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Nymans Crescent

A Brief History of the Marque
Monark purchased Nymans in 1960

Nymans to MCB - facts and history about the companies that bought the Crescent brand from USA and later on developed the Crescent moped among other things.

Some models have Sachs engines.

More information: NV History

Wed Apr 28 2010
GDstunt<at>aoldot com
Crescent ?
I was hoping to find out more info on this mo-ped scooter. It has a Sacks engine and says NYMANS on the rear fender. Thank You, Gary Davis
Auburn, California, USA

Sun Jan 14 2007
crescent decals

I am looking for some Crescent decals. Do you have any information on them?
USA Tennessee 

Fri Dec 29 2006
creativecatz at slingshot.co.nz
Oil Seals needed for 50cc sachs motor
Crescent Moped with sachs motor # 2674205
I have a 50cc Crescent moped and require engine seals for it. I have attached photos & dimensions to assist you. There are no other numbers on the motor other than what I gave above - 2674205. I have been trying for a long time to source a supply of parts for this bike and hope you will be able to help . I date the bike to be about early 1960's.
New Zealand

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