update the existing image on the website of Benelli dynamo trail?

Benelli Dynamo Trail picture attached (1973?)
Appleton, WI USA

  • Benelli-1972c-Dynamo-Trail-AWI.jpg posted to Comments

rick_timm at hotmail.com
Benelli 1972 175 enduro

Hi, I recently found and purchased a 1972 175 endure. Any direction in finding parts NOS or used would be greatly appreciated.
richard timm
Waterloo,Ia USA

Tue, 10 Oct 2017
sjwatts at frontiernet.net
Benelli 65cc Buzzer mini bike

I am looking for points and condenser and one over piston,rings,pin,clips,pin,gaskets or a total top end rebuild kit. Do they have a needle bearing through wrist pin? Or is it just a brass bushing? The mini bike I'm restoring is a Benelli Buzzer 65cc. I thing 1970 year. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Sac City iowa USA

Wed, 25 Oct 2017
terryct2 at aol.com
Benelli Unknown

I have a Benelli that I have restored as a vintage racer I need a speedo and cable, and foot peg rubbers for it. The Diameter of the opening is 2 1/4 in. I don't know the year model or engine size. Can you identify it for me? Frame#H8207 Eng# HS15152.
Curtis Terry
Burleson,Texas 76028 USA

  • Cannot identify model from those numbers, sorry. Can you send images of the frame and engine numbers, and well as the whole bike please?

Sat, 02 Sep 2017
lfonda at aol.com
Benelli need help identifying motor

Hello I am having difficulty identifying a Benelli motor. The motor has a serial number on it: 106 6758. Can you please help? Thanks.
Laura Hochnadel
Thornton, CO

  • Benelli-1960s-OHV-106-6758-LHo.jpg posted to Comments

Sat Jul 15 2017
birchfam at nwlink.com
benelli mojave 360 clutch and ignition questions
we are trying to get clutch and ignition working properly on a 1969 mojave 360 it seems if we have the clutch tight enough not to slip when starting it drags when in low gear. we tried installing a power dynamo ignition system this didn't work not 100% sure as to why.. possibly due to clutch slippage during kicking of starter...
Tacoma, Washington

Fri Jun 16 2017
terryct2 at aol.com
Benelli 350 ?
Building Vintage racer
need to know cc for proper class

  • This is a question best posed to your local classic racing club, I suspect.

Fri May 26 2017
leosilva_79 at hotmail.com
Engine Benelli jarno 125
Benelli Jarno 125
Hi, I'm from Argentina and I would like to know if you still have the bike Benelli Jarno 125? I'm interested in the engine.
Thank you

Please contact the owner directly.

Tue May 09 2017

dieselfzkk at aol.com
1970 benelli dynamo parts
benelli dynamo
looking for motor parts for my 65 cc dynamo
florida us

Tue Mar 14 2017
cardozent at aol.com
Benelli Barracuda?
I have a barn find but not sure what I have. I think its a barracuda but the key is not on the head light its on the side cover on the right side by the battery. The exhaust pipe is on the same side and is the low to the ground. Any answer would help.
California USA

Mon Jan 30 2017
freschissimo555 at gmail.com
jetting Mikuni TM 28mm for Benelli 350
Wards Riverside 350
Any ideas for jetting a mikuni TM 28mm for Wards Benelli 350?

Possibly more information under Wards Riverside

Thu Dec 29 2016
ajacomp at comcast.net
wrist pin needle bearing
Benelli Buzzer Benelli Buzzer
Do you have a piston wrist pin needle bearing for a Benelli Buzzer

.According to the Benelli parts book picture #79,
part # G7019, do you have it?

Sorry, we don't sell Benelli parts.

Sat Mar 26 2016
sparepartscompany at gmail.com
Benelli 750 Sei exhaust system
I have a customer with a 750 Sei who needs an exhaust system for his bike. Do you have any for sale or a source? Any information is appreciated. Thank you , Roland
Philadelphia, USA

Sat Dec 19 2015
herbiesims57 at gmail.com
Side Stand
Benelli Dynamo
Looking for side stand

Thu May 28 2015
markpaz6960 at gmail.com
plug gap? oil type? how much oil
benelli 1968 FFA-61-14020 s/n 76
What type of oil does it take and how much.plug gap? And where can I find an original picture of this bike?manuals?

Wed Jan 14 2015
Benelli Nuovo Leoncino 125 2t
I received an old Benelli Nuovo Leoncino 125 2t from my father...
Posted to Benelli forum.

Fri Sep 26 2014
kjseward at yahoo.com
benelli fireball
I have a benelli fireball. The only numbers I could find are on the right side of frame under the seat area,CES*195478*. Also on the top of motor casing,266445.Can not find any information about this bike.Either number gives me any information. Would like to find out about it. Thanks, Kenny

Thu Jul 24 2014
slotac at comcast.net
Benelli Buzzer
I am in need of a orginal piston, ring and cylinder for a 1963 Benelli Buzzer
Galloway, NJ, USA

Sat Jun 07 2014
mdknahrwold at hotmail.com
for sale
benelli FFA-61-14016 B
new haven in 46774

Sun Dec 15 2013
crankcase oil
Benelli Fireball
I have a 1967 Benelli Fireball. 50cc. What weight oil is used in crankcase?

Fri Jul 05 2013
2009 Benilli X50 i moped parts
x50i 2009
I am looking for parts for the moped I listed...need an oil pump and left brake handle and mounting bracket
myrtle beach, South Carolina..USA

Tue Jun 25 2013
parts, repair info., manuals
Benelli Toranado Tre 1130 cc
need help with my newly purchased used model year 2008 Benelli Toranado Tree 1130 cc with 2,100 miles..need both owner's & factory workshop manuals.. bike makes unmanageably loud noises from the left front quarter of the engine..sounds as if the starter motor's clutch is not disengageing..is there a problem with the starter or some other common cause of this noise?..is there a factory repair bulletin ?..how to repair or what might it be it?..also where to purchase parts?.. thanks for any help with this situation...good luck to all of us we need it..
Michigan U.S.A.

Thank you very much for your help in posting I'm not handy with a computer...sorry don't know how to post photos...the bike is a 2008 with 2,100 miles primarily green in color with silver trim black color seat, three cylinder 1130 CC engine, she sure is a beauty.....can't imagine what the noise is as I have been riding for close to sixty years and can tell when a bike is making strange noises...this girl is not smooth in sound.....the tranny's dry clutch is not the source of the noise as the noise remains whether or not the tranny clutch is engaged or not.....gets louder with revs?...so far the only other info I was able to gather from a former dealer was that there was a notice sent out about noise and he though he recalled it had something to do with the starter motor's one way clutch? ..any further help is much appreciated...thanks again ...take care

Fri Apr 05 2013
repair manual
benelli 90 cc banshee
where can I find a repair manual

Tue May 07 2013
side cover
benelli 1972 benelli 650s tornado
Hi I am after the left side side cover to match the yellow right side. Color not important

Wed Apr 10 2013
Kickstart lever & Exhaust
Benelli 250cc Riverside
I am trying to locate a muffler and head pipe. Also a kickstart lever.
Ravenna, Ohio

Wed Feb 20 2013
benelli 175
me podrian mandar fotos y datos benelli 175 cc 1960

Sat Jun 02 2012
Parts Needed
Benelli 125 2c - 1976
Hi. I'm looking for a fork Stanction (slider) and a drive shaft plus a few other bits for cosmetic reasons - Can anyone out there help?
Regards, Richard.
Hereford. UK

Mon May 14 2012
need parts
benelli 1972 enduro 175
I bought a 1972 benelli at an auction and im looking for a ring and piston for the 175 2 stroke. also looking for other electrical parts. the bike is complete and original. hoping i can find the ring and piston other wise ill have to bore it out and put a newer one in.
windham ny

Wed May 09 2012
fhoward.rmitchell<at>gmaildot com
Benelli Banshee manual
Beneli Banshee1973
Does anyone have a manual fot this bike. Recently purchased
New Zealand

Mon May 21 2012
technical manual
benelli 49 america
Please, I have a Benelli 49 america. That motorcycle was product in 1968. I am searching for a technical manual.

Best regards
Le Mans

Wed Apr 18 2012
500 sport
I have a 1983 Binneli 500 in red with less than 5000 miles on the clock which I wish to sell it has not been on the road since 1985

Sat Feb 04 2012
Benelli 250 Four Cycle Carb
Benelli 250
Looking to find what carb I need for a 1976 Benelli 250 Four Cycle. Will a 22 and 24 MM work?
United states

Wed Nov 16 2011
garin-teed<at> yahoo.com
Parts needed
Andretti 2008 Benalli 50cc moped
I need a back Brake handle/bracket and cable
Mpls Minnesota. usa

Sun Oct 23 2011
1977 blue
I have left a message about my 1977 moped and someone contacted me that lives near State College, Pa. but I LOST his email address. Please contact me again about the BENELLI Moped. Thanks, Jane
United States

Mon Sep 26 2011
Wanted to buy: Benelli tank
Benelli 360 Mojave 260
I'm looking for a tan in good condition. Any chance you could help me locate one?
Kansas City

Sat Sep 03 2011
matthew-mednick<at>msndot com
Benelli 250
Benelli Barracuda or Sprite
Purchased and identified a Benelli with a 250cc motor. I don't know the year and am trying to research it as a Barracuda or a Sprite. I believe the 250cc Sprite production ended 1965 and the Barracuda was introduced in 1966. This bike does not have the California edition. The first three of the VIN is: 100. Can youu help narrow down the year so I can process appropriate paperwork in order to title the motorcycle. I am inclined to call it a 1966.

Thu Aug 11 2011
Benelli ? Blue
I would like to sell and need information on a 1977 Benelli Moped. Made in Pesaro, Italy. My Dad passed away and we need to sell this. It has 290 miles on it and everything is original. If anyone knows anything about this, please email me. Thanks, Jane
New Jersey/Pennsylvania

Wed Jul 13 2011
Benelli Tnt Cafe Racer 1130
I need to source parts for my motorcycle, i was wondering if you could give me a contact number. Thank you, im from Melbourne, Australia.

Mon Jul 04 2011
need help
benelli volcano
lookin for parts shop manuals anything for a benelli volcano

Wed May 11 2011
kari.breece<at>mid-wooddot com
Need any info
Benellie 205 cc Sprint
I am restoring my Father's bike. I need any information...and pictures of an original!
United States

Sat Apr 23 2011
TNT electrical problems
Benelli TnT naked Tre 1130 sport
Dear Sir
I own a Tnt Tre naked 2006 model. I have had numerous problems with the starting of the bike since I bought it new. The starter seems to labour as soon as the bike is hot, sometimes the battery will go flat while trying to start it after I have driven it and the motor is hot. Recently my bike just broke down next to the road and the battery was completely flat. I have measured the charging of the alternator and it does not seem to charge my battery anymore. Do I need a new diode for the alternator and can you ship it to me in South Africa?
I also had my starter serviced to see if I can improve the “hot†starting problem, but now it seem like the starter is turning in the wrong direction and does not engage with the motor, the service guy says it is impossible? Does the starter have to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise? At the moment it turns clockwise and I am sure that is wrong?
Please give me some help/ advice for in our dark continent here is no-one that has the knowledge and also no agents for benelli.


Renier Grobler
South Africa

Wed Jan 12 2011
racer 250
Hi i have a benelli 250 racer and i would like to know what is the correct spark plug to put in it as i am having problems with running and i believe it is a plug problem.
many thanks for your help,
regards, Trevor

Verzonden: vr 31-12-2010 3:58
Aan: smid145<at>hetnet.nl
Onderwerp: Re: Sheldon's EMU

Benelli 650 Tornado
Second series type with electric starter

Beneli Tornado 650 first series (green) and second series (with electric starter ) (Group of three in museum)

Mon Nov 29 2010
baezarmando<at>gmaildot com
Posibilidad de compra
benelli motorcycle moped 2009
Por favor, quiero saber el precio de venta al por mayor de la MOPED Motorcycle 50 2009 ,con posiblidad de representacion, si no existe en mi pais, porque pienso comprar un lote de 16 Unidades en eu. (Ver fotos anexas)
santiago, dominican republic

Sat Oct 30 2010
jenniesmosaics<at>hotmaildot com
Benelli 250 2C
Hi, I'm trying to build a 250 2C for Classic Racing and need as much tuning information as possible. Any race parts would help eg. tuned barrels, race pistons, modified heads, straight cut primaries, close ratio gears, etc. Anything would help and someone must know or have something.
Thanks, Gareth.

Fri Oct 22 2010
jenniesmosaics<at>hotmaildot com
Benelli 250 2C racer
I am preparing a 250 2C for classic racing and would appreciate any help with race parts or road parts as spares. Whatever you have could help me. Thanks. Gareth

Wed Sep 29 2010
125 benelli 2C
benelli 125 C
I am looking for every parts from the 125 benelli 2C (if possible racing parts) for example hexaust pipe, alloy cylinder, pistons wheels...
Me and my friend are trying to built a replica moto GP benelli 125 2C.
please, help us, we will run in a sort of "moto legend championship" in france.
thank you, regards,

Sun Sep 12 2010
marcpettitt AT yahoo.com.au
engine stalls when reved (TPS)
I connected a snapon scantool to my bike & reset the TPS min & max settings & now the bike stalls everytime I try to rev it, & dont know how to return original settings? Please help me.
regards Marc

Sat Sep 11 2010
mvinsick1 at hotmail.com
benelli volcano
benelli volcano
Looking to buy a benelli volcano.

Tue Jul 06 2010
eric.delohen<at>benaludot com
benelli 125 jarno
to sale a complete engine of benelli 125 jarno with exhaust system carburators ignition etc.......

Mon Jun 07 2010
monster1945<at>gmaildot com
Benelli Morercycle
Benelli 125cc FFA-1461-14016B searial 66
Accired bike need information what it's worth, what is it,needs lots of love but it's in tact.is anyone searching for one.

Thu May 20 2010
robamyers1<at>aimdot com
66 benelli
Benelli enduro
I just bought a benelli and i was wondering if any one could tell me what i got and where i could go to get general info like spark plug type, oil type ect. The model number is ffa-61-14019. the title says its a riverside 66 motorcycle i was told it was a enduro 125cc but not sure. please help me out thanks a lot

Wed Apr 28 2010
tazxl1200<at>gmaildot com
Italjet Torpedo 50 cc 2t 2001.
Italjet torpedo 50cc 2T
i am look for the rear shock for my italjet torpedo 50cc 2 t 2001.
your help will be appreciate.

Fri Apr 02 2010
mckitchie<at>aoldot com
carb tech support
1972 benelli enduro 175
Hello, I need a new needle valve and seat but i dont know what seat to get. the carb is a Dellorto vhb 22. i have four different "seat" options, 150, 170, 200, 225. i just dont know which one i need. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks

  • Both Ducati Gowanloch and Road & Race Motorcycles are knowledgeable in that department. You'll find them listed at Bikelinks

Thu Mar 11 2010
benelli velet 400
what make engine is in the benelli 400 scooter

Tue Oct 27 2009
hkzal at optonline.net
Harness wiring
Benelli Buzzer
I have a 1970 Benelli Buzzer and I would like some information as to where the wires go from the harness. The HT Coil has one side marked R the other is unmarked and another wire. Can someone please tell me where they go? Thank You hkzal"at"optonline.net
New Jersey

Tue Oct 20 2009
craig--mellor at hotmail.co.uk
�50 benelli single cylinder
benelli 350 single
Hi there, i wonder if you could help me. I have a 350 single cylinder benelli racer about 1967 and i am needing a works manual to find out what the timing is, i also need 2 new push rods so i am wondering if anyone has a manual/spares or if anyone knows where i could source these from.
Many thanks, trev

Tue Oct 06 2009
tdshan at home.co.bw
bearing kits for eng, rings etc
bennelli buzzer
are spares available to rebuild eng. I have not stripped it but the kick start will not move. i suspect its seized
Well I guess I lucked out, the motor and exhaust were full of water, so I removed the cyl head and used dewatering spray to free up the crank, got it running same day. It has a missfire even though the gasket is ok, would you know what the spark plug gap should be, the model of this one is 1970 serial no. 581492, any idea of what its worth

Wed Sep 23 2009
Miltondean at verizon.net
benelli dynamo
I'm looking to buy parts for my benelli do you have a contact # or email to Detlef Burian of germany
New York

Wed Sep 16 2009
e-walk81 at hotmaildot com
ignition coil
1968 beneli buzzer 49cc
i recently just purchased a 1968 benelli buzzer and i am getting no spark. i believe that the ignition coil is bad, however i have been searching all over for part and i was just wandering if there was a place that i could get another coil, or if there is another coil that would work in its place. please reply to this message i have had a hard time looking for this part thank you eric
illinois, united states

Tue Jul 21 2009
pingjockeyb at aoldot com
your broken flywheel
Benelli Cobra
Contact Cosmopolitan Motors under their vintage section (vintage cosmo). They have flywheels in stock. I just got one for my '61. Gary
Dubuque, IA (USA)

Pardon my ignorance but I've lost track of who owns who in Italy these days. Last time I looked Benelli was part of the De Tomaso empire. Who owns them now? Are they independent ? Are they still part of Guzzi ?

Benelli are now owned by Italian businessman, Andrea Merloni, whose family own Indesit, makers of fridges etc. www.strega.freeserve.co.uk I forgot to mention that Franco Lambertini, designer of the 3 1/2 , has left Piaggio and moved to Franco Morini Motori as head technician. Cagiva no longer own the rights to use the Morini name, not that they ever intended to anyway , presumably Lambertini still has the designs for the "new" Morini 750cc engine he designed around the time of the Cagiva take over. A new large capacity Morini may be in the pipeline, but not for a few more years yet. -- Steve -- 478cc.cwc.net
See also: Benelli in America

Thu Jun 25 2009
n6nkn at arrl.net
Benelli "Fireball".
Benelli Fireball
You might enjoy my rather poor atempt at photographing my Benelli. The shots are on the Flickr web site.
Costa Mesa,California


Wed Jun 03 2009
hkzal at optonline.net
Benelli Buzzer Gas Tank
Benelli Buzzer
Is the Benelli Buzzer you have with the rear wheel missing for sale?
I need a gas tank.
New Jersey

Mon May 04 2009
hkzal at optonline.net
Identifying a Mini Bike
Benelli Mini
Can you identify this bike Model? It's a 1970 Benelli 521664 F
United States

Wed Apr 29 2009
Poole2001 at att.net
Benelli Motor bike
Del Lorto 449740
Please let me know where I can purchase a carbuator or carbuator kit for a Benelli 449740. The number on the carbuator is Sha 14 12.

Thank you,
Placerville, CA

The germ of a Dellorto information page here: Dellorto Carburettors

Wed Mar 25 2009
diggerdowndave at hotmaildot com
fed up
tornado 1130
i own a 1130 in england how do i complain to the benelli makers in italy or get some kind of help , its a new bike and has been in the garage for a month , i will never by another benelli as the after sale service is shit david bennett 15 GRAFTON LANE SANDOWN ISLE OF WIGHT ENGLAND PO368JA

Thu Jan 29 2009
gwen69002 at gmail.Com
Benelli Hurricane
Minarelli PV1 49,6cc

I'm the owner of a Benelli minibike from 1969 and it's functionning with a Minarelli automatic PV1. It seems that some unknown bike of this forum are also Benelli ones. I have a Carb DELorto 16. The bike is functionning well, but quite slow. Does someone know how I could improve it?

Thank you!
Lyon, France

Sun Jan 04 2009
gordonmichelle37 at yahoodot com
need help
1970 benelli volcano
im in need of some parts can anyone tell me where in the us would carry parts for this bike
marion ohio

Wed Nov 12 2008
tcarpino45 at metrocast.net
9-1978 Benelli Mophed
Benelli 1978 mophed/19y9?
I am trying to find parts for this bike and or sell it the way it is. I has 550 miles on it
New Hampshire US

Sun Nov 09 2008
ticail at videotron.ca
plan du sys electrique
benelli hurricane
Qq a un plan du sys electrique pour benelli 65cc
canada montreal

There may be a manual available via Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Oct 22 2008
tcarpino45 at metrocast.net
1978 Bennelli Mophed
Benilli Mophed 19y9?
id #gd11503 on bike,9-1978,I need connections on parts. Has 500 miles on it. can you help me?
New Hampshire

Fri Oct 17 2008
vican20 at aimdot com
antique for sale
benelli Buzzer
parts for sale for beleived 1969/70 benelli buzzer 65cc--contact codey on 989 388 8139

Tue Sep 30 2008
hanilatif at telefonica.net
Please Help: Benelli Sei parts
Benelli Sei 750cc
Hello from Seville, Spain:

A friend of mine has a beautiful 750cc Benelli Sei, which he is restoring. Could you please tell me if you know of a plce on-line where they sell engine and parts for this model? I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great web site.


Sun Sep 21 2008
heidi.g at westnet.com.au
Manual / Repair Handbook
Benelli Tornado 1972
Where can i get a Manual /Repair Handbook for a 1972 Benelli Tornado. ????
Perth Western Australia

Mon Sep 01 2008
gordonmichelle37 at peoplepcdot com
need info bad
benelli model 1973
i had this benelli since i was seven years old and now Im twenty four and i dont no anything about it i dont no the engine size and i do need some minor parts like the bennelli bagging which goes on the side of the gas tank but mostly i would like to get more info on my bike i love this thing it sits in my living room as a decoration something i love to stare at for hours please help thanks anything is helpfull at this point and yes it runs great and only has five hundred thirty five miles on it everything is oringinal
marion oh

Wed Aug 27 2008
autocrazy at ruraltel.net
Benelli 900 sei,
Hi sheldon,
going to get a 900 sei,
looked on e E bay, and other places,
do i join a club then more choice's,

Sat Aug 09 2008
autocrazy at ruraltel.net
900 sei
Benelli 900Sei
wanting one of these, all i ever saw was honda cbx's, they are nice and heavy but the benelli is special and is nice in all ways,
sweet bike

Tue Apr 08 2008
louisbeeckmans at tiscali.co.uk
scott oiler
benelli tnt
HI there, i have just bought a 2005 tnt and would like to fix a scott oiler to it. I have been informed that this is not recomended because of the fuel injection system. Is this true or is it ok to fit one. Hope someone can help.
newcastle-upon tyne

Fri Feb 22 2008
andrew.foster at nikedot com
Engine Parts
Benelli Minibike 1969 Dynamo
I am looking for engine parts for my 1969 Benelli Dynamo 65cc
Minibike. Do you have any sources that you can refer me too?
Andy Foster

Try the Benelli Directory

Sun Jan 20 2008
roadbuilder1 at earthlink.net

Sun Dec 02 2007
steve at ralph7494.freeserve.co.uk
benelli 250c
Hi there, i have a benelli 250 c in racing trim that is as slow as a dog, are there any contacts re tuning out there please ?
manchester, England

Fri Nov 09 2007
kriek at skynet.be
benelli 650 s
loking fore kickstartershaft (welle, alberino, arbre)code nr:ES668
also starting chain (kette, catena avviam, chain d�marr)n.55pit code nr:ES238

Wed Oct 31 2007
ducati-guy at hotmaildot com
fork oil
k2 2002
how much oil do i put in the forks of my k2 i have sae 10w fork oil but i dont know how much can you help? jake
its a benelli k2 2002

Thu Oct 18 2007
freeskatin-420 at yahoodot com
benelli sprite 200
I got a Benelli sprite dont really know the year its all orginal missing the heads it can be restored.

Wed Sep 19 2007
rickdancingwolf at aoldot com
value of a 1970 Benelli Volcano
1970 Benelli Volcano
I just obtained a good to excellent 1970 Benelli Volcano. Could you please give me an approx. Value.
Connecticut, U.S.A.
Try the page of classic motorcycle price resources at https://cybermotorcycle.com/valuations.htm, or alternatively try a post in the Benelli Forum.

Wed Aug 08 2007
drcuthbert at sympatico.ca
Benelli Minibike
1970 Benelli Buzzer
I have owned this bike for about 10 years . It's in pretty good shape , but needs a headlight and kickstarter assembly (push starts great)
Require parts. bike is not for sale
Ontario , Canada

Fri Jun 29 2007
motoguzzo at rogersdot com
benelli barracuda 250cc
for sale basket case benelli conversion to road racer was started but owner died to many details to list contact me for more bike is in ottawa ontario

Tue Jun 19 2007
client-scream at hotmaildot com
I am looking for a engine
Benelli Dynamo 50cc
20-30 years ago mi Beneelli Dyinamo had a motor damage...an it was all the time on repairing.
A few dazs ago I went to the service and I found my Benelli, not in great condition...
So, now I am looking for a new engine...becouse there is no engine on my Dynamo :)

Please...can somebody help me?
Mali Losinj (Croatia)

Mon May 28 2007
chaz337 at aoldot com
Benelli 650 S
I have the opportunity to pick up the 650 S
Just wondering the value of a bike with low mileage? Thanks
New York

Try the page of classic motorcycle price resources at https://cybermotorcycle.com/valuations.htm

Sat May 05 2007
amangriffith at yahoodot com
david horan
1970 broncco
need wire schematic,flywheel magneto cover,and service ro repair manual

Wed May 02 2007
fpegleg6666 at wmconnectdot com
1971 65 cc Benilli
I need a piston, wristpin,and rings

Sun Apr 29 2007
drouet.monique at neuf.fr
triporteur Benelli
I've got one but with benelli engine 50cc.
Le Mans
Benelli Triporteur 1972 5

Tue Apr 03 2007
huffman1960 at hotmail.com
repair/owners manual
1965-67 Benelli Barracuda
I would like to know where to find any info on this type of motorcycle Your help is appreciated Thank you

Fri Mar 30 2007
johnjtank at hotmail.con
bennelli moped
bennelli 2 moped 1979
where in the US can I buy parts and a repair manuel for this moped
la calif usa

Thu Mar 29 2007
jane.norton at hawkins.biz
Selling my bike
Benelli 125 Sport
I own a red Benelli 125 Sport two-stroke motorcycle. I understand that it was imported in 2000 and the year of manufacture has been listed in the UK as 1982. It has only done 8920 (genuine) km.

I have all MoT certificates (from 2000) inc current one and also the service books which have detailed drawings for servicing and electrical systems diagrams.

It is in excellent condition, the engine is fine, runs perfect and the chrome exhausts have hardly any marks on them - they polish up lovely! I am looking to sell and am open to genuine offers.

Thu Mar 22 2007
ford56 at bigponddot com
tornado 650s
72 tornado 650s
can anyone help me with the factory, Piston to bore measurement for a 650s tornado engine please

Sat Feb 24 2007
doug.cochran at novellusdot com
1969 benelli 350
I have a 1969 benelli 350 it is in rebuildable ship is this motorcycly worth rebuilding?

Fri Feb 09 2007
shanedrou at hotmaildot com
two stroke mix
benelli leoncin0 1953 125cc
Hi There any one know the correct fuel oil ratio for a benelli 125cc leoncino

Mon Jan 22 2007
trevor.powles at wanadoo.fr
Benelli with motor Flandria
I am restoring a Triporteur, made by Benelli, the Italian Firm. The motor is a 49 cc, Flandria. I am trying to find information on this. Can you help?
Thanks. Trevor P.
Brittany France
Benelli Triporteur Flandria 50cc

Sat Jan 20 2007
m-amoss at hotmaildot com
Pirelli 3.5 X 7 Tires
Benelli Hurricane
I am in need of two pirelli 3.5 by 7 inch tires for my Hurricane. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
New Jersey, USA

Sat Dec 02 2006
kev-cpfc at hotmaildot com
benelli cross 50 cc

i have just brought a benelli cross for my son, but it needs a whole flywheel magneto/ generator and clutch cable, can anyone help at all, also not sure if there was ever a manual produced for this bike, many thanks, kevin and brad

Fri Nov 24 2006
tmcdonald at onlyinternet.net
1968 and 1970
I have two Dynamos I would like to sell. The 68 has a factory side-car They do both run and have some new parts,but they need restored. I also have 3 boxes of spare parts.

Sun Oct 22 2006
sandra563 at btinternetdot com
trying to restore it
benelli trails bike 125cc year1974
I am looking for someone in the u.k. that has parts for the above bike. I would like to find the front wheel and a speedo cable can you help.
east sussex london

Sun Oct 22 2006
jarno.haapakoski at gmaildot com
Parts needed
Benelli Jarno
I really need information where to get gasgets and piston for my Benelli Jarno 125 -89. Could you help me?
Pittsburg, USA

Wed Oct 18 2006
john at firstclasstransdot com
Benelli parts
1969 260 Mojave
I have purchased a 260 Benelli and I need right side cover and some little parts to restore this to original. Any ideas on where I should look for parts?

Mon Oct 16 2006
lilcountrygirl76 at aoldot com
1974 Benelli volcano 180cc
For Sale:
Good Condition, may run, never tried it.
make an offer! picture if needed
winchester, va

Thu Sep 28 2006
mariemhfmholds at yahoodot com
New Owner to Benelli motorcycle engine

Informed by Qianjiang Group China that they bought Benelli engine factory, we would like to confirm with Benelli, as we are negotiating a major contract with Qianjiang in motorcycle over 1,000cc.

Thu Sep 07 2006
www.binugates at yahoo.com [bounced]
Engine specifications
Benelli Motorella Minibike/1965
Please send me the technical specifications of this model. Sincerely yours.

Sat Sep 02 2006
guentergalster at hotmaildot com
Benelli Spares

Just saw that several people are searching spares for different bikes. I'm almost certain you alrady know about this, but just in case I forward you the Homepage link of Mr Burian. I think he has one of the biggest stores for classic Benelli parts in Europe.
Regards, Guenter


granvill99 at yahoo.co.uk wrote:
Tue Aug 22 2006
> Help
> 1975 250c
> Hi, can anyone help. I require workshop manuel for the above to help with restoration. also main loom & engine electics. Any info at all would help lots. thanks Paul
> Hull. England
> English

Mon Aug 14 2006
almarino at orange.net
Bennelli Parts
Tornado 2004
Do you know where i can source parts for my bike (plastics and others)? as i have found parts in the uk are very expensive. l will forward some photos later.


You could try browsing Benelli at Bikelinks for parts suppliers.

Sat Jul 22 2006
Bentnail at comcast.net
1972 Benelli 125 panther
I'm looking for a kick starter (left side) and a clutch cable to finish this restoration. can anyone tell me where to find them?

Fri Jul 21 2006
krisandshawn2 at aoldot com
broncco 1970
do you have any pictures of the broncco motor mini bike i was wanting to see the orignial style.

Sat Jul 15 2006
evilknovel at yahoodot com
benelli 360 scrambler gas cap
360 scrambler
I am in desperate need of a benelli 360 scrambler gas cap for a very cool project i"m putting together please if anyone has any information i would be very grateful i also work for a parts dealer so i could help get ahold of alot of parts
st louis

Mon Jul 10 2006
info at scootartdot com
benelli vintage minibikes
benelli hornet '65

I'm Chris and I work as a mechanic for a Montreal, Canada based vintage scootershop Named Scootart... <www.scootart.com >

I was wondering if you guys could help me....? I'm Looking for a clutch plate set with assembly (if possible i'd go for the set only) for a '65 Benelli hornet

I'm also looking for a good carburator for a Puch Sport moped

a good link or the parts would be greatly appreciated, please contact me at: info at scootartdot com

thanx in advance

Sun Jul 09 2006
myfingerupmynose at gmaildot com
i need everything
1962 Benelli Cobra 125cc
I just recently got this bike and it has most of the original parts but i really need a gasket and new rims.

Fri Jul 07 2006
xoxoxo303 at aoldot com
Benelli Enduro
have old Benelli Mini Enduro. What type of oil does it use

It is almost certainly a pre-mix twostroke, in which case there is more information here: Pre-Mix Twostroke Oils

Wed Jun 14 2006
greeves250 at csdot com
Need a Part
Benelli 250 2C Phantom Looking for the plug in the left side case that covers the clutch adjustment screw. Need one in perfect condition. Anyone out there who can tell me where I can fine one.
Colorado, U.S.

Wed Jun 07 2006
taxman01 at mywaydot com
1970 dynamo trail
Need a carb or kit. Please e-mail if you have any information.Thank you

Wed May 24 2006
austintylercompany at yahoodot com
need front wheel
1971 Benelli 650 Tonado
Rim rust need replacement
been sitting a while. need a mechanic book also
Thanks alot

Mon May 15 2006
iburnh2o at fueleconomytipsdot com
Benelli dynamo
I have for sale one 1970 Benelli Dynamo 50cc 4 speed. 750 original miles. Located in central North Dakota, USA. Runs excellent. With tools, manual and title. Must sell, losing storage.

Mon May 01 2006
z... at wp.pl
I'm looking for front lamp to scooter "Benelli Naked 50".
Details removed at owner's courteous request.

Wed Apr 19 2006
effholger2 at freenet.de
Bennely Dynamo
build 1971
who can help, i need a copy from a Bennely minibike Dynamo. documents> Vehicle Type Approval

April 10th 2006
Publish them, will be an honor for us...
I add two photos, one of the exit type Lemans and other one from my house in Granada
Juan Miguel Martinez ALbarracin, Granada, Spain

Thu Apr 06 2006
grimaud at charter.net
cost of Volcano 185 cc
I am thinking of purchasing a minibike for my 13 year old son. I saw a Benelli Volcano 185cc on e-bay for $150.00. I am trying to get some information on this bike. If you can provide me with a price and MPH or any other facts, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sun Apr 02 2006
gt87-302 at yahoodot com
benelli cobra
1966 cobra 125
i need points and condenser for my bike e mail me at
gt87-302 at yahoodot com

Thu Apr 06 2006
1966 benelli cobra 125
I do not have a picture at this time I'm also in need of a flywheel for the above mentioned bike. I discovered mine is cracked around the center of the hub. what type of puller do you recommend to remove the flywheel? thanks, Daniel

Dansi is the name on the flywheel. It is approx. 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness. I have several types of conventional pullers but I think that they would destroy it during removal. Although at this point it doesnt matter because its cracked, so I,ll need to locate another at some point in time. Anything that you may run across would GREATLY be appreciated. THANK YOU DANIEL

The number on the flywheel is as follows, ASL201B below this number is the manufacture date of 7 65. Hopes this is more helpful to you than my previous imformation.

The type of flywheel puller required is similar to that pictured here, Daniel. I'll try to track down a source for the correct tool.

Mon Mar 27 2006
demoman25 at aoldot com
buzzer rear tire/brake/sprocket
1970 benelli buzzer
Looking for rear tire,brakes,sprocket for benelli buzzer. Thanks in advance Robert

Tue Mar 21 2006
stevensewell1 at aoldot com
Second Hand Parts - Price Quotes

Benelli Tornado TRE 2004 Reg.
Clutch Lever
Gear change Pedal
LHF Foot Peg
RH Air Duct
RH Mirror
LH Mirror
Front Mud Guard
Top Cowl LH
Top Cowl RH
Top Cowl Stay
Left Handlebar
RH Inner Indicator Mounting Panel
LH Inner Indicator Mounting Panel
RHF Indicator
LHF Indicator
LHR Indicator

Tue Mar 14 2006
elf12339 at yahoodot com
i have a benelli dynamo, that i belive is a 65 cc. i just got this bike and new it did not have spark. i do know that the tail light must work for spark but i can not get spark past the coil any helpful hints email me at elf12339 at yahoodot com
New York U.S.

Wed Mar 15 2006
waags at brainerd.net
Benelli Banshee 90cc 1970s
Hi I have a banshee 90cc. I am looking for ignition, (stator coils) parts. Could any one help me? Thanks!! William Bentley
Brainerd Mn.

Mon Mar 13 2006
javibilbao8 at hotmaildot com
Benelli in cross
Anyone remember the Benelli participation in 125 cross championship whit Alberto Barozzi?
The model was TM based. I don't remember the year exactly (1986?)
Cantabria. Spain

Fri Mar 03 2006
slotac at comcast.net
benelli parts
I need a piston, rings, gas cap and throttle cable for a 1963 benelli buzzer motorcycle

Sun Mar 05 2006
mik4242-99 at yahoodot com
Benelli Buzzer
Looking for parts for a benelli buzzer first, then for a dynamo. Can anyone direct me where to look?

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