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Sat Dec 17 2005
sgeraets at dsginc.biz
Benelli 250cc 1972 parts
I need parts for a benelli 1972 250cc

Wed Nov 23 2005
toosussedtoolc3 at fsmail.net
benelli bobo mini bike
benelli bobo for sale running, headlight missing ,maroon with silver tank ,original colours .. sensibl e offers ....please call nik 07971 671 943

Mon Oct 31 2005
r-thomas953 at hotmail dot com
Benelli Sprite
Does anyone in the US have any 65/66 200 sprite parts they would like to sell please contact me. I need side covers and engine parts ie oversize piston and rings or stock piston and cylinder. will buy complete engine if you have one. Thanks

Thu Oct 20 2005
mkenowen at bellsouth.net
750sei parts
Anyone with a wiring diagram and voltage regulator for a 1972 750sei? 901-877-6853

Fri Sep 16 2005
playboyjeep at sbcglobal.net
benelli dynamo trail
I need parts if anyone could put me in the right direction . please and thank you.
Here are the images of the bike i also would like to know if i could get a round about year when this was made and official name . thanks Mark.

Thu Sep 15 2005
racer1 at dmbroadband dot com
1973 benelli 250 super sport
I have a bike with about 250 original miles on it.Is it worth any decent money? Also is this a rare bike? I can't find much of any info on it. Any help would be appreciated.

Sat Sep 10 2005
benelli-restoration at comcast.net
Benelli for Sale 2-750 sei and 1-650-S
I'm selling some of my Benelli Motorcycles, need to make room.

Two (2) 750 sei which need some work done on them to get them back to running order.

One (1) 1974 Tornado 650-S with only 620 mile on her. Std Gold in mint Condition.

Please emil me at benelli-restoration at comcast.net if interested in any of the above bike or you need more information.

Larry S. Saint Cyr

Sunday August 27th
Dirk Delnooz
DfromMol (Dirk from Mol)
Mol is a village in Belgium

I posted a message on the benelli forum
The bike was found in the garage of my father
A lot of parts are missing (carburettor) suspension ..ect
Now I don't now what to do .. Is it worth to fix it ... Are spare parts a
problem? Maybe is better to throw it away as old metal and buy a new one modern one
The only think I wanted to find was a small bike for my son of 10
Is there somebody interested in the parts I have
Dirk Delnooz

Mon Jul 18 2005
che09826 at bigpond.net.au
250 2C
Do you know of anyone in victoria australia who could renovate a 1974 250 2C benelli
thanks Andrew

Sat Jul 09 2005
jod-electronics at cyberlandia.org
José L. Orts
Tengo repuesto para solucionar definitivamente los problemas electricos de benelli 500 ls. Podeis verlo en www.electronicajoseluis.net

Translation: I have spare part definitively to solve 500 the electricos problems of benelli ls. Podeis to see it in www.electronicajoseluis.net

Sat Jun 11 2005
perrysmcsc at yahoo dot com
Benelli Parts
Hello, we are in need of some Benelli parts to finish a restoration. The bike in question is a 1970 250cc horizontal single with a 5 speed gear box. I believe it's called a Super Sport. If you don't have any parts for this bike could you please advise us on how to locate them? Thank You for your help,
Michelle Bushong
Perry's Motorcycles & Sidecars
816 South Sylvania Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76111
P: 817-429-9922

Tue May 03 2005
jmcal3156 at yahoo dot com
1971 dynamo trail bike.
anyone that can help with info. on this bike it would be greatly appreciated . i think its a 65 cc. it is a 2 stroke , other than that I can't even figure out how to start this thing. The bike has been kept inside but seems to be in rough original condition thanks much . jeff

Sat Apr 30 2005
kemet at libero.it
I would like to find a gas tank for Benelli Barracuda California model (also called Chuck Connors model).
I like to find also tank and seat fot Benelli Barracuda Metisse model.

Mon Apr 18 2005
piergiorgio12 at virgilio.it
If your benelli 750 6 is for sale I should like more and more information

Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005
subject: Montgomery Wards Riverside 350
Listed under Wards Riverside

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005
subject: Upload of 1981 Benelli 250 Quattro jpgs.
Email: arabbit at earthlink.net
message: Two pics of My Quattro.
Lon Marshall

Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005
subject: 125cc Benelli Leoncino 1951
Email: tcgascon at hotmail dot com
message: I'm looking for any info or parts: ie; kick pedal or the lion that goes on the front fender please!

Although they don't list the parts you require, rustedbike.it Benelli pages may be a good place to start. Ed.

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
subject: Mongomery Wards 125cc model FFA-14016 B
Email: pat00343 at aol dot com
message: Anybody know anything about this trailbike?

A. I believe this is a Benelli. If you have any images of the machine that would be most helpful. Ed.

Sat, 26 Feb 2005
subject: Riverside 125cc bike
Listed under Wards Riverside

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005
subject: Benelli
Email: steve.peace at benelliclubgb.net
message: Please note that the new Website address for theb Benelli Motobi Club GB is

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005
Benelli Mini bike
Email: funmarlin at aol dot com
message: My son, Dylan, recently bought this 1970 Benelli showing only 513 miles at a garage sale in Burlington, Iowa. Unfortunately, we don't know the cc, the model or any particulars about this cycle. The tag says the bike was made in August 1970 and the frame number is 61520. The engine number is 61947. As far as we can tell, a set of points would put it back on the trail. Any help would be appreciated. Our e-mail is: funmarlin at aol dot com

It appears very similar to Benelli Dynamo Trail 1970 but the kickstart setup differs.

February 10th 2005
Benelli advertisement 1970 at Ebay
Vendors Description:
magazine ad for the 1970 Benelli's sold at Penneys. Featured in text are: DYNAMO SCRAMBLER, DYNAMO WOODSBIKE, DYNAMO COMPACT & BUZZER

September 30, 2003
750 and 900 sei Benelli parts
I just bought out two warehouses including Cosmo...
See Benelli Forum

September 29, 2003
I have a 1970 benelli dynamo trail motorcyle in very good condition looking to sell brought new in 1970 interested email me arutledgela. -- ARUTLEDGELA at aol dot com

August 5, 2003
I have a 125CC (70's ish).
Does anyone have info regarding the chain size?
Chris -- CWaltman at gentel.net

July 7, 2003
My name is Dave Griffith and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have owned a 1970 Benelli Buzzer 65cc Minibike for many years. It is still running, although it is in need of repairs. I am seeking the following items.....

1. A set of piston rings.
2. Kick start return spring.
3. Throttle assembly.
4. I also require other minor parts including a chain guard, a seat, plastic cover which is attached to the carby.

I do not know anyone else who owns a Benelli in Melbourne and I would like to know where I may obtain the above parts. Is there a Benelli owners club?? What are these bikes worth?? I would appreciate any info that you may have. Hope you can help.

Dave Griffith -- davgriff at hotmail dot com

June 22, 2003
Did Benelli ever make a 175cc Benelli Cobra? Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks -- gmc5 at prodigy.net

May 6, 2003
Hello out there. More than 35 years ago I bought my first bike, a 200 Sprite Benelli. Now, this bike has been stored in Nebraska for the last 33 years. I just took it into daylight and there is indeed a lot of restoration needed. Unfortunately, I will be unable to restore this bike and am looking for someone to buy this lovely road race bike and restore it…anyone out there? All the best. Michael -- mbnel at sbcglobal.net

April 1, 2003
I have a Benelli Dynamo Trail 50cc that I am interested in selling. It is 95% complete, very restorable, I just don't have time. It is in New Zealand, I am happy to provide photos if anyone is interested. It looks exactly the same as the 65cc version, but I understand it is rarer than the 65cc version. -- Tui Rutherford -- Tui.Rutherford at tvsat dot com

March 31, 2003
Hi we need kick start lever and shaft for 73 benelli buzzer but can't find info on your new site. Can you give us a lead? --
Mike -- MJM2011 at aol dot com
Peace, We all share the same Universe.

March 30, 2003
I purchased new a 1972 Benelli 175 Enduro. The bike still runs great and is about to under go a complete restoration. I am looking for an original gas tank, front and rear brake light switch, and seat or upholstery for the seat.

I am also looking for a 1972 era Benelli sign.
Thanks for a great service,
Mark Warner -- mwsparky at msn dot com
Portage des Sioux,Missouri

February 26, 2003
*FOR SALE* 1970 Benelli Buzzer
I'm willing to part out or sell whole. Motor turns over and has lots of compression. I also have the tail light assy. Use as a parts bike or restore..... I'm located in New Jersey and could probably ship it thru UPS. If you have any questions E-mail me at hudsonmichael at hotmail dot com . Thanks! -- Mike Hudson

February 20, 2003
I have a 350 Riverside Benelli that that has been restored ...
Listed under Wards Riverside

February 6, 2003
I saw your e-mail on a benelli site and was wondering if you post classified ads? I have a 1970 buzzer 65cc I would like to sell. thanks, mike -- hudsonmichael at hotmail dot com

December 25, 2002
for Benelli parts look on my websitewww.benelliparts.de

I have a great stock with new and used parts from all models 50 ccm to 900 ccm. Also I make replika parts for the Benelli`s. If you have new parts for sale let me know

Detlef Burian -- Burian at t-online.de

November 15, 2002
I am the owner of great 654 T year '81, and I need a manual, specialy numbers how strongly to screw the bolts, so if someone do have that numbers I am gladly asking him if he can contact me.

I want to repair the bike. My electric curcuit is down, and machine had to be opened - yes I assume lot of work for me and my meckenic. Thank you eweribodi who can help. I love my Benelly, and it is wery nice when you care. Will send a picture.

If you can help pleas contact me: zdpetran at inet.hr

October 28, 2002
Greetings from sunny Arizona!
I have always been a Triumph man, I have 5 of them, but....I picked up a rolling basket Benelli 750 SEI. Pretty good shape, 85% complete. I need: Service manual; parts manual; full set of electrics! (wiring loom, coils, etc).
The gas tank is there but pretty dinged. I would buy one if I could find a good one.
Also need a headlamp and headlamp brackets. My email is fholmes at route66web dot com
Appreciate any help.
Frank Holmes

October 26, 2002
I have a 654 Benelli and need some engine parts especially I cant find oil rings . its a four cylinders and the size of the rings is 60*3 mm -- ricarda.louk at intel dot com

October 15, 2002
1970 Benelli - Serial # 517138
I looking to restore a 1970 - 65 cc motorbike. It needs a complete gasket kit - o-rings, crank seals, crush washers, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mac. -- Walter.McDaniel at ferc.gov

October 11, 2002
I need a set of rims for a (Monkey Wards) Benelli 125. I'm guessing rims for other Benellis would fit, but I don't know what size. Mine are buggered up, but my hubs are in good shape. Would someone point me in the right direction?

--Dave - gorn at nokilli dot com

October 6, 2002
Sell Benelli Leoncino 1952 fully restored fine with documents for export. This bike is in Italy near Verona Euro 1500 Mobile +393395265773 -- alessandro191054 at interfree.it

September 27, 2002
You want part I have them! I have 1.5 1972 650-S Tornado's, both engines are fine one was in a fire and the front is missing, and the other is fully complete. What I don't have are items such as rubbers :), seats, back tail light sections and silencers. I do have 4 people interested in some of the parts but no money yet. One engine is going to be broken down and the other is going to stay as is for now. So if your in need of some thing email me, if I don't have I just may be able too find it for you. And if you are in need of silencers for the 650 or a total complete exhaust system to that 750 sei. I have one setting around and if that one is gone I can get one for you, so send me an email with your needs and wants.
Larry S. Saint Cyr -- Benelli-Restoration at attbi dot com

September 18, 2002
I have a mid 70s Moto Villa 50cc kids minibike. i have been told that the motor was made by Benelli. i am looking to get a set of pistons rings for it. need to know were I can get them. Thanks Brian -- rblggng at aol dot com

September 17, 2002
I have a 1974 Benelli Dynamo trail mini bike...I need a gear shifter, clutch cable, throttle twist grip assembly, throttle cable, both front and rear brake cables, clutch, and brake shoes..
Do anyone have service manual and tech specs for this bike also ?? can you email me a list of parts you do have ??
Thanks, Al -- ac13827 at telocity dot com

September 9, 2002
We recently acquired a 1967 Montgomery Wards Benelli. and would like to restore it. Could you give us and approximate on how much it is worth. It runs and needs some TLC. Also trying to locate parts if needed. --  Thanks Email SKBK958 at Yahoo dot com

September 8, 2002
Looking to purchase Benelli Volcano in excellent condition. -- Gary Robinson, Salem, Oregon -- thus.spoke.zarathustra at att.net

August 28, 2002
I have come to terms that the Benelli must go,no time to finish it.Ran last year, frame was striped, primed ( 3 coats) painted Benelli red. In Great condition. Make an offer......any offer !! --  kenneth.scourse at sympatico.ca

August 27, 2002
I am from Argentina and have a Benelli Leoncino 125CC 1957, I am restoring this bike, I love it!! I want all information you can give me, such colors, technical dates, and if you have some photos of it ,,,,do you have the manual to send it in a mail??,I will be very thanks for all information you could give me!!!!!

I send to you some photos for another motorcycles that I have restored...GUZZI Lodola y Zigolo,,,,,and the moto Puma 1958 , that was made in Argentina
bye thanks
Nicolas Plescia -- canosa at lacaja.com.ar
Bahia Blanca

August 26, 2002
Can anyone tell me if a transmission from a honda cb750 be applied to a benelli 750 sei. If so, how is this accomplished. please e.mail with information. Jackalmanof54 at aol dot com Thanks, Ron

August 24, 2002
Hi everyone-- I have a 1978 Benelli sei 750 and i am having a Charging problem. Has anyone used a universal rectifier/voltage regulator {Voltpak is not making them for the benelli any longer}. Has any one used one from RICKS MOTORSPORT ELECTRICS and if so which one was used} Any other source would be appriciated or stock parts are ok also. Is there a trouble shooting spec sheet for the alternator /generator,rectifier ,voltage regulator.
When i start mine the charge light goes out at about 1200rpm's and the lights get a little brighter when reved but it only charges from 10.5 volts at idle to about 12.5 when a meter is used accross the battery terminals. The battery goes right down as this sis not enough to keep the battery charged. Please e-mail me back at juwa1 at aol dot com . Thanks Steve
P.S. I would like to ride it for a longer distance before the snow flies.

August 10, 2002
I am looking for the left side shifter cover that looks like a half moon. It also covers the drive gear. I also need a carb, and the left side footpeg. Do you know where I can find these parts? -- bloveday89 at aol dot com

August 1, 2002
I'm looking for some Benelli Tools used on the Benelli Tornado 650-S with the following part numbers:

ES-1673 - Clutch Drum Wrench
ES-1675 - Gearbox Idle Gear Wrench
ES-2272 - Engine and timing gear wrench
ES-1677 - Oil seal ring pin
ES-1680 - Piston pin puller
ES-1681/1 - Timing adjustment degreed plate
ES-1674 - Crankcase breather wrench
ES-2273 - Clutch discs drum puller
ES-1676 - Kick starter return spring tool
ES-1678 - Clutch adjustment screw driver
ES-1614 - Front hydraulic brake disassembling wrench
ES-1665 - Self locking ring nut wrench
ES-1666 - Self locking ring nut wrench
ES-1679 - Engine and timing gears puller

Larry S. Saint Cyr
lsc at attbi dot com

Take a look at the following web site and see if you find what you need.
Larry S. Saint Cyr

July 31, 2002
I have a 1962 Benelli Barracuda that I am looking to restore . Do you know any place i can get parts for it. I have looked online and cant find anything. If you know were i can get some parts for my bike please e-mail me at insipidcarrot at hotmail dot com thanks for your time. -- Don Lilly

July 15, 2002
A friend of mine is looking for an original complete exhaust system to a -76 Benelli 750 sei. Anyone who knows where he can get this? Any hints appreciated. KK Hageland kk at kjmc.no

July 10, 2002
We are in need of a wiring diagram for a 65 cc Benelli (late 60s model). Anyone who can email us at Smile-goddess4884 at hotmail dot com let us know and we would be most appreciative :o)

July 9, 2002
Hey, I have been reading a lot of peoples WANTS in your website, which might I say is terrific, and I just wanted to let you, and everyone else know that I have parts for these old Benelli Bikes!!!!! From the 50cc Buzzer to the 900, I have the parts. The company I work for, Cosmopolitan Motors, used to be the American importer for Benelli and bought out the entire parts inventory of them for these older models. SOOOO, if you got needs for these bikes, email me at Pugmyster at aol dot com , I hope I can be of service to some people, we have parts books for each model also.
Regards -- Jeremy Puglia -- Pugmyster at aol dot com

June 14, 2002
To convert from the ridiculous duplex drive chain fitted originally to the Benelli 900sei, you need the 16 tooth front sprocket from a Yamaha DT250MX (569-16) and the rear sprocket from the same Yamaha DT250MX (855-47) if you want the 47 toothsprocket, or the rear sprocket from the XJ600 Diversion (855-48) if you want the 48 tooth sprocket.

These sprockets require a 520 pitch chain, I'm unsure of the number of links but if you buy a 130 link chain it's not much more expensive than the shorter ones and easy to cut to size.

In order to fit the locking plate on the front sprocket drive shaft, you have to make 3 spacer tubes, one large to fit the shaft and two small ones to fit the two bolts.
Tony Dimech -- anthony.dimech at ntlworld dot com

June 10, 2002
I have a Benelli Buzzer 50cc for sale, blue in color with two person seat. It needs brake cable and petcock assembly and likely should have tires replaced. Garaged. Miami, Florida area. Photos available. I will entertain best reasonable offer.
email: dmwheeler at aaahawk dot com .

June 3, 2002
Could you help me identify this gas tank? Someone told me it was a Benelli Mojave 250. It is for sale, and I am thinking of putting it on E-Bay. Thanks for your help. -- Gene -- lcrump at tsixroads dot com
Benelli Tank Blue

May 27, 2002
Myself I own a 2001 Gsxr 1000 Suzuki and an 1983 Honda Cr 125; I just finished restoring.

My father has owned a 1967, 250 Benelli Barracuda since new and it requires some refacing after spending one year of its life in a field. We decided to restore the old girl. The machine starts immediately, contains all original parts, nothing lost, with only 1200 original miles. Basically I am going to restore it to a new or better appearance. I wish to re-kindle some riding interest beyond pedaling for my father and I know this to be the ticket!

Can you tell me roughly what its worth, and furnish me with links for replacing stickers and actual photos of machine as new. Also any advice or recommendations about having chrome work for the tank done. i.e....who to look acquire for this job.

I want this machine to stay in our family for years; any advice on preservation after its done would be fantastic too.

Basically and model specific information or help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me at the following email address & thank you in advance ostranderjoeseph at hotmail dot com

If this is posted and read by others, please feel free to contact me also!

Regards, Joe the Bike Nut

May 16, 2002
I am parting out two 1972 Benelli 650-S / Tornado. Please E-mail me with your needs. -- Sparepartsracing at cs dot com

May 10, 2002
A good chap for benelli minibike parts is John Brouto of coastsville penn. near philly,he's usually at mid ohio in july. I'll have some hornet dynamo stuff there too. Blessings -- Steve --  perfectparish at hotmail dot com

April 6, 2002
Visit my Benelli 900 sei and 654 sport page. Available in dutch, english and spanish. My name is Manuel and I'm from Spain and the URL is
benelli.es.vg (404), please sign in my guest map. -- Manuel -- benelli at ozu.es

March 29, 2002
I'm looking for a 1970 benelli volcano.can anybody help?bike needs to be complete. runing is a plus.Also looking for nice to mint benelli minibikes.
Thanks -- gonzo76 at netwiz.net

March 26, 2002
Hello and thanks: I have a great Benelli 500LS and I'm looking for photos of my engine. If somebody have something I will be eternity told thank for you.
P.D: I think Benelli are the best motorbikes in the world.
mail-to: Indo0035 at latinmail dot com

March 25, 2002
Can you help me find pictures and info about a 1967 Benelli 125 Cobra??? thanks -- mamaleza at juno dot com

March 15, 2002
All I know about this mini is that it has 2 stroke motor with a manual clutch that says motori zanetti bologna...

March 11, 2002
I have a 1970 Benelli 260, single cylinder that I had found in a guy's car patio. Underneath about 20 years of clutter I spotted an orange front fender appearing through. I have since purchased this bike in present condition with a ceased up piston. After soaking the cylinder for a year and a half in Marvel Mystery Oil and trying to carefully save the piston and the cylinder we broke the piston skirt and ruined the sleeve. I am searching for a cylinder and piston. -- Phil Ragland -- route66 at sandpoint.net

March 10, 2002
hello I just was given a Benelli bike. It's a 65cc compact the guy I got it from ran it for a couple years and let it lay in his barn if anyone has parts for me pleeez write me back will pay top dollar ignorantteen420 at hotmail dot com

Sat Sep 02 2006
guentergalster at hot
March 10, 2002
Hi there,
I have just finished rebuilding a Benelli Motorella bike but not sure what year I think it is about 1972--75 ? Here's a pic. -- Thanks Don -- dmmusic at inet.net.nz

February 17, 2002
I'm looking for pistons and cylinders for my 1980 Benelli 900 sei. Is there anyone who have a set of these or could give me a tip of where I could find these parts, or even a a complete 900sei engine could be of interest. If you have any of these items or know anybody who has please get in in contact with me.

Tel: +46 707883035
E-mail: info at ccmotors.d.se

Jouni Hänninen SWEDEN

February 12, 2002
I have what I believe is a Montgomery Ward Mojave if anyone has any info on this bike please e-mail me at dustdobber at aol dot com

February 12, 2002
My first motorcycle was a used 1969 Benelli 125cc 2 stroke street bike with a 3.5 gallon gas tank, which was sold by Sears as a Riverside 125. It's long gone now, I abused it to death. -- ailment at wt.net
Listed under Wards Riverside

Benelli/Motobi group at Yahoo: groups.yahoo.com/group/benellis

January 21, 2002
I have a Benelli 500 Quattro which I am interested in selling. I have owned the bike for 15 years. Its a 1973 Model and has had the engine re-built and is mechanically in excellent condition. It requires some cosmetic work such as the rims re-chroming. The bike is roadworthy and in overall excellent condition - particularly for its age. I am asking $4500 AUD. Please reply to daniel.archer at argylediamonds.com.au

January 19, 2002
I have a 69 benelli buzzer 50 .I earned it from my father for getting an A on my report card in 4th grade in 1975. I still have it today it is all together and did run the last time I tried it back a few years it is the original candy red. What would it be worth on todays market for curiosities sake? Thanks! -- Ed Hackett -- decoy35 at aol dot com

January 9, 2002
I am searching for 6/6 exhaust pipes to install on Benelli sei 900 like the sei 750 had. Can this be done and where can I find pipes. -- Ric 770-535-2772 -- DONRIC4 at aol dot com

December 30, 2001
I have a 1970 Benelli Hurricane 65 Mini Bike that I am trying to restore. I am looking for New Old Stock parts. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will send pictures to anyone that wants them. Also I have seen pictures of almost every Benelli Mini bike possible but no Benelli Hurricanes any pictures send to Marlenyrosa at yahoo dot com -- Thanks, Rose

December 15, 2001
We have just dusted off a Benelli motorbike which we would like to find information on. All we know is the serial no. 8311, has a date 8-1972 and we think it is a 125cc anyone who could shed some light on this for us would be appreciated.
Thank you -- Colin and Pat -- colin-and-pat at xtra.co.nz

December 11, 2001
Trying to source fenders, headlight and tail light for a 1969 Benelli Buzzer. Any info would be helpful awebbfire at yahoo dot com Thanks, Andrew W

December 4, 2001
I have a Benelli 750 SEI, ca. 1977...
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November 23, 2001
Here's what I have learned about the 1970 Tornado...
See Benelli Forum

November 23, 2001
Dear Benelli Wizard -
I have a friend with a 1983 Benelli 900 Sei that is looking for a set of aftermarket exhaust pipes...
See Benelli Forum

November 8, 2001
What do I have?
I just picked up a very unique looking Benelli, at a local salvage yard, for $50. They had just acquired it about a month ago or so. Engine number is NL*4879*. Have not been able to locate the frame number yet. Looking at photos of bikes that I found on 'Benelli Club Nederland' site, I compared it to a 1958 125cc 4T. (The headlight bracket, rear fender, and the front down-tube part of the frame that connects to the engine, and the engine configurations all match). The tank on the bike, however, looks larger, and the paint scheme looks like that of a '68 Sprite/'67 Riverside/'65-'67 MotoBi Imperiale. Are the tanks on these motorcycles interchangeable, or could a past owner just painted the original tank to match the later models? Mine also has the seat strap that the rear passenger would hang onto while riding; did not notice this on the 4T. The headlight, hanging by the wires down to the front axle, looks like it does not have any switches, but does have a square, clouded-over instrument gauge on it. Is this a speedo or volt-meter?

Restored, or in it's present 'a truck must have run over it' condition, what could this be worth? I found this bike at Paul's M/C Salvage in Hiram , Ga., just in case the previous owner is out there. Drew Mobley -- drew.mobley at gtrc.gatech.edu
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
859 Spring Street, NW
Atlanta, Ga 30308
404-385-0449 (w)
404-385-2078 (f)

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October 31, 2001
I just acquired a 1974 Benelli Volcano 180cc minibike. I need a parts listing/manual, a throttle cable, a taillight, points and maybe some other stuff. Can anyone help me? -- Thanks, -- Don Foote -- Dallas, TX -- donlfoote at msn dot com

October 31, 2001
Subject: Exhaust Benelli 750 Sei /76...
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October 15, 2001
Anyone have a Benelli Dynamo? ...
See Benelli Forum

October 14, 2001
Ran across this site and have to ask a couple of questions.
In 1966 2 of my buddies and I bought 3 Montgomery Ward Riverside 125 cc motorcycles made by Benelli, they were blue in color. Does anyone know where I might buy one? Where can I get parts for it,manuals etc. and are there any clubs for these little bikes??
Any and all info is very much appreciated.
e-mail me at dowty at loganrec.com -- Thank you, -- Doug

September 16, 2001
I have some brand new parts for sale for Benelli and other motorcycles and/or mopeds. They may not be current models, but they are in their original sealed cartons.
Complete tail light assembly and lens cover.
CEV 12-Volt moped or cycle horn, and CEV 6-Volt horns.
CEV red plastic tail lens covers
General Electric 6-Volt Supurban Auto Headlamp. #6006.
Other new parts for Jawa mopeds.
billy97 at mailcity dot com

September 6, 2001
Wanted : Benelli 350-4 (350RS I believe )...
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August 2, 2001
Hi, my name is Susan and I am in need of any information on a Benelli Buzzer 65cc...
See Benelli Forum

July 11, 2001
My name is Charlton Benelli and I came across your web page. My father and I are Benelli owners and enthusiasts. We have a 750 SEI and a 650 Tornado. Please respond to heelsndwch at terraworld.net

July 6, 2001
Subject: 1970 Benelli bike
Looking for a parts dealer for 1970 Benelli... any info on one please write me.
Thanks, Shane -- sparks15009 at yahoo dot com

June 7, 2001
Where is the best place to find a small Benelli from the 70's?
Robert Alinovi -- ralinovi at yahoo dot com

May 15, 2001
Another new site to add to the list.

The Benelli Motobi club GB -- www.benelli-motobi.net

cheers -- Webby -- webmaestro at benelli-motobi.net

March 30, 2001
I just bought a Benelli Motorella (50cc.). It runs great but I'm looking for (a copy) of a manual.
Thom Fransen -- thom.fransen at kuehne-nagel dot com

March 11, 2001
Hey folks,
I have a 1973 benelli 90cc, 2 stroke motorcycle that I am restoring, any information on this type of bike would be great. if anyone has any information on parts that would also be great. I've found that working on this bike here in Pennsylvania is quite a chore, mostly because it is very hard to find parts or information on the bike. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks. -- Jeremy Rosencrance -- jcrose at cyber-quest dot com

March 29, 2001
Biker, I just came across your Benelli page. I see that there haven't been too many entries on it lately, but I thought you might want to set up this link as he has a lot of Benelli parts available. It has been perhaps 4 months since I got the list from him. I hope it will help someone. Another good source is www.roadandrace.com.au . These guys are in Australia, and do a good job for owners of older Ducati, Benelli and other European bikes, especially singles. Enjoy! Dennis Martin


Dennis Martin -- dennism at oswego.net

February 26, 2001
RE: 1970 Benelli 125cc Sport Special
I brought this bike over from Italy about 5 years ago, it sat in my uncles garage in Bari. This bike is now completely restored in it's original condition except for some sticker stickers that go on the storage compartments and pin stripping on the tank.

If anyone knows where I can get these from, please let me know at jmarzin at caemachinery.com

February 14, 2001
I have a 250 2c phantom ...
See Benelli Forum

January 20, 2001
Hi, I trying to find a covered moped in the US such as the BMW C1 or the Benelli Adiva. Do you know of anybody that's importing them? Or do you know of similar models for sale here? -- Thanks for your help. -- Tam Su -- tamsu1 at yahoo dot com

January 16, 2001
For sale. My 1971 125cc Sport Special was imported from Bari Italy. This bike was given to me by my uncle after sitting under a sheet of plastic for 15 years. The motor was re-build but like I said, it sat for 15 years untouched. There is a small leak coming from the center gasket but nothing to worry about, all other gaskets have been replaced recently. The bike itself has been completely restored from the ground up including re-chroming of parts.

I hate to do this but I would like to sell this beautiful bike with the intention of getting another bigger bike.
No reasonable offer will be refused. -- Jmarzin at caemachinery dot com

January 11, 2001
Hello. Came across your web site and was hoping someone can tell me what Benelli I have. The serial number is 423820. Thanks. -- lsteinme at tampabay.rr dot com

January 4, 2001
Hi, I am looking for a manual and someone I can talk to about Benelli bikes. I am in the process of redoing a 1969 or 1970's model Benelli buzzer. Will you e-mail me asap with info on how to get in touch with someone on how to get stuff for this benelli. If at all possible a phone number on who to get in touch with. -- jamie l walker -- bigsnail2000 at lycos dot com

December 16, 2000
I bought a Benelli 750 Sei about 18 years ago and rode it around for a couple of years... was originally won in a Motorcycle News (UK magazine) competition...
See Benelli Forum

December 10, 2000
Hi webmaster
My name is Graham, I am in the process of building a 250cc four stroke racer,I have a Zanzani replica frame, competition forks and most of the engine. What I need is a crankshaft for the four speed model and a cylinder head that has been well ported for racing or competition use. Is there anyone out there who can assist please ??
Many thanks. -- GRAHAM KEEBLE -- KEEBLE at motorest.fsnet.co.uk

November 31, 2000
We've just aquired a Montgomery Wards Riverside (aka. Benelli) 125cc 2 stroke Motorcycle. The Wards Model Number is FAA-61-14016 B, Serial No. 66. We are looking for any info on the bike (year made, repair manual and especially a parts source). If anyone can help please e-mail. -- Randy McCardell -- mccardell-randy at hotmail dot com

November 20, 2000
Benelli owners,
For those of you in the US looking for parts there is a good stock at a former importer in Pennsylvania. They have supplied parts for my '76 500 Quattro in the past.

Cosmopolitan Motors
Hatboro, PA
(800) 523-9100

Andrew -- afiore1 at umbc.edu

October 24, 2000
Just pulled a Benelli 250-2 out from a tree, but is now beginning to look like an ol racer. Couple problems and questions, please.Front forks are locked and I refuse to drill it! 2 "locksmith*s",tryed but could not pick. Is the voltage regulator, in headlight bucket, mainly for lights?, as all wires going in are yellow=lights? Want it only for oval track out here on the ranch in New Mexico, so headlight, seat, plate bracket, pipes, will be sold or given away. -- Bill Pearce New Mexico, ....by way of Truro, Cornwall County, about 160 years ago. any help would be,,,,helpfull -- tmcghee at unm.edu

October 12, 2000
I've just picked up a 69 Dynamo Comfort...
See Benelli Forum

October 7, 2000
Great site.....I have a 1966 benelli minibike, and that's all I know about it. Can anyone look at the picture and tell me what size and the name of it? -- Ken Scourse -- kenneth.scourse at sympatico.ca

September 12, 2000
I just got a 65 Bennelli. I think it is a 200. Would that make it a Sprite? It is in really good shape but I still need several things for it. Can anyone help? -- Chan Cornett -- Chan65 at prodigy.net

July 29, 2000
hello we are SCOMOTO CLASSIC RACING and are currently well known in the UK for racing Benelli 2 strokes. we are however close to completeing a replica of the works Malanca 50 racer and would like any info that anyone has on these machines, words and pics please, this way we will make the bike look as authentic as possible when its out on the tracks -- Chris Schofield -- FishB at Terrabit.Net

July 28, 2000
I own a '69 FULL RACE Barracuda. This bike was used for hill climbing in the early '70s claiming several titles. It's been handed down to me by family and friends, and now I'm contemplating a restoration to its modified state. What I'm looking for is the shop manual, {I have the original parts and price manuals} motor gaskets, a rebuild kit for the carburetor or complete carburetor.

From what I understand the motor was built by a shop in Daytona, the red line on the tach is at 13,000 RPM. The swing arm is still stock, this being run before the thought of extending swing arms.

Before being stored away 15 years ago it ran very strong and very loud with open header and megaphone.

Any information on this motor and parts availability will be greatly appreciated!

Vern, -- Shelbyville, Michigan USA -- vschwarz at accn.org

July 18, 2000
I am restoring 2 Benelli 500 LS one for my wife and the other for me. Both are originally in colour blue/black that was the most popular in Spain. As far as I know, another colour combination available was pearl grey /black, but I don't like it very much.

I have been told there was an option combining red. Does anyone know about it? Did anyone see that combination? I would thank someone to send me a picture.

Does anyone know another colour combination?
Thanks -- Miguel -- maiza at retemail.es

July 1, 2000
I have a complete 78, 79 Benelli 750 SEi needs TLC to get it back on the road. Good original paint. MAKE AN OFFER, NEED THE ROOM IN THE GARAGE. -- allent at frazmtn dot com

June 14, 2000
Over 10 years ago I acquired a set of Benelli, type 2502C, model year 1974. Both bikes are fitted with a drum brake...
See Benelli Forum

June 12, 2000
I have a Italian 1972 650s tornado Benelli...
See Benelli Forum

May 29, 2000
I am looking for some parts for my sons 1972 Benelli Banshee 90...
See Benelli Forum

May 18, 2000
I need information about a brand new benelli motocycle with a roof like the BMW C1, where can I get one in Austria?????????
Mex Mediaworx Burkhard Kratzer -- me.x at sbg.at

May 16, 2000
My name is Brandon Zamel, and I am interested in Benelli bikes. My mother's friend is giving me a 1974-5 (?) 650 tornado. ...
See Benelli Forum

May 10, 2000
I'm from Denmark and i got a 750 SEI...
See Benelli Forum

April 22, 2000
G'day there , I'm only interested in the new Benelli "tornado tre Novecentro". Any facts, tests, delivery dates, prices etc would be greatly appreciated, It looks awesome. cheers -- kiwiwookie at hotmail dot com

April 20, 2000
Just found your website. I'm looking for pictures of a Benelli moped (50cc). >>>

April 9, 2000
Hi to all you Benelli riders,
some good news if you are struggling to find some spares for your machines...
See Benelli Forum

April 3, 2000
I have recently acquired a 1979 250c.c. 4 Cylinder Benelli...
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April 2, 2000
I have been searching for a Benelli 50cc from the 60's or 70's for about 10 years now and I still ...
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March 21, 2000
Directly from the historicalBENELLI S.P.Aestablishments, viale Mameli,22 PESARO ( ITALY ), by an important manager of the race department (1962-1970),we have a very equipped store rich of original and brand-new replacement pieces formopeds and motorcycles made by BENELLI-MOTOBI from year 1965 to 80's (De Tomaso ). The replacement pieces are for the following models: 1-MOPEDS City Bike - Motorella - mini Bike (3 - 4 speed gearbox) - Dynamo Trail(65cc) - Dynamo Compact(50cc) - Mini Cross - Mini Enduro - Volcano - Trial - cross 5V - sport 3 V - Export FA/3VKS - America - California - Gentlemen - Bobo - Sprint 3-4V. 2-MOTORCYCLES Sport Special 125 cc - Sport Special 250 cc - Leoncino Cross 125 cc - Tornado S/S2 650 cc - 125 2C E- 250 2C E - 125BX CROSS - 254(4cil) - 350RS(4cil) - 500LS(4cil) - 504 Sport(4cil) - 654(4cil) - 750(6cil) - 906(6cil). We also remind you that all our materiales are still kept brand-new in their original boxes, those could be sold " in block" and NOT for single replacement pieces sales. For more information:
nardidei at vil.it
fax :0039/55-2479398
Florence - ITALY

March 11, 2000
I have a '68 Montgomery Ward/Benelli (don't know the model) 2-stroke single cylinder motorcycle sitting in my garage. I'll be restoring it this summer, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what they know about it. It's at http://www.fallsnet.com/~deffinba/hog [404]
James Deffinbaugh -- stupowers at yahoo dot com

March 11, 2000
I bought a 350cc Benelli from the mid seventies with 12 km on the clock. The bike was never registered or used. The Engine was never started, in the flout chamber was Oil und also in the Petrol tank. Due to the long storing time the chrome parts are partially rusty. I am really very interested to ride this bike in the next season.
Greetings from Austria. -- Franz Danner -- office at turbinen-danner.at

February 23, 2000
I have a Benelli 750 sei, I acquired this bike recently and I'm looking for the engine chain stretcher...
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February 10, 2000
My 1985 mod. 900 SEI have a little oil leak from...
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February 6, 2000
I Have a 1979 Sei purchased new, now have 19K miles, only minor items replaced plugs, points, chain and sprockets. Have Marving header, K&N filters, runs great good bike. -- Tom Beasley -- tomjean at en dot com

January 29, 2000
I have two Benellis: 750 Sei -84 (on papers ?) and Tornado 650 S2 -76. I can't find spare parts from Finland. Can anyone help me? I need urgently set of standard size (diameter 56 mm thickness 3 mm) oil / scraper rings for Sei. -- matti.tahlo at iobox.fi

January 24, 2000
I am thinking of buying a Benelli LS500 which has been stored in a shed for the last 14 years. It has done 8000 miles (apparently!). It looks like everything is original but I have never seen one like this before. Does anyone know what the availability of parts is like and are they expensive? Also, what do they run like - basically any information at all about this bike would be appreciated. (PS I am in Edinburgh Scotland). chris-kirke at earth73.freeserve.co.uk

January 17, 2000
Looking for a Benelli 1969 - 1971 50cc Dynamo Compact or 65cc Dynamo Trail bike for my son...
See Benelli Forum

December 13, 1999
I have a 1968 Wards Riverside Benelli 350cc Touring Motorcycle complete with title, owner's manual and parts list. It is in poor condition and does not run. Probably it would be best as a parts bike. Or a wonderful restoration opportunity. Located in Washington DC. I switched to a bicycle years ago and would like to find a place for my old motorcycle. Anybody interested? -- ArtistCJL at aol dot com

November 24, 1999
I have a Benelli/Montgomery Ward 250cc four stroke parts bike (circa 1967). Engine or trans appears to be locked up from lack of use, engine missing only valve cover. Would like to keep the frame and wheels, but will consider parting out all or anything. Bike is in South Carolina. I can be contacted at Lutherfirm at aol dot com

October 31, 1999
I am selling my Benelli 200 Sprite - nice machine, all original and complete in every way. No reasonable offer refused. Just don't have the room in the garage. Located in Michigan USA -- John Savage  -- Sold November 1, 1999

Thanks for your help on the Benelli 200; It's been sold. Thanks again. John Savage

September 27, 1999
Does anyone know of any Benelli clubs or websites? I have two Benelli's, one 250 2c that I use everyday and one Buzzer that sits under the house collecting dust (with only 128 miles from new!!). What I would really like is a 1950's to 1960's Benelli approximately 250cc to 350cc. If you have one for sale or know of where on is please contact me. In the meantime lets keep the marque alive. -- Seth -- sethgriffiths at hotmail dot com

September 24, 1999
We have just acquired a Benelli Motorcycle and we are looking for some information about it. The engine and frame number is 416131. It reads Motobi 125cc 4T on the side of the gas tank. In the front it reads Benelli Pesaro Imperiale. We were told it is a 1959 but, we are not sure. If you have any knowledge about this particular bike, please let us know. Very much appreciated. -- Gordon Ponsford -- gponsfor at bellsouth.net

September 15, 1999
Good to see a site trying to keep Benelli's on the move. I bought my 750 Sei in 1979 with 800 miles...
See Benelli Forum

I need some info on a Benelli 125 I have just purchased. -- Regards -- Frank Rosen - South Africa -- frosen at kingsley.co.za

September 8, 1999
As I read in a MOTO 73 issue, Benelli recently introduced and showed a new 3-cylinder 900 cc motorbike. Prominent features: watercooling system beneath buddyseat with 2 canary-yellow fans/outlets in the rear of the bike; beautiful fairing, etc. etc.

If this one ever hits the road (and according to Benelli it will in the beginning of 2001) it will be a hit! -- Hans de Vries mail-to:hdvr at wish.net

Italian Specialists in Benelli Motorcycles --javier at bertran.net -- www.bertran.net/benelli [404]

Read your web site with interest I have 900sei but the main thing a excellent parts source of most models...
See Benelli Forum

I am located in Minnesota, and through the years I have had numerous Benelli's. I have owned the 125, the 250, the 350 and the 360 Ward's models. I have also owned the 650 Tornado and currently own a 750 SEI. I have loved the handling characteristics of all these bikes but, have not been enamored with there reliability. All these bikes have been of excellent condition. If you have any questions about any of these bikes or have a Quattro basket case let me know. -- Dadokeha02 at aol dot com

I'm going to put a lot of stuff related to the 2 stroke 125 on web. I own a Benelli 125 2C SE (1976) since it was produced. I just started so the number of pages will increase. So visit:
http://members.xoom.com/benelli125 [404] -- Regards -- Angelo Zumbo -- A.zumbo at rete.telecomitalia.it

I just found your site after numerous searches for Benellis in the past. I have a 1970 Dynamo Trail, or what I have been told is a Dynamo Trail with only 132.5 original miles on it. It is almost complete with only the tools, manual and original air filter missing. The tires are in like new condition, the exhaust pipe hasn't blued from heat, the gas line hasn't discolored from fuel flowing through it, and the seat is in very good condition without any tears or rips, just some slight scuff marks. Sadly the gas tank needs to be cleaned of the internal rust and chemically lined, the headlight housing to be rechromed, and the front forks scratched. But the bike is in remarkable condition after 28 years.

I include a picture for you to post since this may be one of very few such bikes left in this condition. I am also interested in selling this bike, since I am not an avid collector and enjoy riding more than polishing.

Walt Moskalow wmosk at hotmail.com
PS: If you would like more photos of this bike, please email. I also know someone who has a Benelli Volcano who would probably share photos of his very nice bike.

Benelli Bikers Club Holland : www.Benelli.club.tip.nl [404]
Motobi Bikers Club Holland : www.Motobi.club.tip.nl [404]
For all your questions you've always wanted to ask about Benelli Bike's. Please send us everything you want to tell about Benelli and your experiences you have with driving them. -- Berry Holleman -- Berry.Holleman at inter.NL.net

May 24, 1999
1968 Montgomery Ward Riverside 250cc
I had the above motorcycle (Benelli import) back in 1980 when I was 15 in San Diego, CA..The bike was almost mint (original tires, paint, onboard tool kit & low mileage...around 200-300). I would sneak the bike out at night ( no license, registration, insurance or helmet) & once I got it started it was a running machine even though the gear shift was on the wrong side. But it was a bear to start, probably tight from being new, & more times than not I would abandon the kick start to do a rolling jump start (Hey I was only 15!).I know I have at least one picture of the Riverside, but lost its location when I left San Diego at 16.
Sincerely; -- Mac in NYC -- Maddmacs at webtv.net

May 23, 1999
I purchased a Benelli 125 with front disc brake, orange tank shaped like a small SEI, and 125 on side covers. The paint job appears to be original. 1 clock. Can you put a year on the bike? Also an approximate value. I paid about $150 US. -- Regards -- Frank Rosen -- frosen at kingsley.co.za

April 17, 1999
I have a late 60's 250 Barracuda in less than good shape. The bike has only 150 miles on the odometer but needs work. I need a service manual with wiring schematic. Also any parts help would be appreciated. -- Tadt -- whosnext at ideas.nu

April 14, 1999
Hi! Need stuff (manuals, chain, diagrams, etc..) for a Benelli 175 (circa 1970's?)... Only readable # is *LP72512*F -- Thanks -- -Jeff -- jtt at ndak.net

April 10, 1999
My father gave me a Benelli sei that he purchased new...
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April 10, 1999
Is there any information you can give us on the value or how to get the best price for a Benelli 125 cc motorcycle, distributed by Montgomery Ward in the late 60's. (probably 1968) The motorcycle is restored for the most part, but still some minor work to be in original condition. Pictures are available. -- Kingosabe at aol.com

February 25, 1999
Greetings. I have a 650 and a 750 Benelli I have installed a Honda gear box in my 750....
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January 29, 1999
I am the proud owner of an early 50's Benelli Leoncino (51-52?)...
See Benelli Forum

December 17, 1998
I once had a '68 Benelli Cobra 125cc, it was my first bike, bought it from a friend for $100, damn what a fun little worn out machine, wish i now had a picture of it, if anyone has a picture of one I'd appreciate a copy. Thanks,
Jeff JEFFHDCAP at aol dot com

I just purchased a little motorcycle and it has a Benelli sticker on it. It's a 1972, very clean and in very good condition. There is another one available with a little more wear on it, but still in very good condition. Both bikes fire right up and are in very good working condition. Are these bikes worth something to collectors? Just trying to figure out if I should buy the other bike. Do you know where I can get more information about these little bikes? -- Jona31 at aol dot com

November 30, 1998
I just picked up this cute little blue gem and I need some NOS parts to complete it. There is supposed to be a place in Lockport NY. That has lots of NOS stuff, esp. for the 50cc. Minibikes.I think it is called Cole`s Cycle. ...
See Benelli Forum

November 19,1998
Just a short note to let you know that I too have a Benelli. It is a 1974 Quattro. 500cc, 4 cyl. It hasn't been ridden much ...
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October 29, 1998
It's surprising how many Benelli owners are out there, I'm looking for certain parts to complete my 750 Sei...
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Hi everyone,
I've just started an email list for the Benelli and MotoBi marques. After a little testing and fine tuning this morning the list seems to be up an running OK, so I'm letting everyone know that it is available.

To subscribe you'll send your message to:

majordomo at list.sirius.com

The list has both individual and digest (accumulation of messages issued as one message) modes, so the body of the message will read either:

subscribe benelli-motobi youremailaddresshere


subscribe benelli-motobi-digest youremailaddresshere

depending on which version you want.

As with my other 6 lists, I'll be keeping the new list closed to non-member posts which has proven to be effective in keeping the spammers out. I'll be letting Carl Paukstis know about the list so he can include it in the November issue of the mailing list roundup.
Michael Moore mmoore at sirius dot com
Euro Spares, SF CA
Distributor of Lucas RITA and Powerbase products
Sole North American distributor of "The Racing Motorcycle: a technical guide for constructors"
Host of 6 m/c email lists (details on the web site)

From: Pete McDonald [mail-to:mcdonald at mailbag dot com ]
Sent: Sunday, August 02, 1998 9:09 PM
I found out I have a Benelli 65cc Dynama....
See Benelli Forum

> - we've had the Barracuda for a while, and were wondering what it might be worth if in reasonable running order ..... any thoughts on this ? - later, Ron

Hello Ron,

I paid $300 for my 5 speed. It wasn't complete or real nice, but did come with a NOS fuel tank and a spare 4 speed engine.

I have a small list of MotoBi/Benelli owners that exchange email in an informal list - they post something to me (once and awhile) and I send it back out to everyone else. There are several very knowledgeable people on the list (including Peter Oort who runs the Dutch MotoBi Amici web site). If you or anyone else wants to have your name added to that just drop me a line. I think I can assure you your mailbox won't be overflowing if you do!
Michael Moore mmoore at sirius dot com
Euro Spares, SF CA
Distributor of Lucas RITA and Powerbase products
Sole North American distributor of "The Racing Motorcycle: a technical guide for constructors"
Host of 6 m/c email lists (details on the web site)

I've been looking for Benelli sites for two weeks, finding nothing. I then found this place, cool. I just picked up a 1968 360cc cafe racer painted screaming yellow and missing a couple of little things. It has clip-ons, racing tires, and came with parts and service manuals. I'm looking for someone to talk to who can give a little tech. support. I'm not the one who took it apart so I'm not real sure how it goes back together. The body more closely resembles the Montgomery Ward Mojave but with some small differences. Anybody that would like to lend their know-how I would be greatly indebted
stymie Styme17 at aol.com

I am looking for fork dust seals for a 250/4. Also looking for motor parts for a 900 Sei (this one is turbo charged.)
See Benelli Forum

Hi, Just noticed some postings for Benelli parts. I have three possible sources. Cosmopolitan Motors used to be the distributor. They have some parts left. fax number 215-956-9654, attn Jimmy.

The best luck I have had so far is with James Dennis. His email address is Motobi at tradenet.net. He buys and sells Benelli parts. He has been a great help.

Another person I found was Dave Moot who bought up an old dealers supply of parts. His email address is MWeinerman at aol.com

-- ErinItaly at aol.com

If you have a query about Benelli motorcycles please contact us