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A Brief History of the Marque, 1937-1984

Founded in Bologna in 1937 by Gemma Parrini, and named for her husband Marco Cimatti (1913-1982), a champion cyclist. The firm initially produced only bicycles.

Built lightweight motorcycles, scooters and mopeds commencing in 1951 using engines from Franco Morini and Minarelli, and later Garelli. They also used Bauer 250, Demm 125, F.B.M. 160 2-stroke and 175 4-stroke engines, along with those of HMW.

Cimatti was very active in competition trials in the 1960s, with several successes in the Italian 50cc championships. During this period the firm expanded, moving to new facilities in Pioppe di Salvaro, 20km south of Bologna.

Enrico, their son, joined the firm and helped expand the market to France, Scandinavia, Tunisia and the United States. In 1972 Enrico Cimatti became the sole director of the company and it was subsequently renamed to Cimatti Enrico S.P.A.

Sales in the US were quite strong with machines marketed as City-Bike and Town-Bike by Gambles Hardware Stores.

Production ceased in 1984.

Cimatti Models

Scooterino 50cc 1957-1960

1960 models: 49cc Sprint, Normale and HMW. 125cc OHV, 125cc 2T, 75cc model.

Pinguino 50cc Scooter 1963-1966

1966 models: S4 48cc, Velocim moped 48cc, Danny 48cc scooter, Jolly 48cc furgoncino. Also, for the US market: S-50, C-5, C100, C150.

1968 models: Oxford 48cc moped, S4 B 48cc 4-speed (sports model, 1966-1971), Cross 50cc, Scrambler 100cc.

Ariete 125cc 1972-1977

1975 49cc models: Saggitario, Bobcat, Kaiman Special and Chic.

The brand reappeared briefly in 2015, with a Cimatti relative selling Chinese motorcycles under the Cimatti label. It is thought these were sold in Morocco.

There is a listing for Fratelli Cimatti at C.so V. Emanuele, 7, Forli, established 1922, selling motorcycles, tyres, lubricants, spare parts and accessories. Representatives of Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, AJS and Matchless.
(see http://www.comune.forli.fc.it/storiaeconomicaforli/Cdstoria/CDfatti/1866-1926.htm)

Sources: Tragatsch p105, motoclubstoricoconti.it, scooterdepoca.com, wikipedia it, cimattimoto.it, collezioni.genusbononiae.it, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale et al.

marzmi at freenet.de
Cimatti S4/B 48ccm 1967
Guten Tag
Ich bin auf der suche nach einem Technischen Datenblatt für dieses Fahrzeug.
Können sie mir da helfen?
I'm looking for a technical datasheet for this vehicle. Can you help me there?
Michael Marz
Kempten DE
mike600river at gmail.com
Sagittario S5 1972 4M
Hello I search the tools boxes for my Cimatti Sagittario 1973,
If you know where I can get it, please contact me.
Mikael Pastor
Toulouse France
drdmachine at yahoo.com
1968 cimatti c100
I am looking for a kick start arm and shift shaft seal. The engine# n001341. Engine mfg Costruzion Morini Franco
Dave Dommert
USA Texas

neyt.lucie at gmail.com
Cimatti Vitos Mini Chic
Hello, I would like to buy a Cimatti Vitos Mini Chic but I don't see it on your website. Could you tell me more about the history of this model and especially the year of fabrication because I need it for Belgian licensing and registration. Thank you very much!
Antwerp (BE)

pearl.martin at sky.con
Cimatti Mini Chic 50cc
Hi, I am looking at buying a ‘Cimatti Mini Chic 50cc’ , do You know of any owners club ? . I will need to get a date certificat to register it on the road in the UK and am searching for information. Thanks Simon.
Manchester UK

The massive flockup that is Brexit brought about, as evidence suggests, by Russian interference, will probably make documentation and registration of EU vehicles in the UK increasingly difficult.
Information on Paperwork

Tue May 17 2016

giuliano.gava at sew.com.au
history of 1959 Cimatti Sprint
Cimatti Sprint
Just bought a Cimatti Sprint (1959) know nothing about them. Were they a production model, is the minarelli the correct engine and how can I make it go faster.

Cimatti 1960 Sprint

Tue Jul 17 2012
need to find a motor
cimatti 1977 city bike 360474
i got this moped from a lady but the motor is done would like to find a new or rebuilt one for it. it is in great shape other than that!!!

Mon Jul 16 2012
parts for moped
cimatti city bike
i just bought a cimatti city bike 1975 and it needs a few parts it has the minarelli v1 engine. doe's anyone know ?

Mon Jul 02 2012
cimatti city bike
have a mint blue cimatti city bike

Cimatti-City-Bike-CA.jpg posted 1208

Sun Nov 06 2011
bikergrammy2<at>gmail dot com
Value Of 1972 Cimatti
Cimatti 160cc
I would like to know the selling value of my Cimatti motocycle. 160cc 1 cylinder.
Washington State

Fri Apr 22 2011
bassbwithu<at>gmail dot com
Engine Wiring for Cimatti 100cc 2-stroke?
Cimatti 100cc 2-stroke
Hi. I'm 95% finished with a Cimatti restoration, but I need an engine wiring diagram or a picture of the wiring. It's a very rare bike, and there is surprisingly little information on the web about it. Here are a couple of youtube videos I've made of the bike. Thanks.

Frisco, TX

Mon Feb 28 2011
Cimatti parts
Cimatti Bat Baby
I am looking for piston and pistonsealings for a Bat Baby and a Bat Boy. Both 50cc.

Fri Nov 05 2010
gradstudent.n<at>gmail dot com
Cimatti 1973
Cimatti City Bike
I was wondering if I can find the manual on a Cimatti 1973, as well as a place where I can find the parts.
California, US.

Fri Oct 08 2010
xava-00<at>yahoo dot com
cimatti city bike circa 1975 mi
necesito contactar a la fabrica para poder sacar los documentos originales de mi moto pues no puedo matricularla, o saber si en ecuador existe algun distribuidor de las motos

Sun Jul 18 2010
scubaharri<at>yahoo dot com
value oil ratio parts
Cimatti City Bike Motori Minarelli
no luck in forum

Sun May 09 2010
dino-giacobbe<at>yahoo dot com
1977 cimatti city bike
cimatti city bike
Does anyone know how much a 1977 cimatti city bike with 1,753 original miles. It is in great shape and runs great.
San jose ca usa

Thu Feb 04 2010
renatorescycles at yahoo dot com
cimatti kaiman 1975
im looking for a kickstart or kickstart pedal for a cimatti kaiman 1975 to finish my bike off.has any one got one.

Sun Aug 09 2009
peter.bonthrone at ntlworld dot com
Heres a link to a great site showing restoration of a CIMATTI MINI PRIX:

Wed Aug 05 2009
fishsticksvs at aol dot com
clutch plate
cimatti city bike
looking for a cluth plate and cable for 1978 city bike

Wed Jun 17 2009
johncutler31 at yahoo dot com
whats my bike worth???
cimatti 50cc cimatti
does anyone know what this moped is worth i want 325 for it,,it uns awesome and is very reliable,,it has a small tear in seat and needs a front brake cable,,but everything else works just fine

Fri Apr 24 2009
slavetorock2293 at yahoo dot com
1977 Cimatti city bike
Cimatti city bike
i need to kno the gas to oil ratio for this paticular moped thank you
Rutland VT

Tue Feb 10 2009
greenbeansplease at yahoo dot com
Bike Value?
1977 Cimatti City Bike
We cannot find a value for a used 1977 Cimatti City Bike. We figured we'd ask the makers. It has everything origional but no longer runs. If you could give us a ballpark of its value, we would really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Sun Jan 25 2009
rmarymonica at aol dot com
Cimati for sale
City bike cimatti DGM 16318/om E*1 360778
I have a cimati city bike for sale, from the 70's. But I don't have the title, it run very good only 900 original miles. The motor is very good too... ask for Alfred.
Detroit MI
Sat Dec 27 2008
rmarymonica at aol dot com
I have one Cimatt.
Cimatti City
I am going to check everyting, because I just have it a few days ago.
Detroit MI

Tue Nov 04 2008
renatorescycles at yahoo.com.uk
cimatti parts.
cimatti sagittario 50cc
im looking for parts for my cimatti or anyone who can help me track down parts. to rare a bike not to restore.

Wed Oct 15 2008
Trying to find out what size motor this has?? And where I can find parts? Motori Minarelli motor with numbers DGM 67550m stamped on the right hand side case.. Is this a v1 50 cc and who sels parts in the U.S.A? THANKS

Tue Sep 16 2008
crispetas at hotmail dot com
197 8 Cimatti fuel tank
cimatti Grand prix
I'm looking for a fuel tank for what i'm guessing is a 1978 cimatti grand prix, I'm in Garland, Texas USA, can you help me?
TX, Garland,USA

Mon Sep 01 2008
renatorescycles at yahoo.co.uk
cimatti parts
cimatti sagittario 1975
im looking for a engine and parts for a cimatti 1975 sagittario 49cc moped.our any information on contacts who can help me.
manchester england
cimatti sagittario 1975
i have one off these bikes im looking for spare parts can anyone help or put me in touch with anyone dealing in these parts

Tue Aug 19 2008
seebaldg at aol dot com
Technische Daten
Cimatti City Bike Blue
Können sie mir Technische Unterlagen für das Mokik senden.
Benötige diese für die Zulassung in Deutschland.
83734 Hausham

Thu Aug 07 2008
fiorini-simone at alice.it
Ricerca Pezzi Di Ricambio
Cimatti BobCat
Ciao ho bisogno di alcuni pezzi di ricambio per un cimatti bobcat 50 del 1976.
contattatemi alla seguente mail: fiorini-simone AT alice.it

Sat Aug 09 2008
peter.bonthrone at ntlworld.com
I attach a photo of a seventies CIMATTI MINI PRIX spotted on a fairground ride in Wallingford, Oxon, UK. This is exactly the same as a Garelli Mini Prix, but with Cimatti Tank transfers. The engine is a 50cc Franco Morini S5N. I have a Garelli mini prix which i am renovating at present. Parts available from HARGLO 01386 701162. Please feel free to email me for any info on these bikes. I am currently writing a book: CHILDRENS CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE RENOVATION. available soon. (pdf format probably or on CD)
I would like to use any of your pictures of childrens motorcycles with your permission, plus any other info.

Sat Apr 05 2008
ianchurches at tiscali.co.uk
cimatti kaiman
Hi i need info on the Cimatti Kaiman i have just bought.
isle of wight

Tue Mar 04 2008
nick at tuffweld.co.uk
cimatti bob cat
has anyone got any information on a cimatti bob cat
uk west midlands

Thu Feb 21 2008
pirsel at hotmail dot com
cimatti h.m.w 50 cc.
avete notizie riguardo questo modello di motociclo io ne ho uno aspetto risposta

Wed Nov 14 2007
altal61 at gmail dot com
Desperately seeking
Cimatti Kaiman 1974
I'm desperately seeking a Cimatti Kaiman 50cc like the one on this picture. Please help me !

Fri Sep 21 2007
Blueblood-3 at telenet.be
what type
i wanted to know what type of bike this is and where I can find the
technical data and spare parts.
here are some photos of the frame number and the engine. maybe its good te
know that on the foorpeddals it says "Cimatti".


I believe it to be a Cimatti Bobcat circa 1976. Ed.

Fri Sep 07 2007
Cimatti Town Bike
I have a cimatti town bike with 5 original miles. It was stored since new. Would like to know the value as I want to sell it

Fri Jul 27 2007
trallpunk at aol dot com
Cimatti City Bike Moped parts
I'm looking for a piston, rings, and attachment to arm.

Tue Jul 03 2007
cylcruz at yahoo dot com
78 cimatti 50cc city bike
its been stored for 15yrs want to rebuilt engine where could i get a diagram<

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Wed Jun 13 2007
gabriele.capitanio at libero.it
Cimatti 50cc
Wich is the type of my Cimatti? and the building year?

Mon Apr 09 2007
josundli at loqal.no
cross/enduro cimatti
hey, i have a cimatti,but i dont know anything about it.i wonder what year it was produced and maybe the value of it.yes its for sale

Thu Apr 05 2007
myberberena at yahoo dot com
I just got a Cimmati red city bike. Looking at the pictures it looks like a Cimatti Basket Genova. Are there people interest in buying this model. I believe is from 1962.
Here are the pictures of a Cimatti I have. Do you think a person would be interest in buying this item or how can I make functionable?

Thank you for any information you can provide for me,

Mildred Berberena
Eastpointe, MI USA

You'll need to take it to a bikeshop to get it running, I expect, but there is quite likely very little wrong with it as it appears to be in fine condition. Yes, you would have no trouble selling it, but I cannot put a value on it.

The page of classic motorcycle price resources at https://cybermotorcycle.com/valuations may prove informative.

Mon Mar 19 2007
jm.laf at wanadou.fr
recherche piston cylindre
cimatti type s3 cylindre 47.6 annee1972
acheter piece neuve ou occasion en bonne etat ou me faire parvenir une adresse merci

Translation: to buy new part or occasion in good condition or to forward me an address thank you

Tue Jan 09 2007
edgarbia at libero.it
Cimatti X5
anyone knows this model?

Sat Dec 23 2006
edgarbia at libero.it
cimatti model unknow
cimatti basket
do you know this model? (see photo attached)and the aprossimative year of producton? Thanks
edgardo genova
genova italy
[Image unusable]

Sun Dec 17 2006
sphinx999 at free.fr
cimatti TE/3M
Hello. I search one mudguard of moped cimatti utilitarian TE/3M of 1967.I restored this machine but is the only part who missed to me. If you have this part, send me one mail at this adress. Tank you everybody !. Diego. FRANCE.

Thu Dec 07 2006
contexture at excite dot com
1962 cimatti c50???
i recently picked up what i believe is a 1962 c50 but can't find any resources for parts or model information. any information would be appreciated. so far my reseach has reached a dead end. i've attached a photo. i'm located in canada.

Sat Nov 04 2006
donaldtroybarker at hotmail dot com
1965 cimatti st100
I am restoring a cimatti st100 and need a parts:piston, rings and pin and a few nuts and bolts. If you can help me please Email thanks Troy

Tue Oct 31 2006
merijn85 at hotmail dot com
Year of building
Cimatti Piper (City Bike)
Hello!! The Dutch government wants to know when my Cimatti was made. (year) Otherwise I am not allowed to drive it anymore (insurance). Can you maybe help me?

Mon Oct 16 2006
vespa-club-altoetting at web.de
here apicture of my 50ccm cimatti with minarell p4 engine and lavranconi exhaust.
did anyone know the name of this model?

Tue Oct 10 2006
jscalet at bkd dot com
Cimatti Boy Racer
Does anyone have any knowledge of what I believe was called the "Boy Racer"? In the early 1970's I purchased one in Oklahoma City. It was 50cc with dual exhausts, 19mm delorto carb, clip on style handlebars and went 50 to 60 mph.

Sun Sep 24 2006
jimmy.de.cree at pandora.be

Cimatti Sport 1967
my fifth bike i restored acquired in 1996
zemst (belgie)

Thu Aug 17 2006
mikekoke1 at aol dot com

I need to find some parts for my cimatti,where can i find them? Located in USA

Mon Jul 31 2006
disor01 at hotmail dot com
engine rebuild
1966 cimatti
hi where can i have my 1966 engine rebuild ...any place here in the usa?

Thu Jun 01 2006
cliffrose at mailcity dot com
need a pedal arm<
Cimatti City Bike 1976
Hi! I need a pedal arm (I hope that is the right word) for a '76 City Bike. I mean the metal piece onto which the pedal screws. Anyone have one to sell?

Tue May 16 2006
diamatti at terra.com.br
contact by Cimatti, Antonio -Brazilian

I am Antonio Agnaldo Fernandes Cimatti,my father is Carlos Cimatti Neto.
Location Brazil, Contry Itapira, São Paulo.
(055-19-38636486 )
news and Bolonha/Italy.
I no speak english.
I speak portugese (brazilian).
Brazil-São Paulo

Thu Apr 27 2006
butchers at suite224.net
Fuel Mixture
1977 Cimatti 50cc City Bike
Anyone know what the fuel mix ratio is on these 2-cycle bikes?
Conneaut, OH USA

Modern Minarelli engines use a 50:1 mixture, according to http://www.scooter-freaks.nl/persoscoots/viewperso.php?id=4448
Earlier models almost certainly use a higher ratio - I would guess that a 25:1 ratio would be a good starting point, and you could certainly go leaner with a synthetic oil.

See also Two-Stroke Oils

Wed Feb 22 2006
jcjdej at chello.nl
for sale::: cimatti mini (city bike 50 cc runs perfect and is perfect. I have serveral of cimatti's This one is for sale!!
Leeuwarden Holland

Sat Oct 08 2005
futball-bookie at yahoo.co.uk
need help?
i've just got a cimatti (racing type) and i don't know what year it made and any information about it. it would be very appreciated if some one could send me any information about cimatti motor and any pics of it. thank you

Tue Sep 13 2005
mbiberfeld at maimonidesmed.org
Cimatti city bike moped 1977
I could use a carburator for this bike.

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005
subject: ole yeller
Email: dlbox at tds.net
message: I have a bright yellow Cimatti 160. It is a street bike, pipe goes back along swingarm.Bike all there, but does not run,paint good.taillight lens broke I was told it was a 1966, 1967 advertise shows picture of it on this internet site. tires holding air,key in top of headlight.speedometer shows 983 . Was stored in corner of shop covered for many years. what is it worth? Thanks

September 30, 2002
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
wer kann uns helfen bei der Suche von Ersatzteilen eines Kindermotorrades?
Älteres Modell,Bj. unbekannt.
Wir suchen eine Kickstarterfeder und Vergaser.(Cimatti)???
Vielen Dank
Frank Hess -- steffi.hess at freenet.de

Sheldon's Lame Translation:
Ladies and Gentlemen, can you help me with my search for parts for my mini-bike? I'm not sure of the exact model but I need a kickstarter and a (?????), Thanks -- Frank Hess

August 28, 2002
I recently acquired a 1977 Cimatti city bike, with a serial #361185. Would like to find Lit on said bike. Can some one supply me with finding some. -- redson at evenlink dot com

May 3, 2002
I have a Cimatti c-100 1967 with owners guide that covers the s-50,c50,c100,andc150.it also came with an insert that covers manual corrections and information on the st100,c160,andst160.considering selling all. motor seems to have good compression and spark. have not had running to date. -- xzavier3 at runestone.net

May 5, 2002
correction to previous e-mail. not sure if it is the c-100 or the st-100.It has NEW 100 cast on head and enduro stile tires. -- xzavier3 at runestone.net

April 27, 2002
Need info on a 48 cc Cimatti motorcycle this is not a moped has a kick starter 4 speed trans is street legal manual clutch last registered in 1970 looks like first registered in approx 1967 ???? runs great says moto Cimatti Bolagna on stickers all over bike and 48cc sticker on front fender Thanks for any help you can offer to ID this bike -- Frank -- gowin at lanset dot com

February 25, 2002
I have a friend who would like to sell a Cimatti City Bike? How do you tell the year model and cc. I know it is a two stroke Where do you find the year model. -- milleme at gte.net

December 23, 2001
My first bike was a cimatti bobcat (1976) still got it somewhere! any info out there? -- mototune at zoom.co.uk

September 19, 2001
Just picked up a 1977 Cimatti City Bike. Runs a bit rough.... only about 17 mph.... already rebuilt carb.... not really sure where to go next. I did not get any info about it maintenance, oil mixture, fluids and such. Does any body out there have any info? I also have a mint 1979 Piaggio Grande... rebult the carb... a bit other cleanup... but runs beautifully. Thanks, Chris cwmdesign at earthlink.net

September 10, 2001
I have a Cimatti city bike moped with a motori minarelli motor. it needs rings and gaskets. can anyone help? thanks. Bob you can reach me at adonizis at ns.neiu.k12.pa.us

August 17, 2001
Looking for a mint 1977 Blue Cimatti Citybike....Wonder if you guys know where I can look for one.....Any help would be appreciated.......Thanks ...Chuck -- Casabia at netzero.net

July 10, 2002
I just purchased a 1978 Cimatti City Bike, and need to get a clutch cable for it. Has anyone on your website been able to find some parts? I appreciate any help. -- Thanks, -- Steve -- S-Maichle at yahoo dot com

June 4, 2001
I was reading a old posting on the Website. At that time you had a problem with it acting like it was running while pedaling it. If you haven't already fixed it, there is a starting clutch on the handle bar. It sound like it might be engaged. Try a linkage adjustment to begin with. I am interested in buying old Cimatti City Bikes. Please email me if you know anyone has one to sell. michaelphx at earthlink.net

February 4, 2001
I bought a 1978 Town Bike. Have any idea of correct fuel mixture? Fuel petcock is shot..any ideas of where to find one? Sure would be nice to have an owners book for it!!!! -- DaveB at Portland Or. --  beachblu at earthlink.net

November 19, 2002
I was given a Cimatti, I think it would be a mini because it looks like a mini bike green headlight tail light metal fenders I have all the parts but the gear shaft, one gear is stripped can I get this part machined or where can I find a replacement? let me know any info would be much appreciated vitt -- jasonkerr at home dot com

October 13, 2000
I have a 1977 Cimatti City Bike which still runs like a charm. The only significant problem is the rusting fuel tank, which raises hell with the carburetor. I'm about to try one of those KREEM repair kits to see if the problem goes away. I also have the original owner's manual, although it's not very helpful. I have scanned it and have it in electronic form. If anyone wants a copy, just send me an email and I'll be happy to share it. -- liebs at concentric.net

September 23, 2000
Looking for informaation on a Cimatti Mini! Parts, Fuel Mixture, Etc. -- LUFRANO at aol dot com

September 6, 2000
I inherited a 1977 Cimatti city bike. I have found a few parts at Handy Bikes, Columbus, Ohio -- Blake Massey -- blakem at pcola.gulf.net

August 26, 2000
Where can i get parts for a Cimatti 65'? -- Troy Barker -- grandandy at email.msn dot com

August 25, 2000
I have a Cimatti City Bike with a Minarelli Moped (50cc) engine. I am told that the engine needs cylinder rings & may need a carb. However the repairman can't locate parts. Do you know of a source for parts and/or used/rebuilt engine?
Mike Radcliffe
radlaw at home.com home
radlaw at toad.net work

July 30, 2000
I have a cimatti 1987 twin sport moped. Does anyone know the value of this moped? VanCway at aol dot com

July 22, 2000
I have a friend who owns a Cimatti mini-bike made out as a racing motorcycle with a mono shock absorber, red frame and tank, with a full white fairing. Large green circle on fairing with white number one on it. any further information on this machine would be very much appreciated. -- with thanks Les Kownacki -- LKownacki at cs dot com

July 19, 2000
I just got a ST 100 Cimatti and was wondering where I could get replacement parts and information on this bike? if you can point me in any direction I would appreciate it. Thanks. -- Eddie -- no-buddy at juno dot com

July 1, 2000
I bought a brand new red Cimatti city bike in Santa Cruz, CA in 1978, right at the beginning of the moped craze. Tricked it out with the aux. gas tank that made it look more like a real motor bike. I had test driven many bikes and thought the Cimatti had the best combo of price, looks and reliability. Heavy as hell, though. It rode much better then a Puch, had hardly any vibration. I rode that thing into the ground, had lots of fun. It finally conked out after 2800 miles or so. I Left it parked in a crawl space under a house in Santa Barbara in 1983, it may still be there. It was a great bike, wish I still had it. -- E Payton, Goleta CA -- espayton at impulse.net

June 14, 2000
I recently bought a Cimatti city bike. It sounds like its running when you peddle it but it wont fire up. Does anyone know how to fix it? -- Thanks -- Tom Stuebner -- stom21 at hotmail dot com

June 11, 2000
I have a Cimatti citybike and it only reaches a top speed of 18mph. do you have any suggestions on how to make it run faster. -- Srm4691 at aol dot com

May 5, 2000
I've just pulled a Cimatti 100 out of a barn in Wisconsin its in pretty rough shape but most of it seems to be there any one interested in it ????
I'll send some pictures if you'd like just let me know.. thanx -- andymc at execpc dot com

May 4, 2000
I was recently given a Cimatti moped when a friend I helped move had no room for it.

Your site was my first step in gathering information on it. Any links or info you can send me as to specifics on where to find serial numbers or other identifying information, availability of parts or even where I may sell this bike if I decide to do so, would be appreciated. -- Randy Woosley -- randy at irvineonline.net

March 18, 2000
My dad had a 160 when I was about 5 years old. It was yellow. Street bike, bought it in Houston from unknown importer. Very Fast and seize At high speed.My dad would pull clutch in and coast when it would cool down he would realease clutch and ride away. Pretty cool bike. would like to know more about them since my dad has passed away years ago. -- Ellen G. -- kkgs at comwerx.net

January 17, 2000
My nephew found one that needs a new motor and battery. Where Can we find one? -- Krvalvo at cs dot com

January 16, 2000
I was young when we got a Cimatti but I still learned to ride on it. My uncle who was in the Merchant Marines brought back several bikes from over seas new in the boxes, some Cimatti 50's that were cool they had twin pipes! and ours the Cimatti 100 two stroke single street bike. Looking back the bike did pretty well considering we had to make our own parts or go with out it. I know I rode it many miles without any oil in the lower end due to the clutch slipping and it never did have a trans problem!

I killed the bike learning how to work on it when I really didn't know what I was doing, and also making trails in the back 40 and riding MX on a streetbike.

When this bike was new it was a sharp looking bike deep burgundy and white. Now that I've grown up I own and operate a motorcycle shop and it all started on a Cimatti.

No special info here just came across your site and wanted to post about the good times I had.

Thanks Eric Howell DBA Howell's Cycle -- HowellBike at aol dot com


August 3, 1999
I recently purchased a cimatti city bike -- moped -- (in very nice mechanical and appearance condition) at a garage sale. Starts and runs well, top speed seems to be about 30-35 mph-- the speedometer is not working. I hope it stays running well since I really don't know where I might find parts or labor. If anyone comes across more information on this machine, I'd appreciate your sharing it with me. Thanks. -- Ralph Tarnasky -- tarnasky at aims.edu

April 28, 1999
I just got a cimatti "city bike" moped off of a friend and would like to fix it up but have no idea where to start looking for replacement parts. The moped is great looking, but has a problem in the electrical(coil/starter). If you have any ideas' please e-mail me in return...thank you -- Bryan -- Latersk8or at aol dot com

January 8, 1999
My first bike was a 1967 Cimatti 160cc 2 stroke scrambler, made in Italy and distributed by Gambles Hardware Stores, if anyone ever comes across one I would love to get one to restore. -- Guzzi -- guzzi at dotis dot com

If you have a query about Cimatti motorcycles or have information about these classic Italian machines, please contact us!