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Related to Romeo motorcycles. Minarelli engined models include Monster P4, 1978-79 Sprint, 1980 Medalist, 1979 Classic and a 3-Wheeler

Wed Jul 30 2014
tanderson78 at
Motron Medalist
I still have my Motron Medalist that I purchased in 1980. Motron, as I recall was a California company. They had three different models. Some had plastic rims, some had chrome rims. You could get a basket big enough to hold 2 paper grocery bags that mounted on the back. I believe you could even get a plastic windshield for the bike. The engine on all models was a Minarelli v1 49cc. Different states had different speeds that mopeds were aloud to go. Some were 20 miles per hour, some 25, and some 30. All you had to do was get a different front sprocket which ranged from 8 to 11 teeth. At the time, you could even get a different rear sprocket. Stock model came with 44 teeth, and I got a 35 tooth sprocket. The bike could reach 40 miles per hour on level ground, but changing the sprockets really affected hill climbing. To start the bike, you would turn on the Run switch, press a choke lever on the carburetor if the motor was cold, pull the clutch lever, and roll or pedal the bike. It usually started easily. If you let the bike sit for years with mixed gasoline in the carburetor, the gas/oil would dry up and gunk up a rubber coated pin in the bottom of the carb which was attached to the float. If the rubber was bad, you would have to find a new part or sometimes you just cleaned the part and made sure the hole that the gasoline came through was clear. At some point, I had an electrical short that would kill the motor when I pulled the brake lever. You could solve this problem by disconnecting the brake switch wires from the switches on the levers and making sure they were connected, not open. So, make sure you have clean gasoline mixed at 40:1 or 50:1 gas to 2 cycle oil, turn on the fuel lever, push down the choke lever, flip on the "Run" switch, pull back the throttle a bit, but not all the way or you will make the choke turn off, pull the clutch lever, and pedal or coast until the motor starts. Let it run for 20 seconds or so and then pull back the throttle all the way to disengage the choke. Enjoy!
Burton, Ohio

Sun Apr 14 2013
Motron Moped
1/80 6317
We were given this moped 1980 Motron. Can't find much information on how to fix it. Need to know type of spark plugs, clutch wiring etc. Thank you.
Johnson City, NY

Thu Oct 25 2012
motron unknown moped

I happen to own a little 10' wheeled motron moped with a minarelli v1 engine on it.
Thing is, i can't find my motron model on the internet, so i thought i'd ask you, in case you 've seen it before.
Fact: I live in Greece, this may help, as maybe this model didn't became available to the US or else.

PS: Regarding my moped, i think it's a Motron Medalist with 10 inch wheels, but i haven't seen any similar photo on the internet, and that makes me wonder.


Fri Aug 19 2011
dlwilliams58<at>yahoodot com
motron moped
motron moped
i was just wondering what this scooter is worth. it is a 1979 motron pedal scooter it doesnt run needs some work.thank you. and are the parts expencive to get this scooter running.
Madera California


Wed Apr 06 2011
ferco45<at>hotmaildot com
cc capacity & chasis number 02334
motron classic
I wan"to know the CC of this bike & the point of purchase ? thank you if you can help.
melbourne Australia

Fri Sep 24 2010
where to find Vin Numebr
Motron Medilest
Where would you find the vin number on a 1980 motron moped

Fri Aug 27 2010
lwise9904<at>wowwaydot com
1979 3 wheel bicycle
Motron 11
I need information on a Motron 3 wheeled bicycle. Where can I get the informaion to fix it up.
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sat May 29 2010
Motron moped value
Motron Medalist
About how much is my moped worth. I have owned it since 1978. It only had 3 miles on it when I purchased it. It has always been kept in a garage or shed. It has 2764 miles on it. There is NO rust. The chrome is like new.28ivw

Sat Mar 27 2010
hilbilyjew<at>aoldot com
78 moped crank
motron sprint
crank for 78 motron sprint moped

Thu Feb 18 2010
whiteangelm7 at yahoodot com
motron minarelli moped
motron minarelli classic
how do you start this machine?

Mon Dec 28 2009
wdmahaffa at hotmaildot com
Motron Medalist
recently cleaned up.

Wed Aug 05 2009
Jamesagnew32 at yahoodot com
motron madilist
Hi looking for a points or stator plate. Thanks

Mon May 18 2009
twnlkss at aoldot com
Carb kit for moped
Motron Sprint
I am look for carburator kit for the Motron Sprint Moped. Any info. or leads would be greatly appreciated.
San Diego CA

Sun May 10 2009
jwalker2800 at hotmaildot com
1978 Motron Minarelli medalist
Motron Minarelli Medalist
how much and what kind of oil should be in the motor, the cap says "motor oil 20", does that mean 20 weight? is there an indicator as to how much?

That almost certainly means 20:1 petrol to oil ratio. Ed.
i don't have any pictures of it but i can take some. The petrol oil mix for the motor to run is 40:1, what i was asking was about the oil that goes within the engine/transmission that i assume is used almost like clutch fluid. There is a small cap, about the size of a quarter on top of the transmission that says "motor oil 20" When i took the cap off i could see some oil in the transmission but didn't know if it was low, or what kind to put in. The reason i am asking all this is because the clutch stared slipping terribly the other day, almost to the point where it won't even move with me on it. I was curious if i just ned to get a new clutch or if low oil could have been the problem. I have a 1978 Motron Minarreli Medalist with a minarelli v1 motor. If i do need a new clutch, do you know where i could get one and perhaps a manual for how to replace it, i am somewhat mechanically inclined but i have never worked on a moped before so i want to make sure i'm doing things right if i need to replace it. Thanks again for all your help. Jeff

Thu Feb 05 2009
johnheckman at ymaildot com
Motron mt50qt-2
Looking for price and info on this model
Raleigh, NC America

Fri Jan 09 2009
vossenautosales at hotmaildot com
Hello I just got this 1979 motron sprint. It runs and drives great and is in awsome shape.everything seems original except the tail light. Can anyone tell me any history or what it might be worth if I were to sell it? I do want to give it a nice paint job but want to make sure it is not some rare moped worth alot of money in its origanal paint. If anyone has any info please reply or email me at 5075254408 or email
thanks dave
blue earth mn

Tue Nov 11 2008
spanky3691 at
1979 Motron moped Minarelli
was wondering were i can locate parts for my moped

Sat Aug 09 2008
rpeterson2 at
How to find parts
Motron Medalist
I am in need of a lot of parts for a Motron Medalist, such as carburator, shock, sprockets, chain, my 13 year old son brought this home and we are looking to fix up to ride. Any leads or help will be apprecciated.
Woodhull Illinois USA

Sat Aug 02 2008
frankstacey at
motron parts
motron V1
handy bikes carries alot of these parts
austin tx

Thu Jul 31 2008
ggustafson at
need carb. or carb parts
motron made 3/80 RN8923,eng.G48204
I need to know where I can find a needle, or a complete carb. It has a Dellorto SHA14 carb. a Motori Minarelli Engine

Sat Mar 08 2008
vahess at
Magnito housing
Motron M12/79
my magnito housing has a crack from the edge of the keyway through the hub. the gap is approximately .030 inches, the keyway is wider and the housing sits deeper on the cone of the cranck shaft. spark is messed up and the scooter will not start.Doe anybody have a replacement part. The housing is identified as CEV 9322?
Glendale,Ca. USA

Possibly some information under Electrics

Thu Oct 18 2007
rbrtzimmer at yahoodot com
motron moped
I need a front sprocket and chain
Montour Falls, NY

Thu Oct 11 2007
wepgtv2 at
I Have a Motron
I was wondering what model I have. Motron RN 02835.
The Pedals Do Not Turn The Magneto.
I would like to see the value of the bike in Fair Shape.
Apparently I do not know anything about them.
US, Tennessee

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Mon Aug 13 2007
monks at
Motron 1975 Moppet
Mod R2-01009
Can you tell me where I could order parts for a carborator

Thank you.

Father Anthony
Cafifornia, USA

Sat Aug 04 2007
whodeyfan314 at yahoodot com
Parts needed!
Motron RN 07852
We are looking for a spark plug unit/kit for a 1981 moped. We have checked many stores and many have not given an idea on where to get the part. maybe you can give us an idea.
Loveland, Ohio US

Mon Jul 09 2007
bow-tie at
Would someone be kind enough to tell us what we have here other than just 'Motron"? Can get more numbers off it if need be..very nice..original paint,tires etc..has been dropped a couple times it appears..less than 500 miles on Brother bought it new and gave it to us many years ago..has been sitting in the barn ever since until this weekend we got it out,cleaned out the fuel system,gave it a bath,fired it up and been havin fun..not for sale,just wanna know what we have as there were never any books w/it>Thanks in advance>Dave

If there is a VIN plate on the machine, that will tell us a good deal more about it. Ed.

Thanks for the reply..don't usually make a habit of sending folks I don't know complete VIN numbers off anything-I'm sure you understand why..if you could tell me how to decipher it,that would be great..what I'm after though is books or online places to decipher it myself if that would give us any more info on it..we have no manuals..a service manual would be great to have if they made such a thing for these or again an online place to read one..think the centrifical clutch needs adjusting etc and would appreciate any leads-hate to tear into it not knowing what we have or how to do it but look forward to enjoying it..Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give us>Sincerely,Dave

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Jun 14 2007
ziwataneja65 at yahoodot com
Motron Minnarelli Moped

Where can I send a picture to you of what my Motron looks like? I'm still having difficulty finding someplace where I can take my Motron moped to be fixed and inspected. I hope that with a picture you can help me find someplace here in Massachusetts where I can take my Motron moped to be fixed and inspected. I know there's someplace here in Massachusetts to get the moped inspected because it has an inspection sticker dated for 2005 on the back of the bike below the rear light and the basket. I'd be ever so grateful if you can please help me. Would you please try to help me find where I can get my Motron moped fixed and inspected? Thank You for any help which you can give me.
Freda Wiley
Boston, Mass.

Try browsing this page:

Sun Jun 10 2007
unclebubbaof4 at yahoodot com
parts& manule
Motron 1979 49 cc
need parts and the book
can you help
mn .usa

Try under Minarelli on our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Jun 03 2007
ziwataneja65 at yahoodot com
Motron Minarelli XKE250 1978
Where in Massachusetts can I go to repair and inspect it? I need a new spark plug and a new combination odometer speedometer. Can you help me? I'd appreciate any kind of help that you can give to me. Thank You for your attention. Freda Wiley ziwataneja65 at

Thu Apr 12 2007
sinclair.chris at
need 1974 motron,minarelli
need piston rings head 49cc

Suggest you try the Moped section of Bikelinks:

Sat Feb 17 2007
gjmiller at
motron manual
sprint - Model # 03295
I need a manual for a motron sprint scooter. It is a pedal start type.

Wed Jan 10 2007
erichutmacher7 at yahoodot com
tires for moped
motron 2 wheel
i might be mistaken, but the tire size was 2.1/4 its hard to read the tire because of dry rot, and motorcycle shops cant help me, any advice? -thanks

Thu Nov 23 2006
phyden8 at hotmaildot com
Engine size ( CC)
1978 Motron Sprint
HELP!! Need help to find what size (CC) the engine is.
Motori Minarelli

The engine is 49cc. Ed.

Mon Sep 18 2006
snobrd00 at
help me find parts
i need to find some parts for thes scooter
united states

Mon Mar 06 2006
are these rare?
hello i just got a 1978 motron motori minarelli, (three)wheel moped. the person i got it from, said it's been sitting for 20 years, i want to sell this, but don't no what to ask for it, if anyone can tell me something about these, please email me at walterwhitel at, and i can send you some pictures of it. thanks walt.
colorado. usa

Mon Jun 19 2006
Montauk198 at yahoodot com
Engine repair
1980 Motron Medalist Motori Minarelli V1
Are there special markings to tell exactly what the specs are on the engine?

How do I make it go faster?

I need explanation what some parts are and what they do...

July 8, 2002
I have a 1979 Motron made by Motori Minarelli and I believe it is an Italian bike that needs parts and repair. Where can I get such and a manual? -- TTASBAR at AOLdot com

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