Benelli Motorcycles

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1972 Model Benelli Motorcycles

1972 Benelli models include:

Cougar 65cc
Mini-Enduro 65cc
Dynamo II 65cc
Woods II 65cc
Compact II 65cc
Hurricane 65cc
Buzzer 65cc
Buzzer Junior 65cc
Tornado 650cc
Supersport 250cc
Enduro 175cc
Volcano 180cc

Cycle Magazine says:

"The best 650 touring bike we ever tested!"
Class winner at Bonneville! 5-speed engine with gleaming twin 29mm concentric Dellorto carbs. Smooth and easy handling even on high speed corners.
Gets up to 115+! Double leading front shoe brakes hold Instantly! Tornado... when you want more from a motorcycle!


This mini-cycle looks and acts like its big brother! 65cc. 2-stroke with 4 speed foot shift transmission. 14" spoked wheels. Motocross handlebars, fenders and exhaust. Knobby tires to take you over anything! Heavy duty rear shocks and Marzocchi forks. Complete lighting, horn and speedometer. Street legal.* BENELLI SUPERSPORT Pure, white-lightning . . .
250cc's of it!
Combine the high ground clearance, the horizontal 5 speed engine, the low center of gravity, great Marzocchi hydraulic forks and you know you’ve got a machine that will keep you out of trouble over the rough spots! It takes people with real motorcycle experience to make a machine like this one ... and that's Benelli!
The Supersport for the super ride!

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