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Established in 1922 by the brothers Aarne and Eero Harkke in Turku, Finland, as a bicycle repair shop where they built bicycles and, in the 1950s, mopeds. The Tunturi firm became the nation's leader in the field during that time.

The Tunturi Super Sport, powered by a 50cc Puch VZ50 N4 engine, was built from 1977 to 1987 and had much in common with the Tunturi DX.

Moped models:

Pappa Tunturi
Tunturi Tuisku
Tunturi Maxi (Puch engine)
Tunturi Automat
Tunturi Start
Tunturi Classic
Tunturi Sport
Tunturi Super Sport
Tunturi Trial
Tunturi DX
Tunturi Tiger
Tunturi Tiger S
Tunturi Tiger Air
Tunturi Tiger Aqua
Tunturi Hopper
Tunturi Magnum X
Tunturi City
Tunturi "Lähetti"
Tunturi Break

Their focus shifted to fitness equipment which today is their main product.

Source: Wikipedia

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