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Tempo Motorcycles

Tempo Made in Norway

A Brief History of the Marque

Between 1931 and 1989 (or later) the Jonas Øglænd (Oeglaend) factory in Sandnes, Norway, built lightweight utilitarian motorcycles and scooters with engines from Ilo, CZ, Villiers, Sachs.and Minarelli.

There are believed to be over 100 different models including:

1938 Tempo Sport 98 cc
1938 Tempo Standard
1951 Tempo Villiers
1953 Tempo Standard
1956 Tempo Handy 50 cc
1957-1959 Tempo Swing 125cc 150cc & 175cc
1961 Tempo Taifun
1964-65 Tempo Taifun 175 cc
1964 Tempo Corvette sport
1968 Tempo Sprint 100 cc
1968 Tempo Transport
1961 Tempo Taifun
1969-1981 Tempo Panter
1970 Tempo Fighter 100 cc
1971 Tempo Safir 410
1985-1989 Tempo Avanti
1994 Tempo Corvette

Sources: tempoklubben.com, et al.

Notes: There was also a Tempo brand in Germany which built three-wheeled delivery vehicles in the early 1920s.

pfccontracting at gmail.com
Germany 1957 Tempo Swing
Would you know were the vin number would be on this bike? and possibly how much its worth?
thanks Paul
Fishkill NY

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Fri May 09 2014
cw.classic at yahoo.co.uk
tempo sports petrol tank
tempo sports
Hello, I need a photo of a tempo sports motorcycle petrol tank showing the filler neck orientation, thanks

Tue Nov 26 2013
Tempo ID
Temp 175
Hi, trying to date a Tempo dirtbike, engine # 3754803, frame # 144102. Sachs motor, maybe a 175?
So Cal

Sun Nov 27 2011
borge4<at>gmaildot com
Tempo Standard 150 Svithun 1957
The fantastic Standard 150ccm for your record. More on: www.tempoklubben.com
Olso, Norway

Wed Sep 08 2010
raynielsen<at>medot com
Norwegian motorcycle
Tempo 150cc
Norway made a Tempo from a Sachs engine/transmission. It was a hard tail model, maroon in color and quite pretty. I saw one on a motorcycle tour in 1998, although I don't know when it was made.
Minneapolis, MN, U,S,A,.

Wed Jun 09 2010
mo-ran88<at>hotmaildot com
tempo villiers 125cc 10D motor no:7634488
i am trying to get an engine for a friend of mine details as shown.
north wales

Thanks for your message and here are some images of my old bike. (images 00111)

It's an Tempo transport with an villiers 12D /125cc engine.(images 00091)

This Tempo bike and other modells was made inn Norway ,Sandnes,from early 1930 to about 1985 by Jonas Øglændfactory, and my modell is from 1950.
The tank,headlamp and engine come from England and Villiers company, and the other parts on the bike has been made by Øglænd's factory.

I'm looking for some part for my headlamp (images ooo63)
It's an modell from VEC (Villiers Electric Company ?) delivered from England to the factory her from about 1947 to 1951.

The head lamp is marked with an label "Villiers VEC Wolverhampton".(images 00053 )

I need glas,(about 110mm dia), reflektor with holders for 6V lightbulb with 2 poles, and some internal part for the Low- Off- High switch,
or an compleet headlamp.

Images 00064 and 00053 is of my other Tempo with an ok crome headlamp ring ,glas,reflektor and switch as you can see.

I know there also was av old english motorbike, James ,about 1950, who also had this kind of headlamp from VEC, so perhaps we can look for a headlamp for an James?

Please e-mail per.helge.haugen at enivest.net>
 or phone me on +47 91883457 if you can help me with my projekt !!

Thanks again !

Per H Haugen
N-6770 Nordfjordeid

Sat Feb 14 2009
villiers headlamp
MC tempo transport 1950 ,villiers 125cc
i want some parts for my old villiers headlamp on my Tempo transport 1950 ...
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Mon Dec 15 2008
asmundvego at insightbbdot com
Tempo Cross 175cc
I grew up in Norway and used to have many Tempos both mopeds and MC's.  I now live in Lexington, KY and would like to find a Tempo Cross 175. I have read somewhere they used to be imported to the US in the mid 60's. Does anyone know of one for sale?
Lexington, KY

Wed Apr 16 2008
thurston at online.no
Tempo 1950 123cc
Where can I find engine\gearbox spares?
Skien Norway

Mon Apr 07 2008
jdimariano at aoldot com
Tempo - Model ID
Tempo Taifun(?)
Need help with model and year for a Tempo. The frame number is 76096. The motor ID number is: 3384731, it is a Sachs 175 cc motor. Below the motor ID is: T-O15/2 and abore is Fichtel. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
California, USA

Wed Oct 31 2007
jfredheim2000 at yahoo.no
Minarelli C2
Tempo Avanti 1989
Does a cylinder from at Minarelli P4 fit on a C2 crankcase? I am looking for tuning parts for my C2 but can only find kits for P4.

Sun Oct 07 2007
kinamann1 at hotmaildot com
Norwegian Motorbike(s)/Mopeds
I now try for 2nd.time,to draw your attention to the most popular brand og mc &
mops in Norway....Don't you wnt to hook us up??

Fri Sep 21 2007
kinamann1 at hotmaildot com
Minarelli motor typ C2
Does anybody have a picture or drawing of a C2?I have an autocycle with Minarelli but cannot find which engine type....

Mon Jul 30 2007
jorn at ismennt.is
unknown as of yet
Where can I find spares for Tempo's like the engine and such.
I think it is a Tempo Swing 1957-1959 125cc 150cc or 175cc

Wed Jul 25 2007
sernblom at gmaildot com
Tempo Avanti 1989
Hello, I have a moped with Minarelli Motor, its called Tempo Avanti.I would really like to buy a missing sticker for it, saying Tempo Avanti. Do you have such thing? Thanks alot!

Tue Aug 21 2007
kinamann1 at hotmaildot com
Norwegian Tempos
Parts for these are mostly available at:
Sat Oct 07 2006
ayvind at msndot com
Tempo Corvette

Tempo Corvette replacement parts.

Superb image of Tempo Trygg Corvette here:
norsk-tempomuseum.com (404)

Wed Sep 06 2006
matthewvanhorn at hotmaildot com
Tempo in the US
Tempo Trygg Corvette 380
I just Got a Tempo Corvette working and I'm wondering if there is anywhere to get replacement parts for it. They are rare in the US and I don't know anyone here who has one. Just glad to find other people who have them. Any additional info will help greatly. I'm a member of the Mosquito Fleet in Seattle WA US (www.mopedarmy.com)
Seattle WA

Thu Feb 02 2006
cjoneshome at btinternetdot com
I lived in a small town close to Sandnes where the Tempo factory used to be. The company was called Jonas Oeglaend as near as I can spell it without the three special Norwegian letters. Their machines were lightweight, simple, clean and very well finished. Tempo has a very enthusiatic following in Norway among guys of my age (baby boomers). I fixed up a 1940s Tempo Villiers at the farm I worked at in my teens. The farmer still has it. Maybe I should ask him for it.

Mon Jul 25 2005
tempo54 at online.no
Country and make missing!!
Would You not like to have a new brand/country
on the Europeean List?
As the "Tempo" of Norway?

Sat Jul 23 2005
ks601 at mail2usadot com
Norwegian "Tempo" Motorcycles
What happened to the above link / make. I can no longer find listing / link to Norwegian motorcycles or Tempo ?

Sat Jul 23 2005
tempo54 at online.no

Moped identification
I have a strange one from 1985, can somebody tell of its history, as it has a Minarelli engine (automat)

Wed Jun 08 2005
sigmund at gudvangen.net
I noticed that the Norwegian mark "Tempo" isn't listed. Here are some links:

www.temponytt.com (404)

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