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Peripoli Mopeds and Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured from 1957 until 2000.

Based in Alte di Montecchio near Vicenza the company built lightweights in the 1950s using engines from DEMM, and by 1965 is very well established as one of top ten producers in Italy.

At some stage in the late fifties or early sixties they named the range of 50cc mopeds and motorcycles Giulietta.

Models of the 1960s included the Nevada, the Go series and the Oxford, all powered by Franco Morini 49cc engines. They also built a variety of motocarro three-wheelers, and two scooters, the SC62 (1961) and the FP10 (1967-1968)

In 1988 the Peripoli Day series was introduced, priced well below the competition such as market leader Piaggio Ciao. Powered by a 49cc Minarelli engine, it was a typical moped with chain drive, low-slung large diameter tubular frame and spoked wheels. The engine was premix with a petrol/oil ratio of 2 percent. There were two versions, the first being LX, the later model somewhat sportier in appearance, the SX. They remained in production until 2000.

In the United States the Peripoli was rebadged and sold as a J-Be by the Berliner Corporation, and in the UK a Minarelli-powered Peripolini moped of 1976 was sold as an AJW Greyhound.

Sources: MC Storico Conti,, et al.

xlv51515 at
Old Giulietta Peripoli
Hello sir or ma’am,
I have a few questions for you about my moped that I am rebuilding, do you know of any resources on rebuilding it? It is a 3M.E3. 48cc according to the registration, and I have found nothing on it.
Very Respectfully,
Sean Higgins

Have no information specific to this Peripoli model at present, but perhaps try this page: Italian Resources

joze.mejac48 at
Peripoli Giuletta 1964
Hello, I saw the frame of a moped in the garbage dump years ago, which I liked. 1964, I would like to buy the following parts, engine, wheels, tank, light and seat for all the information I will be very grateful
Ljubljana, Slovenia
martmk at
Perpoli day - i think lx
Hi, im looking info and where to get parts to restore this moped, any help would be appreciated.. im in uk

Tue, 06 Feb 2018
n.kisyov at
motor Peripoli Day LX

I bought a Peripoli Day LH brand bike. I have restored it. I want to ask what oil is pour into the engine? What's on a specification. In Bulgaria no one can tell me specifically. I want to pour the right oil. I'm worried about breaking it and breaking the automatic clutch. I only know it collects about 400 grams. Thank you in advance. greetings
Bourgas Bulgaria

Mid 2009
Hey thanks for your patience...okay I have had nothing but trouble picking up all these bikes and it has been because I work and tried to get some family to do it...argh!

So I have them scheduled to be here this week but I was out that way (bikes are about 50mi from me) went out and took a picture with my phone and found a missing piece to the puzzle. It is a 200cc 1960 Peripoli Buccaneer J-Be....the only info I find was a Peripoli ads on your site and a few 50cc 1971 on the net.
Appreciate your help,

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