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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured ca 1957-1975

These light motorcycles and mopeds were built by Peripoli, possibly as early as 1957 but certainly by 1959, using engines from Minarelli and Franco Morini along with those of JLO and Zundapp.

Laws were introduced in Italy in 1959 limiting mopeds to 40 km/h, and similar restrictions were implemented in France in 1962 (50 km/h). Youngsters soon discovered that it was not a huge task to increase performance, with some Giulietta models achieving 85 km/h. They became the most popular Italian mopeds imported to France.

The Giulietta Super Sport Type GSS TS-50 had a tubular frame, as did the later GSS3 and GSS4. The SGS was simliar, but with a pressed-metal frame.


In the late 1950s, Giulietta mopeds were sold in the Netherlands under the Typhoon brand, first by Knibbe of Amersfoort and after 1968 by CS Olthof of Geleen.

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On 21-Aug-23
timtrible at gmail.com
I'm trying to identify this motorcycle. The rider was my father in law, Bill Cole. The picture was taken sometime between 1965-1968 in either Greece or Italy. It appears to have a Sachs 50 engine. Can you help with this identification?
Tim Trible The bike may well be a Giulietta. Giulietta-TTr.jpg posted to Comments.
amministrazione at gimar.info
Giulietta 1964 GSS4
Dear Sirs, I've seen this picture in the web. I'm really interested to buy this motorcycle. Please can You make it for me?May You know the price?
Best regards and thanks in advance
Gianni Spertilli
Arezzo Italy

If the image you are referring to is this one, then best contact Stolte's.

rafasipe at hotmail.com
This is the motorcycle that my father had in Amsterdam in 1963. Please can you tell me the make and model?
My father said it was a Typhoon of Italian origin.
If I find any I will buy it.
Rafael Sierra
Cádiz, España

The machine is almost certainly a Giulietta Turismo T63 c.1961, possibly rebadged as a Typhoon - the logo on the tank is obscure, but it does not look the same as the orginal Giulietta. Giulietta-1961-Turismo-T63-Amsterdam.jpg posted to Comments.
jent1701b at gmail.com green tick
I found this bike at the local dump back in the 80s. Rusted and the tires were dry rotted. I managed to find tires and when I was checking the brakes and other items, there was absolutely no wear. The odometer read 0.6 miles, so apparently it was a new bike that was never used and got left out in the weather. Cleaned up some of the rust and touched it up with spray cans. Got it running good and put over 1000 miles on it before it sat in my father's basement for another 20 years. Now my son and I have it in use again and I am making use of the internet to learn more about it. I'm not sure what year it is. Nothing to identify that. I have determined that it is an American export. The speedo is in mph, the taillight bracket has a place for a license plate, and the ignition coil is mounted in a unique position compared to the euro counterparts. Hoping to find who the dealer may have been in this area at the time and maybe find out why this poor bike was left to rust when it was new. Also looking to figure out what year it is. Thanks in advance, Jon
Jonathan Myers
United States

(later)... a few more pictures show close up of the things that I haven't seen on any other bike including the narrow slot for the choke lever in the chain gaurd. Maybe someone else may recognize it too.

  • The machine is a close match for one described as a 1960 model, despite appearing somewhat earlier due to the plunger rear suspension.
    Giulietta images posted to Comments.

tmtemple73 at gmail.com
1950 Giugiulietta Scooter
Hello. I actually do not know the year of this scooter. I found this scooter on my property. I only can make out a few details and was hoping that you could provide me with more information. I want to restore this scooter to its original condition.
Tina M Temple

  • Giulietta moped images posted to Comments.

Sat Dec 01 2007
jemison at ix.netcomdot com
Giulietta Scooter

I have an old scooter and I am trying to find out about its history.  The engine is a Giulietta 



The engine is by Franco Morini Motori, with a Giulietta plate. Obviously quite a rare beastie.
Dutch Wikipedia seems to indicate a relationship with Doniselli
There is also a 1964 Peripoli Giulietta.

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