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Malanca Motorcycles

Esordio agonistico delle moto Malanca

Le moto Malanca fanno il loro esordio in campo agonistico con i piloti Otello Buscherini e Walter Villa. La ditta, fondata in via della Crocetta da Mario Malanca, ex dipendente Ducati, produce dal 1947 componenti di moto e dal 1956 ciclomotori completi, esportati in tutto il mondo.

Tra il 1968 e il 1973 le moto Malanca conquisteranno sei campionati italiani nelle classi 50 e 60 cc. Nel 1973 sarà messa a punto una moto da 125 cc bicilindrica raffreddata ad acqua, che parteciperà al Campionato del Mondo di Velocità, vincendo con Buscherini i gran premi di Cecoslovacchia e di Finlandia.

Trasferita a Pontecchio Marconi, l'azienda chiuderà la sua attività nel 1986, dopo essersi affacciata anche al campionato mondiale della classe 250 cc con il pilota Stefano Caracchi.

Source: Biblioteca Salaborsa Licence: CC BY 4.0

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1956-86

During WWII Mario Malanca served with the Italian Air Force and subsequently worked with Ducati. In 1947 he began producing mechanical parts and hubs for motorcycle wheels at a workshop he established in via della Crocetta, Bologna, and built his first production motorcycles in 1956. Over the following years sales accelerated with markets first in Italy and then in Asia and the United States. In 1960 in a new factory was built to cope with the burgeoning sales, and among other models produced two scooters, the Vispetta (1962) and the Super Vis (1963-1969). The firm also introduced models powered by 49cc Franco Morini engines, the Nicky moped and the Comfort 3M.

In 1968 the Malanca company made their racing debut with two famous riders, Walter Villa and Otello Buscherini.

In five years the Malanca team won six championships in the 50cc and 60cc classes, and Buscherini won two rounds of the 125cc GP.

A 125cc two-stroke twin was introduced at the 1973 Paris Salon, and by 1976 the range included 125cc models E2C Tourist and Sport, and a 150cc E2C. For the 1977 season the 150 range was named GT, and included over the following years the GT Strada, 3 GTS, 3GT Strada, and the very attractive 150 3 GTI.

In 1978 Mario's son Marco stepped up as CEO of the company, now named Malanca Motors SpA. Production focused on 125cc sports models popular with road racing enthusiasts.

The factory moved to a new facility in via Pila 6 in Pontecchio Marconi in 1979. That year saw the introduction of the GTI-125, followed in 1980 by the GTI-80. Watercooled versions of the 125cc models appeared, the OB One - named not for the Star Wars character but for one of their riders, Otello Buscherini, who had died during a GP race at Mugello in 1976.

1985 saw the factory team compete in the 250 GP with Stefano Caracchi in the saddle.

In 1986 the company folded, ending the Malanca brand.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Tragatsch p199, Biblioteca Salaborsa,

13-Mar-2021 cliff.raven73 at
Malanca Nicki 1963 sports moped
could you provide me with Malanca manufacture year certificate for this moped
the Vin number is stamped on the head stock as MNST*007594* required for DVLA registering.
Cliff Raven
Edmonton London UK

mgilliver a t
Malanca vispetta 1962
Hi there I'm trying to register my scooter but need someone to give me proof of year and that the scooter is genuine for the DVDs could you help please
Mark Gilliver
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Leicestershire England

neilgibson81 at
Malanca Vispetta 1962
Do you know where I can find parts for my scooter. Rear light lens, cables
  • Malanca-1962-Vispetta-NLe image posted to Comments.

Thu, 14 Sep 2017
greenictme at
Malanca 1960s?

Hello, Are you able to tell me anymore about my bike than I already know! .. Which is nothing! :) Thank you and regards MJ
Maurice Johnson
Knaresborough United Kingdom

  • Cannot identify the model. It is similar in many respects to the early Testa Rossa, but the tank, for instance, differs to that and all other models. The carburettor is fairly early, mid to late 60s, but may not be original. Frame number may help.

Thu Aug 16 2012
125ob1 racing water cooled 125ob1
I have a Malanca which I bought with no paperwork. Does anyone no how to ger a year of manufacture from the frame numbers as in England the bike will have to go on a Q plate.

Mon Oct 08 2012
how to get year of registration
Any idea how to get a year of manufacture so the bike will not have to go on a Q plste

Wed May 30 2012
Malanca E2C
2 NEW silencers for malanca E2C and a used, good condition fairing for a malanca GT8O fOR SALE

Sat Mar 24 2012
for sale
1994 malanca 125cc gt
for sale ,it is not working

Fri Feb 10 2012
malanca E2C SPORT
Has anyone in the UK got a Malanca E2C Sport,looking for a few bits,have some i can pass on
devon, uk

Thu Feb 23 2012
eugenitf<at>gmail dot com
197x Mini Bike
I have a Malanca Mini Bike and i'd like to know more details about it. All parts are original. The frame nº is 39. The engine works very well. Does anybody knows about this model ? Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Fri Jan 13 2012
karlvandyck<at>hotmail dot com
malanca competizione
how many are there in Belgium?
hoeveel zijn er nog in Belgie?

Year is 1969 (not 1972)

Tue May 10 2011
for sale
Malanca 125 E2CS
I have an old Malanca 125 E2CS for sale for spare parts the engine is still running I can send pictures if interrested. I live in Neuchâtel Switzerland

Tue Aug 10 2010
Malanca owners
Malanca OB ONE 125 H2O Racing 1985
Hi all, i would like to find out just how many of these still excist. I have 2 of them and they look a bit different compared to each other.

Sun Aug 01 2010
o-siciliao<at>hotmail dot com
malanca A1-74
im looking for spare parts. but im paticularly looking for piston rings.its a 50cc (47.5cc) malanca and has a "Z" model motor.

Thu Apr 15 2010
Malanca 125 E2C Sport
I'm looking for information about Malanca 125 E2C Sport (shown in the foto). I'm looking for the color code because I'm renovating ones. Could someone help me?

Mon Feb 08 2010
kloki20 at

malanca mine
mam taki motorower i niewiem który to rok i jaka jest jego orginalna nazwa proszę o pomoc. piszę z Polski
ostrowiec świętokrzyski

Sat Jan 16 2010
vincent5453 at aol dot com
malanca roxi
i know that i have a 1977 malanca roxi but i need to know what engine it came with

Thu Dec 10 2009
hobbybox at
Exploded view Malanca 5M engine
Malanca 5 M
Is there anyone who can help me on a exploded view drawing from a Malanca 5 gear engine. Or does anyone know how the gearbox is fitted correctly. I have bought my bike with an engine that will not shifting gears right, and it looks like if this engines is opened several times. So it's a bit puzzling.
Thanks in advance, Henk

Mon Dec 07 2009
vomuan at yahoo dot com
malanca 125
1983 malanca 125 gti
Hi, i have Maanca 125,somebodi want to by it,all parts are original

Sat Nov 07 2009
matthias-home at
Malanca Country 50
Hallo, das ist meine Malanca Contry 50. Ich suche den Kontakt zu Malanca Besitzern und allen Infos zu diesen Fahrzeugen.
Matthias Fleischmann
Saal an der Saale

Fri Aug 14 2009
cramps-7 at
Malanca Tigrotto engine
Malanca Tigrotto
What engine is used in a Malanca Tigrotto. Looks like a Minarelli V1 but not exactly the same. It sports the Malanca logos both side of the engine case

Thu Jan 01 2009
removeteam at
malanca testarossa 5M year 1974
hallo, this is my original Malanca
best regards

Sat Feb 16 2008
christian.wutzl at
christian wutzl
Malanca 1972 for children
Need information and price for Malanca 1972 for children

Thu Nov 08 2007
richardcolet at
otello buscherini
125 racer
i need fotografs of malanca racer from otello
1973 .i am building a
replyca of otellos bike
malanca is that a morbidelli ??
pleas help me
greatings richard colet

Thu Oct 11 2007
NK-Shirt at
Malanca Typ 532
Brauche die Betriebserlaubnis zu diesen Mofa

Wed May 30 2007
choppertreiber at
Malanca Moped 3 Gang
Suche Informationen zu einem seltenen Malanca Modell --baujahr ca. 1960 -- Angeblich ein ehemaliges Postmofa -- Bin dankbar für jeden Tip-- Das moped läuft super


Fri May 04 2007
skittymoon at advancedanime dot com
how do you get these things to work?
malanca tigrotto
We (my auto class and I) fixed the compression so that it's really good and we we tested the spark, applied gass, oil, all that and the wire thing for the handle bar thing you're supposed to hold onto when you peddle is tight enough but we just can't get it to run. My teacher said that it's obviously trying to start (I can tell by the noice it makes) but we can't figure out why it won't start. Is there possibly some way your supposed to do it to get it started or do you know of anything else that could be stopping it from starting. I don't know much about vehicles and I'm only 16 but whatever you could tell me I could pass on to my auto teacher. thanks.

Impossible to diagnose problem from information supplied. Is the fuel fresh? Is the sparkplug clean? Does it have good spark?

Mon May 07 2007
malanca tigrotto
it's got good spark, the spark plug is clean,, great compression,, new gass,, oil,, it just won't start.

Mon Apr 16 2007
philm7 at [bounced]
malanca 60,cc
60,cc .1968
Hi would you any infomation on the 60,cc I have one which restored and run,s well

Fri Feb 23 2007
derekyhansel at hotmail dot com
minimoto malanca

hola tengo una mini moto malanca desde hace muchos años me gustaria saber si hay algun modo de conseguir recambios por internet gracias

Sun Jan 28 2007
Mosermotorsport at
Malanca 125 3ESCS
Zu Verkaufen Malanca 125,ist MFK bereit hat erst 13700Km,Jg.1983.
Standort Bern
079 470 76 18
Bern (CH)

Tue Jan 09 2007
moritzleden at
i bought a malanca before a few monts and i have just started to restore it.can anyone say me the type?
it was built in 1966.the number on the tag is st20605.i am verry happy about any information!!! moritz

Mon Jan 08 2007
Racinghusky at
Malanca 125 - 150 E2C
Hi.If sombody looking for Info and Parts.For Malanca 2-Zylinder 2-Stroke Models or Mopeds maybe i can help

Mon Aug 21 2006
plewcat at aol dot com
1977 malanca roxi
can anyone help me locate parts for this ?

Thu Jun 01 2006
plewcat at aol dot com
1977 malanca roxl
need engine parts ??????
new york usa.
Hi I need a flywheel and stator plate???? also any info you can give me like what does roxl mean.I also own a intramotor gloria it is very very simular to the the malanca.I drive it daily.The motor on the gloria is dirrerent it is a morini franco.What kind of motor is on the malanca???.The cover plate says malanca.Thanks for your help my name is paul.

The bike is a Malanca Roxi. Ed.

Tue May 30 2006
joey-janus at hotmail dot com
are all the malanca whit 50cc from before 1973 if this is you could make me very happy because in holland we must take licence plates on the bikes and if i cant proof that the bike isnt befor 1974 than i cant get a plate kind regard

Fri May 12 2006
william.weaver1 at ntlworld dot com
identify model and year
I am after any info on this bike?? Can you help??
Thanks Dave..

Wed May 03 2006
carlospsantps at
carlos santos
vispetta malanca
I want a photo and calogue about this moto
Sun May 28 2006
carlospsantps at
carlos santos
vispetta malanca 50c.c. (3 velocidades)
Preciso de catalogo

Sat Dec 24 2005
joenailbender at hotmail dot com
My name is Jozeppi pauleano Malanca I don't own a malanca motoercycle. I wish I did. someday soon maybe.

Sat Oct 29 2005
demott at auracom dot com
I receiced a malamca moped today. I'd like to find the year of it. The numbers on the tag are MSC 38967 and DGM 53620M and what do these stand for.

This is the only picture I have of it. The signal lights are not original, they have been added and I'm not sure if the headlight bezel is original either. There is a small step plate missing above the motor next to the peddle, you can see the two blue mounting brackets for it. There is a step plate on the other side. Someone started to restore this unit a new years ago but didn't finish it. It is suppose to run but haven't had time to drain the old gas and clean the carb yet. Do you know what the fuel mixture is for this bike? I was told yesterday on the bottom side of the gas cap there is a cup; which there is and this cup is a messurement for oil to one tank of gas. Do you know if this is true? I peddled it down the driveway a bit yesterday and was amazed at how easy this thing is to peddle along. I always figured it would be a little harder than a regular bike

Thanks so much for responding to my e-mail and for any help you can give me.


  • It is most likely a Malanca Tigrotto made between 1974 and 1979.

Tue Oct 04 2005
Armin.Haensch at
Ich suche nach technischen Daten, besonders die Motordaten, für eine Malanca Testa Rossa.
Das Baujahr ist unbekannt. Die Rahmennummer lautet: DTR00638
Ich habe zwei Motoren.
Oberhalb des Kettenritzel befindet sich jeweils am Motorgehäuse ein Buchstaben/Zahlenkombination.
1. Motor: 4 A/V
DGM 1013 OM
Vergaser: Dellorto
SHB 19.19D

2. Motor: 5 A/U
DGM 10134 OM
Vergaser: Dellorto
SHA 14 12
Ich bin für jede Information dankbar und die Kosten dafür werden erstattet.

Sat May 21 2005
bazzgeorge at btinternt dot com
hello this is my 1979 125 ss.i have just started to has been stood been not beem used for five years.i am looking for a workshop manual and a pair of side panels can anyone help many thanks barrie

January 27th 2005
Here's a link to Malanca Club Italy
Moto-Amici Malanca

December 12, 2001
All I know is that it has got to be good cuz I am a Malanca. ~ Andy Malanca -- acemilo57 at hotmail dot com

May 29, 2001
Can anyone provide me information or leads to information on Malanca Mopeds. -- Thank you -- Ken Geiger, Toronto, Canada -- Ken.Geiger at kinectrics dot com

February 1, 2001
I just purchased a 1968 Malanca Testarosa. Its a 50cc bike that I'm looking to race here in the U.S. If anyone has any info on it I would appreciate all input. -- Thanks -- Bob -- rbove4 at

November 6, 2000
Hello, this is the Malanca 50 cc of my friend, and I ask you if is possible to have information of this model ( name, characteristics...) that we are restoring. Thanks in advance and best regard. -- Roby -- giucat at katamail dot com

July 21, 2000
Early 80ies we imported directly from the factory (near Bologna) a very nice Malanca 125cc twin, type 125 GTI to test the Dutch market for this type of bike.

We sold some, and still have one demonstration bike available with only 600 km on the tacho.

This 20 hp / 150 km/h supersport bike is now the only one left in the Netherlands (without license-number) and can be sold, so feel free make us an offer on hobbimex at

June 19, 2000
My name is John Malanca and my ancestors were the originators of the Malanca Motorcycle. Where can I find/buy a Malanca Motorcycle. I live in the U.S. Also, do you have a picture of one you can email me? Anxious to find out more info on the bike.
Thanks, -- John Malanca -- jmalanca at spacorp dot com

June 1, 2000
I have Malanca 125 from 1981 but my electricity regulator is broken can you help me how can I buy new one please send me information on my address VOMUAN at YAHOO dot com

May 29, 2000
I already have Malanca 125 from 1981 but my regulator for the electricity is broken can you send me information how can I buy new one. -- toni naumov -- toni-jonny at yahoo dot com

November 25, 1999
I'm searching for a Malanca E2C (125ccm) and information about this rare model. May be you can help me ?
Regards, -- Matthias -- matthias.sitter at

October 31, 1999
Hi , I'm French and I bought a Malanca motorcycle, but I don't know how to change the oil of my speed-box , can you send me an e-mail and help me please , my e-mail address is : jeremy.toussain at

Hello, I'm Sergio Casadei from Italy.
I'd like to tell you something about Malanca Motorcycles. Please visit my Home Page at: and you'll find answers to your questions. If you need a translation from Italian to English please visit Babelfish from Altavista -- Bye Bye. -- Sergio isorivolta at

I'm thinking about buying a 125 twin from a friend but it has a broken cylinder. I was wondering if you knew of any parts sources or anyone interested in them ?

Damian Carvolth
"I'm just a startled bunny in the headlights of life", L.J. Young
damian at

If you have a query about Malanca Motorcycles, or have some information to add about these classic Italian machines, please contact us