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Mon Dec 15 2008
eddy.meijer at chello.nl
gerosa 50cc automatic
I have above mentioned Gerosa, even this model has nobody seen before. Do you have more information?
Brielle Netherlands

Wed Jun 13 2007
info at h-van-buuren.speedlinq.nl
heeft iemand hier informatie over?

Mon Dec 26 2005
andreat77 at tiscali.it
Gerosa Motorcycle
Hi. I have a Gerosa Motorcycle but I don't know the model.
It is a 50cc with 4 speed.
I want to restore it but I don't know the original colors.
Do you have a list of the models that they have been produced.

Fri Nov 11 2005
bremnerandrew at aol dot com
well, i cannot find any pictures of the GUAZZONI at the moment but here is an even rarer GEROSA 125cc 2T from the early 1950s which I am even more keen to discover any information. HELP!!!!!!

January 3, 2003
Hello, here's finally a picture of the complete restored GEROSA (the fox), someone more info about the Italian mopeds of this brand? my e-mailadress: gerosa18 at hotmail dot com

November 12, 2002
I know a lot about the Gerosa / The Fox as my father, G.J. de Vos imported and assembled them. My son is also on the look out for a "The Fox" to do it up -- Kind regards -- Corrie Hoogendoorn - de Vos --  plomp at bart.nl

September 28, 2001
Hello, finally some info about Gerosa. my dad has had a Gerosa for 27 years, and is now busy completing a restoration of it. It was an original Italian moped, but was assembled in the early 60's in the Netherlands (holland) by g.j. de vos in Amsterdam. There must have been several types but we can't seem to find any documentation of it. Does anyone know more of these magnificent moped? I'll send a foto of it later this year. with greetings -- Louis -- grosa18 at hotmail dot com

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