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Nymans Verkstader (NV) Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: AB Nymans Verkstäder, Uppsala, Sweden
c1940 - 1950s

NV was a Swedish company which was acquired by Monark in 1960.

In 1943 they produced a 1000cc V-twin for the Swedish military. A 1954 two-stroke model of 150cc was produced in ISTD style with raised handlebars and high exhaust.

There was a four-stroke 225cc NV Eiber in 1927 which may be related.

AB Nymans Verkstäder, NV, was one of the first Swedish motorcycle companies to build electric vehicles during World War II. These were mostly 3-wheeled motorcycles.

In 1943 two larger models were presented with a body over the rear end, one of which them could carry 3 to 4 people, and was in a way more a car than a motorcycle.

After the war, when petrol once more became available, several of the 3-wheeled motorcycles were rebuilt, some using Fichtel & Sachs engines.

Models include: 1941 M41-1-24 with electric motor.

Sources: Konditori

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