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HMW 1958 50 Transport
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

HMW machines produced by Halleiner Motorenwerke in Austria from 1949 to 1964 included the 49cc Fuchs bicycle engine, a range of mopeds and other lightweights, and two rather nice scooters, the Bambi and the Conny.

Glockner mopeds, also from Austria, used Halleiner 50Z engines, as did RWC of Austria and the Dutch Centro marque of the 1950s.

Other HMW powered machines included Avada, Delta Gnom, Vesting, Typhoon, Gazelle, Maxwell, Sarolea, l'Avenir, Salira, Cimatti and Gresvig.

HMW 50 Supersport

Manufactured 1957 - 1961
HMW 50 SS/2, 2-speed, air cooled
HMW 50 SS/3, 3-speed, fan cooled
It is thought that around 14,000 of these were constructed.


The H.M.W. "Conny" THE Conny, star of the HMW range, was given a press party during the Motor Cycle Show and we were able to get a closer look at this 50 c.c. scooter.

It is a handsome machine, very much "made for the job" and not a modified moped. The specification includes 3-speed gearbox, 12 inch wheels and whitewall tyres, leading link front suspension and swinging arm rear. The tank holds 7 pints. The price of £96 17s. 6d. is for the machine exactly as illustrated, including the carrier and tool kit.

We asked the Concessionaires whether they were sure that a 50 c.c. engine was adequate for two people. They are absolutely confident that it is declaring that on the continent Connys are already doing plenty of pillion work. HMW machines are made by Halleiner Motorenwerke at Kottingbrunn, near Vienna. Austria like Britain is a member of the "Outer Seven" as opposed to the "Six" of the Common Market. For this reason Austrian machines will enjoy increasing trade advantages here.

As typical of the backing they are able to give the HMW range, the Concessionaires quote their "round the clock" spares service. The Concessionaires are the Atlas Motor Co. (London) Ltd., Atlas Wharf, London, E.9.

February, 1961 Power and Pedal with the Scooter


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N.B. There was also an HMW made in Germany in the 1920s. See HMW (DE)

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joros78 at
Hi, I'm from Argentina. I have a 1956 bamby scooter, which is red, which is complete and working. The clutch lever splines are worn. I would like to get the manual and parts. Thank you very much
kb30 at
Good Morning, could you please tell me where i can get a workshop manual for the HMW Conny i have purchased , also where i might be able to buy spares.
Kind Regards Keith
keith browne
uk may have a manual.

bobby0676 at
HMW 50 sl 1956
Hello, I am the owner of a HMW 50 sl moped from 1956. It has been rebuilt to the last detail. The engine works and can drive. I would like to sell it if there are any interested ones.

  • HMW-1956-50SL-Serbia images posted to Comments.

Wed, 27 Dec 2017
zepehar at
HMW Super luxus 23

Hello My wife has this HMW Super luxus 23 in original condition from her father. We want to sell it. We don/t have a papers of it because they are lost during war in Sarajevo. What price can we get can you advice us and can you recommend somebody who want to buy it. Thanks
Zeljko pehar
Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina

HMW-1956c-Super-Luxus-23-ZPe-01.jpg posted to Comments, and also to the HMW gallery.

Three models are listed by the Austrian H.M.W. concern. Least expensive is the 50PL with pressed-steel fame, pivoted rear and leading-link front forks, and a 50 c.c. two-stroke. two-speed engine-gear unit. The Super Luxus has a similar powrer unit and rear springing but a tubular frame with pressed-steel covers and a telescopic front fork. Basic layout of the Supersport model is similar to that of the Super Luxus save for the use of a tuned, three-speed power unit, a two-gallon fuel tank and a foam-rubber seat. Super Luxus, Supersport, 50PL

H.M.W. in The Motor Cycle, November 1956

Wed, 25 Oct 2017
westysrollcages at
vesting pesseta 1955\1956

hi i have a vesting pesseta i would like to put back on the road need help please which spark plug do i need and with other spare parts mainly cables can you help please engine number is 562390 frame number is 5527 thank you rob
robert bentham
Romford United Kingdom

Recommended Bosch sparkplugs for HMW engines 1954-1960: W 175 T 1

Sat Dec 10 2016
dirttracker67e at
Selling engine
HMW 1957 50cc moped
Hello,I have had this engine for over 20yrs and decided it would best be used by one that wanted to complete a 1957 hmw moped project.I didn't realize how old this was until I got a good look at the tag on it 1957!! The Yr I was born! I would like to get $350.00 for it.

If I were able to find the rest of an HMW moped I'd build it myself.This engine has ZERO carbon deposites in the exhaust port.I know 2-strokes from racing them for Years and this one looks to be bench tested from the factory. It would be great for this to wind up in the right hands.This is the first time I've contacted anyone about this engine and if anyone you folks are probably the best Ave. For information as to step# 2. Hope you can help somehow,Thanks,Mark.
mira loma ca. 91752

Mon Nov 16 2015
hfelicia at

SETA HMW 50 Moped
Boa noite,
Gostaria de saber se me podem ajudar a identificar o ciclomotor.

Fri Dec 27 2013
HMW Conny
Sorry, I didn't find any email-adress at your site so I try to contact you this way.
Let me say first, that your site is wounderful an I will spend a lot of time in future to look all this pictures of old motor-bikes.
Looking for pictures of HMW-Motorbycicles I found this picture:
The correct name of this Moped is "Conny"
Conny is the short form of few male and female first names.

  • Many thanks. The image will be renamed to HMW-Conny. Ed.

Thu Jan 06 2011
tomasgud<at>gmail dot com
Is this worth something
HMW 75 R
This scouter has been in my garage for some years, I am wondering if I can sell it or throw it away. How much is it worth?

Sat Mar 02 2013
hans.brugman at
Change name
HMW HMW Admiraal
Could you please rename "HMW 1957 Admiraal" in your database into "HMW 1958 Super Luxus", I have discovered that Admiraal is not the right name.

Kind regards,
Hans Brugman

Thu Nov 18 2010
HMW Admiraal
Hereby I send you a photo of my HMW...

Best Regards,
Hans Brugman

  • The bike above was previously thought to be a 57 Admiraal. Ed.

Wed Oct 13 2010
motor wanted
Looking for a motor for a 1957? HMW sport 50.

Mon Feb 15 2010
ujvy87 at gmail dot com
HMW for sale
HMW Supersport?
I've got an old HMW motorbike for sale (in Hungary). If someone interested, send me an email.
Hungary, Törökbálint

Wed Dec 16 2009
simon100 at
moteur hailleiner hmw
hmw 50cc
je posede un moteur neuf avec carbu type 865700 il n a jamais ete monter si quelqu un est interesse faite moi une offre

August 2009
Alfred Wenzl
alfredwenzl at ggholiday dot com
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 4:32 PM

BTW, I just looked at the HMW page (I had a HMW Supersport before the Lohner), and noticed my very
first Moped wasn't listed as a user of the Halleiner motor. It was a small bicycle builder in my district of the
city, by the name of Delta Gnom, who built a very sporty looking moped with HMW motors. I had one in
silver, with a tiny standard fairing on it, and a swing fork in front.

I found an old photo of my Delta Gnom with the HMW motor.
My buddy on the right is riding a HMW Supersport.

Thu Jun 25 2009
dirkvhn at hotmail dot com
HMW All modells
Hello, the HMW-factory in Kottingbrunn Austria (they moved in 1958 from Hallein to Kottingbrunn near Vienna) closed/went bankrupcy at 16/05/1962. See picture.
Lot of Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Italian brands used the HMW-engine in their bikes; Avada, Centro, Vesting, Typhoon, Gazelle, Maxwell, Sarolea, l'Avenir, Salira, Cimatti, Gresvig and others. In Holland the importer Jan Jonker had his own models (see picture). If you want to know or need anything concerning HMW please contact me.

Fri Jun 19 2009
johnjjc1954 at aol dot com
HMW conny
HMW Conny
I have a 1962 HMW Conny and i am looking for spares and a manual, any one help?
Newcastle, UK

Sat May 30 2009
dirkvhn at hotmail dot com
Halleiner Motoren Werke
HMW Supersport
If you need parts or any information on HMW I can possibly help you.
Dirk , Belgium

Fri May 22 2009
menilsen at
hmw moped cart
hmw 1959 tr
i am trying to find a workshop manual for engine repairs.
adelaide, australia

Mon Oct 06 2008
m.sorfleet at ntlworld dot com
HMW Supersport 50cc.
I am looking for a photograph of a HMW Supersport 50cc. made in 1956. I got one of these bikes for my 16th birthday in 1956 and would like to trace a snapshot. Thank you.
Manchester UK

Sept 3rd 08
Itom in the forum needs identification. Can anyone help?

Judging by the valanced guards, it appears very similar to a '59 model but slightly earlier. Possibly a first model Astor SuperSport of 1957. Ed. ........
The answer to the question dated september 2nd on the Itom page is, that it' s not an Itom !
The moped shown on the photo's is a HMW Super Sport from 1960. They were made in Austria.
Have a look at
Greetings from Holland,

  • Whoops! Yes, indeed it is an HMW Super Sport Model 50-2 SST Bj.60 or possibly earlier - 1957 model appears very similar. Ed.

Wed Jul 23 2008
HMW Coouuy
I have a HMW "Couuy" that belonged to my grandfather. Where I can find any information?? Thanks in advance.
Greece, Siros

  • I'm informed that the correct name for this is HMW Conny. Ed.

Wed Jun 27 2007
jeanaustin at
HMW/ Glockner ? moped cart at auction
Seen at 'Aldham' Steam Rally auction, Essex UK 09 June 2007. Unidentified make moped which looked like original construction as a trade or market gardeners cart, no maker mark but HMW globe disk symbol on engine. Frame built with front wheel and fork replaced by wooden two wheeled cart with a bar steering fixture. Looked complete but in need of restoration. Sold for £720 (pounds)= about 1070 euros.
4 pics attached.
England, Essex

Fri Sep 15 2006
kvanherck at
research of information
I have a moped without trade mark but I know the motor is a Halleiner built in 1956. Unfortunately the saddle is teared and I have to replace it.
Have you some contacts the get pieces? or information

Fri Apr 28 2006
naroldan at
HMW 1957-1957 SCOOTER
Tengo un scooter completa que desconozco el origen y me gustaria saber mas del origen y conseguir algun manual por problemas en la caja de cambios.Tengo fotos

Translation: I have a scooter complete that I do not know the origin and me gustaria to know but of the origin and to obtain algun manual by problems in the box of changes.have photos Thanks you for your quickly answer. Our English is so and so. I add some photos.

Sun May 22 2005
humberto-rivera1 at hotmail dot com
tengo una moto HMW del año 1958-59 que estoy restaurando, si alquien me puede ayudar con manuales o para saber donde fue construida lo agradecere mucho.
Translation: I have one moto HMW of a?1958-59 that I am restoring, if they alquien can help me with manual or knowing where agradecere was constructed much.

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