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A Brief History of the Marque

The factory was at Zedelgem, near Bruges, and they also had a French facility at Route de Deûlémont, Warneton (Nord).

Flandria was one of the largest motorcycle, moped and bicycle companies in Belgium. It was a Claeys family business which had many products - stoves, children's three wheelers, buggies, invalid carriages, scooters and a prototype car. There came a split in the family business which resulted in the establishment of the Superia marque. The Claeys businesses delivered all over Europe, to North Africa and the USA.


AF-A 127 1973 moped
AF-A 037 1975 moped
Amazone 1963 Single Speed and Varimatic
Apollo 1958
Atlas Fardrive 1962
Atlas Sport 1963 4 speed
Bermuda (1976-79)
Caravelle 1963 Single Speed and Varimatic
Carina 1977 moped
Comet III & Comet IV 1963 3 speed and 4 speed
Comet 1974 moped
Consul 1962-65 49cc
Consul Kingline 1962 49cc luxury moped, dual seat.
Floride 1963 49cc Single Speed and Varimatic
Futura 1967 moped
Galet Luxe 1963 Engine mounted above front wheel.
Imola 6 1976 sport styling, mag wheels, disc brake.
Imperial 1960-1962 75c fan cooled, dual seat, weather protection.
Iris 1959-1960 moped
Iris 1971 moped
JLO 200cc Single 1954
Jumper 6
King 1962-63 4 speed
Majestic 1957-58 49cc 2 speed, dual seat
Majestic 1962 moped
Mirage 1963 3 speed
Mondial 1958-59 moped
Parisienne 1961-63 49cc 4 speed
Primus 1962-63 Moped, solo saddle, tele forks.
Primus Neu
Princess 1963 Single Speed and Varimatic
Rally 1965 dual seat, saddle tank, tele forks, moped.
Rally Sport 1966 dual seat, saddle tank, tele forks, moped.
Record 1963 4 speed
Record 1978 sports, mag wheels, dual seat.
Record 5 1967 5 Speed
Record Mistral 1969
Rekord 1969 moped, sports styling, bikini fairing.
Scorpion 1975, Enduro styling
Scrab 1976, Enduro styling, moped
Sirene 1956
Sport 1954
Sporta 1958-60 dual seat, saddle tank, leading link forks.
Sportif 1963 49cc 4 speed
SP 227
SP 247 1970
SP 347 S
SP 427 1972 sports moped, hi pipe.
SP 427 1974 sports moped, low pipe.
SP 547 L 50cc
SP 647 1974
SP 747 1974-78
SP 837 1975
SP 847 AF-A 1974-75 Minibike
SP 947 Mach 6 Sports, disc brake, ducktail, chrome guards, dual exhaust.
SPM 537
Standaard 1959 moped
Star 1979 sports, wire wheels, last Flandria model.
Starline 6
Superia 1956 moped
Torino Minibike (Few remain - see below)
Ultra Sport 1960-63 49cc 4 speed
Vedette 1958 front engine
Velomat deLuxe
Velomatic 1963 49cc
Zephyr 1952 moped

Claeys-Flandria "voiturette" 250cc JLO

There was also JLO 250cc twin, which may have been prototype only.

Sources: Cyclememory.org, Oldtimer Museum, Belgium, users.telenet.be/flandriaclub, et al.

Mid 2022
Tobytronicstereophonic https://disqus.com/by/donaldsimpkin/
Freeman's of London mail order catalogue used to sell a 49cc Flandria Moped. From memory it would be around 1977 and £195, weekly installments £5/wk. It had a step-thru frame in gold. Around this time, I remember counting 30+ mopeds parked up at the secondary school I went to. In order of popularity: Yamaha FS1-E, Suzuki AP50, Honda SS50, One Fantic, One Garelli, One Raleigh Runabout (strangely enough my favourite: I thought it was really cool to ride such an unfashionable bike), One Puch M50 and a bit later a pair of Yamaha TY50Ps ridden by twin brothers and a beautiful 6-speed Malaguti Cavalcone in metallic red. Oh, and an illegally-ridden Suzuki A100, ridden by a boy that simply did as he pleased. Didn't even bother to remove the 100cc sidepanel badges...
I wonder if any other mail order catalogues sold mopeds?
I remember Woolworths selling Tomas mopeds in their larger stores, right into the late eighties.
Or were they simply too much hassle with respect to providing a decent warranty when most customers wouldn't even know how to clean a carburettor jet or swap a spark plug.
Happy days!

eric.timmerije at gmail.com
unknown year
I have recently bought a Flandria motorcycle with a MG 175 F motor. On the type plate is does not mention a production date. It does have serialnumber 505264 and on the block itself has the numbers 770070 and 44736 stamped into it.
With these numbers is it possible to find out what the production year might have been?

Have no information other than that currently listed on the JLO pages. There is an FB group which may prove helpful listed here: Belgian Resources
Images posted to Comments

sobrerodas.geral at gmail.com
1970 or 1975
Hello i have a flandria 4 speed (round) and it is missing a part on the kickstarter mechanism (inside the motor). I cannot find any exploded parts view or any workshop manual for this engine. Iwonder if you could help me find any image or anyone who has a parts donor engine that could sell me the bit is missing. Thank you! I am from Portugal.
José Ferreira
josejallapeno at gmail.com
Hi! I got a Flandria moped, I think it's Bunny model. I need any info, books, manuals, drawings etc about Flandria bikes. I am fascinated about this make but cant find many info on the internet. If You could help and share data regarding these mopeds, that would be great.
Bydgoszcz, PL
rvickersnope at googlemail.com
Flandria SP647 moped 1974
I own a flandria sp647 from 1974. I am seeking an owners manual/engine diagrams etc. Can you possibly assist ? barry

Try this page: Books and Manuals

rvickersnope at googlemail.com
Please remove my previous message from your listing - I do not want my details advertised -, thank you
Bazza V

Details redacted. Apologies for wasting your time.

Dear R.,
Whilst I agree that you have made changes to your web pages to disguise my details - if you type in "rvickersnope@googlemail.com" my details still show up as before. Clicking on "cashed" in the google search engine takes you back to square one.
What can be done further to remove my details ?
Bazza V

22 Sep 2019
Perhaps contact Google and ask them to refresh their cache. Just what can be done about the Wayback Machine I do not know, but you could ask them.
Let me know how you go.

Dear R.
I think it should be you not me contacting Google to sort this out - lets face it you are the IT expert not me. More importantly - it was you publishing my personal data, that caused this disclosure to happen. To coin a phrase - Sort it Out !!

Sun, 21 Jan 2018
franklamb1937 at gmail.com
Flandria 1964?

Do you have any info on the gear selection mechanism on 3 speed flandria 50 50cc motor cycle
frank lamb
Gtr manchester United Kingdom

Sat Apr 15 2017
Borisko.f at gmail.com
engine spare parts
Flandria Polo
Dear all,
I have a Flandria Polo moped with broken engine. I'm looking for spare engine or parts. If you have any contacts please write me a mail. thank you

Sun Sep 13 2015
gordo0300 at gmx.de
flandria sp837/847
hallo ich brauche ein par teile fur meine kleine flandria. brauche ein typenschild da fur. das fehlt leider. und auch die papiere da fur.
ich habe nur die ramennumer noch. und das typenschild vom Motor.

Hi I need a couple of parts for my little Flandria. need a nameplate for there. unfortunately missing. and also the papers for that.
I have only the ramennumer yet. and the nameplate of the motor.

johan.schaeverbeke at versateladsl.be
Fri Nov 09 2007
Bruges Belgium

Flandria 1954 M200 models may have been fitted with JLO engines - see entry below.

Sun Dec 28 2014
davidmiguel29 at gmail.com
selle flandria imola6
flandria imola 6
procuro um selim completo
para uma flandria imola 6

Wed Dec 10 2014
trevorlovesfran at yahoo.co.uk
need spares
flandria record 1962
hi, need gaskets oil seals cables etc

Fri Sep 06 2013
engine manual or specs
flandria sp 647
Hi can you give me more information about this engine and where I can get parts please

Sat Jul 06 2013
Carburador completo
Flandria Apollo
Procuro carburador completo
para flandria apollo de 1969, onde devo comprar?
Riba de Ave

Mon Feb 25 2013
Informação sobre modelo
flandria desconhecido
Bom dia, necessito de ajuda para, identificar o modelo da imagem. Obrigado

Sat Dec 15 2012
cherche piece
flandria mistral
bj je recherche des piece pour ma flandria mistral une pipe d admition et un feu arriere et le carbu merci de me repondre cdl

Fri Jul 20 2012
1976 Flandria Bermuda maintance book needed
flandria bermuda Bermuda 01/76 reg. 01368
I'm looking for any english maintenance manuals, Parts and wireing diagrams for my flandria Bermuda
Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A

Sat Dec 10 2011
1976 Flandria Bermuda Bike
Flandria Bermuda Bike
I have this bike with 30 original miles. Runs perfect- anyone interested?
New York

Mon Aug 29 2011
nicolas.stj<at>googlemaildot com
old moped without papers
Flandria apollo
Hey everyone,
I have an old moped without papers. I'm from Germany and i would get in problems with the police if I would drive this vehicle without papers, so I will ask you if you can send me Papers.
please let me know if you can help me and then you will get detail information.
Thank you for your supportive Nicolas
BW, Aidlingen

Fri May 20 2011
Micheletannick<at>hotmaildot com
Recherche bulle flandria record
Flandria record
Je suis en train de finir la restauration d'une flandria record. Un dernier élément me manque. La bulle qui se situe au dessus du compteur de vitesse. Auriez vous des adresses de revendeurs pour me permettre de finir cette restauration en beauté.

Tue Mar 08 2011
bigjhsn77<at>yahoodot com
Front Engine Flandria
Flandria Unknown
Hello, I was trying to research a bike in my parents barn garage. I believe it is a Flandria, due to several Flandria decals. I was going to post the question to the forum, but can't register. Anyway, I have attached a couple photo and any help would be more then appreciated. Luke
Phoenix, AZ

Sat Nov 20 2010
stevegconstable<at>gmaildot com
JLO motor-Flandria motorcycle
Flandria M200
I have a 1954 Flandria motorcycle [NOT MOPED] with JLO WERKE engine. Do you have any info on this?

Hi, here's the pictures I meant to send a year ago! 1954 Flandria 200cc, JLO powered. I haven't found much info on it, most infonon Flandria is smaller step-thru's & such. -Steve Constable,
Burnaby ,B.C.,Canada

Sat Nov 13 2010
Which Model is this??

Dear Flandria friends.
I´m a Portuguese entusiast of classic cars and bikes.
I´ve just bought this Flandria and i´m recovering it, can I kindly request your help to inform me which is the model and production year? If you have some photos of this bikes would be a wonderful help.
Carlos Alves

Tue Feb 02 2010
pjdo at sapo.pt
Flandria 2V
Dear Sirs
I have an 1983 Flandria (2speed) I tried to find out its model and some information and pictures so i can restore it. I'll be pleased if you cold help me.
Best regards
Paulo Oliveira

Tue Dec 29 2009
bicyclepassion at bigponddot com
Flandria Racing Bicycle
Do you access to decals for the red and white 1970's Flandria bicycles like Freddy Maertens rode? Or artwork? Happy to pay for good decals or images. Thankyou.

Wed Aug 19 2009
benspaepen at hotmaildot com
Torino history
Flandria Torino
Who can help me to find out the real history behind the unique Torino project? At this moment only 5 of these models are known.

Sat Feb 14 2009
fiete2000 at freenet.de
Flandria polo
Hallo,ich habe eine Flandria.
Marke Polo, ein schönes Teil,wo bekomme ich technische Daten oder Betriebsanleitung ?
Vielen Dank

Fri Feb 06 2009
bkelafis at otenet.gr
Flandria Sp 547 50Cc Engine
Athens, Greece

Thu Nov 13 2008
jean.de.buck at pandora.be
Flandria - car
Claeys-Flandria "voiturette" ?
I'm doing some research about a car made in 1954-1955 It was made by Clays in Belgium at the Flandria Factory. It had a 250cc monocylinder engine from JLO. I'm searching from some pictures aditional information,everything what could help me!!
Hoping for a positive reply, thanks in forward

Sat Mar 29 2008
pastorhenri at neuf.fr
Joint De Fourche Caoucthouc
FLANDRIA 747 1974
Je Cherche Les Coucthoucs Exterieur De Fourche Avant

Fri Dec 14 2007
omnift at intnet.mu
interest to launch this model
Flandria shopping

Thu Nov 29 2007
charleyandnita at aoldot com
Vintage Flandria 10 speed bicycle
Flandria ladies bicycle
I have a vintage Flandria ladies bicycle 10 speed made in Belgium with Samir Samimox wheels and Simplex shifters and Dia-comp brake levers and Olimpic 70 super calipers. The head badge has a spread wing bird like the one on the Flandria Motor Cycles. A Phoenix I believe. I can not find any information on the original Flandria Bicycles, only the newer bicycles after the company was reborn after 20 years the original company closed. I have enclosed a picture of this bicycle and hope to find its approximate age and value. Can you help me? Thank You. Charley
USA, California

Mon Aug 13 2007
mike.daborn at btconnectdot com

I have just bought a Flandria (see picture). Can you tell what model it is please? date of manufacture is 1974 and it is a 3 speed grip change.
Hampshire, UK

Tue Aug 07 2007
duikerke at flandriaforum.eu
New Website Flandria Mopeds
The Flandria Forum has changed it's URL into flandriaforum.tk. Only in dutch at the moment but on the forum we answer to all questions in English or french...
(That a ddress no longer exists - try http://flandriaforum.bbforum.be/)

Tue Jul 31 2007
mgsissonVT at gmaildot com
New moped
Flandria Bermuda 1976
I just bought this moped off of ebay, the gas cockstop is leaking, I was wondering if you know where I could find parts, also are there any flandria stickers or anything that they give out. Thanks,

You might try the Flandria club:

Tue Feb 27 2007
steveandness at skydot com
Flandria starline 6
I am currently selling a Flandria motorcycle on e bay uk, i thought your members may be interested!
Gloucester uk

Thu Feb 01 2007
jibouch at telus.net
Flandria Baby Stroller
Moureau Verviers
Hello there. I was just wondering how old this stroller is. Would you have any idea what it might be worth, or would you know of anyone that would. I have never seen one like this one before until I came to your sight. Please, Please help me. Thanks so much. Jacqui. Pictures of the baby carriage are attached
Cranbrook. British Columbia. Canada

Mon Jan 08 2007
duikerke at gmaildot com

Hello all,
There is a new forum concerning flandria and everything else built by the brothers Claeys.
The url is:

It's a dutch forum but questions in English will be answered. Our goal is to unite flandra fanatics worldwide...

Mon Nov 13 2006
luisfp-8 at hotmaildot com
i whold like to get more information
Hello. My name is Luis Filipe i´m 23 years old, and iam from portugal. ive brought a flandria motorcicle from 1969 to recontroction, but i dont know the model. it doesnt appear on the registracion...i would like to now it. tanks
Vila praia de Âncora - Caminha

Wed Sep 13 2006
ealesfamily at earthlink.net
Flandria baby strollers
I have come upon an antique baby stroller which has the Flandria symbol on it. I am trying to find a website with information on this stroller. Any assistance would be appreciated.
United States
Attached are 4 photos of the baby buggy. Hopefully, someone will know something about this buggy or stroller. Thanks for your help
Was wondering what you thought of the photos I sent you? I think the stroller is unique and seems to be in the 1960s style from the decal on the front of the body. I will be curious to see if anyone responds to the postings. I wonder if there is a town historian that could help with some research.

Thanks for your help, talk soon.
brad&jill eales

Sun Jul 23 2006
bransp at maildot com
Model Availablity
Why are there no dealers for Flandria in the States? Can I invest in a Franchise here?
Jacksonville. Florida

Fri Apr 28 2006
zurichmike at yahoo.de
49cc, 1972, green
I own a Flandria from 1972 (I believ its 4 speed?) 49cc with only 2000kms in a perfect condition. Where would u suggest is the best market to sell this moped?
zurich, switzerland

June 22, 2002
Anyone owning a Flandria record, Rally or other model and looking for parts: I have list of over 40 parts of new re-made parts (among these: front-fork springs in chrome, spring-supports and tubes (record), frame-tubes, protection-bars, and so on). For a full detailed list, send me an Email and I'll send it back. -- Catelin Kurt -- kurt.catelin at pandora.be

May 1, 2002
Just a snippet of information . . .
There was a Claeys Flandria moped featured in the weekly road test section of Cycling and Mopeds magazine (UK) in about 1957. This appeared to be a moped, built up to the size of a scooter by pressed steel panels and able to carry a pilllion.
Keep up the good work !
Peter Ford
owlpub at hotmildot com

February 12, 2002
Hi, I found this site looking for information on a Flandria 10 speed racing bicycle just salvaged from a scrap yard. The components are all either French or German, so at this point in the dissection it is only the frame that is marked Flandria and that is painted on. It is a nice paint job on the frame. I'm guessing this bike is from the 1970's but have little more than gut to base it on. Just thought to pass this bit of trivia on incase it is of any consequence to you. Happy trails, Rob -- r..lloyd at sympatico.ca

April 24, 2001
Beste Flandria vrienden,
De Flandria site is verhuisd. Voortaan te vinden op http://users.pandora.be/flandriaclub
De site is inmiddels bijgewerkt, en bevat nu, naast bouwtekeningen van Flandria motoren, ook de eerste fase van een "Flandria museum".
Kom nog maar eens een kijkje nemen...

Dear Flandria friends
The Flandria site has moved. It can now be accessed at http://users.pandora.be/flandriaclub
The site has been updated too. It includes a Museum section, as well as some exploded view diagrams of Flandria engines (check out the "Techniek" page in the Dutch language section).
About time to drop by again...? -- Jan Warreyn -- flexis at pandora.be

August 23, 2000
You never cease to amaze me!! I was searching Flandrias for a friend looking for a petcock for a 70s vintage Flandria 70cc scooter thing that the gas tank is supposedly part of the frame and your name pops up!
Can you be of any help?
Your leggy Guzzi ads were great!
John Boettcher -- ratguzzi at yahoodot com

From Sheldon,
John is on the Moto Guzzi mailing list and knows me from there. The "leggy Guzzi ads" he is referring to can be found in the Moto Guzzi section.

August 13, 2000
My name is ALAIN and i live MONTRÉAL, (Québec, Canada) and i have a moped FLANDRIA ! I buy this moped very cheap because it didn't work. I just clean the carburator and it start. The moped have only 750km! It's look new. I talk whit a man , 30 years in motocycle mechanic, he know little bit FLANDRIA but he said to me it never be sold in CANADA.

I try to find information on the web but it very hard !

Do you know adresse of web page where they talk about FALNDRIA or CLAEYS MOTOR ?

Thank's for your help !!!! -- Alain -- alainle at videotron.ca

August 3, 2000
...formulated on your webpage http://www.narma.org/euro/belgium.htm, here is a link to a Flandria site: http://users.skynet.be/flandriaclub [404]
Jan Warreyn -- flexis at skynet.be

Here is a photo sent in by Eric,
eric.rollez at skynet.be

If you have a query or information about Flandria motorcycles please contact us