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A Brief History of the Marque

Baretta mopeds are made by Piccoli Motori and are fitted with Morini Franco Motori and Minarelli engines.

Piccoli Motori was near Bologna Italy. Baretta is a trade name authored by Baretta of America, 2904 S Figueroa Av, Los Angeles California. The spelling of Baretta is that of the 1970s TV series, with an Italian detective, not the Beretta pistol. The Piccoli-made chassis for the Baretta Magnum and Cosmo Colt 1 and 5 are the same. The Piccoli step-through chassis for the Baretta 22, 38 and Cosmo Blazer 1 and 2, are the same. The Piccoli monotrave chassis for the Baretta 44/45 is similar to the Lem Pratikal, but the Lem rear lifting handle is straight, while the Piccoli is curved.

Fri, 01 Dec 2017
olympic2x at
Baretta 45 45 and 1979

I have a great working 1979 Baretta 45. Everything works except it seemed the only way to start the moped is to pedaling it instead of kick start like the 2 Puch I had (77 and 78 Newport). It seemed very hard to find parts and not much info about this Vintage moped from websites like 1977moped, lucky2stroke, Treatland etc...For example, if you look this moped under MOPED TYPE, it does NOT appeared to be listed (non-existent) so I don't know what to look for when it comes to find parts/services. I'd love to get more info on this and in terms of pricing what would it be if I decide to sell in the future. I will send you pictures of my 1979 Baretta 45 later because I don't have them on this computer device. Thanks.
Westminster USA

Thu Feb 18 2016
Whiteboyslife at
Price to sell
Italian Baretta
I have a 1978 Beretta Italian magnum scooter in perfect condition. Black all original parts. I would like to sell my scooter but not sure how to find out what the price tag would be. Can you direct me thru the proper channel.
Nevada. USA

Sun Jan 25 2015
bagboy60 at
For sale
baretta 22 22
looking to sale baretta 22 for parts (no title)
Phoenix, az.

Mon Sep 19 2011
1977 BARETTA 44
Needs tuneup. Who would I take it to, or can I get schematics?
Michigan, USA

Sun Jul 11 2010
justinmalko AT lycos dot com
Moped for sale
Piccoli Motori Baretta 1978

1978 Baretta moped for sale in sunny Santa Monica, CA. The moped has been stored indoors and covered for the last 3 years. In very good cosmetic condition with only minor flaws for a moped of this age. It requires a good service or an enthusiast's attention to run again. Almost new tires and almost all the original bright tomato red paint. The exhaust pipe could use a good scrub and a new coat of black paint. Original seat is in excellent condition. Tank is beautiful and has all original decals and pin stripes. I had a full restore/service about 4 years ago by Big Ass Motors ( which got the moped purring like it was new. A moped needs regular attention. I'd recommend taking it to Big Ass or maybe to Choke for some love.
1977 Baretta mopeds are rare, perhaps even vintage, and the parts alone are worth over $650. The moped is Italian made by Piccoli Motori with a Minarelli engine.
Los Angeles

I double checked the frame and the moped is a 1978 not 77. Thanks!

Wed Apr 28 2010
baretta moped
looking for used or new parts for my moped 1979. Need rt pedel shaft also looking for r
lt side engin cover...

Thu May 14 2009
drac65 at live dot com
1978 baretta44
i have a 1978 baretta44 that is 90%complete.make an offer.

Fri Aug 01 2008
johnrogercompton at msn dot com
Vegalia Speedometer cable
Baretta Piccoli Motori
Mfg Sept. 1979. Serial No: B-80457. I need speedometer cable for Veglia speedometer.
Boise, Idaho , USA

Mon Mar 31 2008
bluewolf at televar dot com
Looking For...
1978 Baretta Piccoli 1978 Baretta Piccoli
Hello...We are looking for a rear light assembly and a magneto coil for our 1978 Baretta ...please email if anyone can help us...
Thank you
Washington State USA

Sun Jan 27 2008
AlexJordan22 at aol dot com
1978 Baretta Moped
Piccoli Baretta
I recently dug up my mom's moped. The tage by the handlebars says it's a 1978 Piccoli. I have no clue how big the engine is all I know is the sticker says Morini Franco Motori. I want to know about engine rebuilds, performance parts, or any moped engines that will fit on the same bike. Please let me know.
Federal Way, WA

Thu Oct 11 2007
egdirtsquirts at hotmail dot com
spark plug info
79 Baretta Magnum
Trying to find spark plug info for a 79 baretta magnum. Plug disappeared and need to know what's supposed to be there. Thanks, Ernie
Kent, Wa.

Tue Jul 03 2007
sythdeerpark at msn dot com
parts for our moped
piccoli Motori Baretta (1978)
We need some parts for our moped. We have not had any luck finding anything online. Please help us. Thank you

Try the moped directory at Bikelinks:

Thu Apr 26 2007
ice-berge-12 at yahoo dot com
Restoring My Magnum
1978?- 1979 Baretta Magnum
Just got the familys moped after 20 some years of abuse being left outside in the weather, attempting to restore starting this summer, anyone know a good place to get a replacement exhaust pipe for it?
Seattle, Washington

Mon Mar 12 2007
monty at athleticawards dot com
Baretta 506 44
I have one of these bikes it has not run for some time but looks good what is it worth $
Seattle,WA. USA

Sat Feb 24 2007
moto-ago-go at yahoo dot com
Need parts
Baretta 44
Wanted - working coil (magneto) for Baretta 44- engine is Minarelli ,not sure of model
Redmond,Washington ,America

Fri Aug 18 2006
cfelts at
Baretta Magnum
I have a top-tank moped manufactured in 1979 by Piccola Motor, I think.  The plate is damaged & difficult to read. It has a Minarelli motor.
Los Angeles Area
The bike was made by Piccoli Motori. My son wants to make a cafe racer out of it, using an 86cc Minarelli VI speed kit. It was missing the speedometer, so he replaced the headlamp housing with one from an old Cimatti Citybike which incorporates a speedometer. He has also replaced the u-shaped handlebars with slightly dropped handlebars. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but the seller posted a couple of pictures on CraigsList. Also, there is a picture of a black 1979 Baretta Magnum at Moped Army.

Cheers, Chuck

Mon Jul 10 2006
golfguybill at yahoo dot com
Spare Parts
Piccoli Motori Baretta
I need spare parts (piston rings, etc.) for a Piccoli Motori Baretta motor bike with engine number G*12005*
Dallas TX

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