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Motorcycle Manufacturers of Finland

This page lists marque for which limited historical information is currently available.
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Helkama Oy built several mopeds up until the 1990s. Their most popular moped model was the Helkama Raisu.

The firm is quite large and has also built bicycles, refrigerators and other household appliances, and shipping cables.


Manufactured by Solifer Oy 1954-1985

Solifer was among the most prominent moped manufacturers in Finland for nearly three decades, producing around 175,000 Solifer machines of which some 20,000 were exported.

Tomos engines were fitted between 1970 and 1986. Anker-Laura, Berini, Express and Pluvier engines were also employed.

Solifer mopeds were distributed nationally by AB Bensow Oy.

In 1961 the Ambassador firm in the UK fitted Villiers Mk 3K engines, advertising them as the model P.T. The timing proved unfortunate as the Ambassador firm was in the process of being sold by Kaye Don to DMW, and Villiers ceased building the engines as their two major customers had opted for other solutions. Very few of the 50cc P.T. were produced, and it is believed only three survive.

Several models were marketed under the Fram King brand in Sweden.

Moped production took place in China in the 21st century.

Established in 1954, Solifer has also built bicycles, boats, and camper vans.
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    Established in 1922 by the brothers Aarne and Eero Harkke in Turku, Finland, as a bicycle repair shop, they built bicycles and, in the 1950s, mopeds. The Tunturi firm became the nation's leader in the field during that time.

    Their focus shifted to fitness equipment which today is their main product.

    Moped models
    Pappa Tunturi
    Pappa Tunturi
    Tunturi Tuisku
    Tunturi Maxi (Puch engine)
    Tunturi Automat
    Tunturi Start
    Tunturi Classic
    Tunturi Sport
    Tunturi Super Sport
    Tunturi Trial
    Tunturi DX
    Tunturi Tiger
    Tunturi Tiger S
    Tunturi Tiger Air
    Tunturi Tiger Aqua
    Tunturi Hopper
    Tunturi Magnum X
    Tunturi City
    Tunturi "Lähetti"
    Tunturi Break

    The Tunturi Super Sport, powered by a 50cc Puch VZ50 N4 engine, was built from 1977 to 1987 and had much in common with the Tunturi DX.

    Source: Wikipedia


    Vasama motorcycles were built by Helkama Oy. In 1961 there were 50cc and 75cc models.
    In his youth, World Motorcycle Trials Champion and ISDT winner Yrjo Vesterinen rode a 1967 50cc Vasama trials machine.

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