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J-Be Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

J-Be models sold by Joe Berliner's Berliner Motor Corporation of New Jersey included the Hercules K100/K125 - "...designed by Joe Berliner of Ducati import fame. It had Sachs K125 3 speed. It had Earles type front suspension." That's not quite accurate, of course, as it was designed and built in Germany.

There were also some quite delightful machines from Italy built by Peripoli, the J-Be Buccaneer 200cc Scrambler, and a scooter.

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17dburke at gmail.com
J-BE Hercules Model K 125 (Early 60s believed)
Hello. I recently inherited my grandfathers early 1960s JBE Hercules Model K125 with a Sachs 125 engine. Photos linked here: https://imgur.com/gallery/RtgYKga Can anyone give me any info on these bikes? The bike ran when parked, all fluids were drained for storage. Thanks to all.
David P Burke
United States

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Sat Apr 23 2016
s.ahlwardt at yahoo.com
sachs hercules j-be 1959
sachs hercules
I have a very nice 1959 but missing a few small parts. I'm looking for parts.

    Several images in gallery of J-Be and also of Peripoli, rebadged as J-Be.


Thank - You know I sent the question twice because the option to publish did not allow me to choose..so I am glad you got this.
I contacted a guy that sales vintage Italian bike - he could not recognize either. I am stumped.
I am not sure if you recieved the ad I attached? I am going to attach again form Berliner motors - 1960. The ad states it has a Sachs motor. However, when you look up what bikes Sachs made engines for - the J-be does not come up.
The bike is getting delivered today. It is a rust bucket but has the motor and the brass magneto ignition - mostly intact..has a carb, etc.
Anyhow, I will get picture and send tonight or tomorrow. But this ad shows the same bike. You will see several in this ad mine is the Buccaneer Scrambler 200cc.

image j-be_buccaneer.jpg (berliner corp advert)

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In late 50s /early 60s, I had a pretty machine designed by Joe Berliner of Ducati import fame. It had Sachs K125-
3 speed. It had Earles type from suspension. It had BMW bayonet type key in headlight. It was maroon with cream and lima bean green pin stripes. The gas tank had chrome sides. It had aluminum rims. All of the rubber and vinyl was
gray. The seat was tandem.
I have never seen another one since. The Barber Museum in Alabama, USA, had not heard of the J-Be series until
I sent them an email with an old motorcycle magazine ad with picture. I found that by Googling Joe Berliner
J-Be motorcycle. There was also a 250cc version. How many were made? How long were they made?
There were at least two shops in Alabama that sold these bikes. One in Birmingham and the other in Montgomery.
I was only 13 at the time, and it was the late 50s, and I lived in a small town, Montevallo, about 1/2 way between the two large towns, 40 miles or so.
I would like to find one of these to restore. It was my first bike.
jcrow_t at bellsouth.net if ya wanna email direct. All input is welcome.

The reason for the Ducati query is that Joe Berliner was the Ducati guru and controller of design. imports, and parts for about 20 years in USA.
Some Zundapp , too.
He survived the Holocaust as a mechanic then came to USA after WW2. He had a brother . He is a good biography in the bike world.
The J-Be is his namesake.

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