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Hejira motorcycles were produced from 1981 at Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire.

This small firm produced racing machines using a 250cc two-stroke single Rotax engine. They developed a twin-spar frame that linked headstock and rear-fork pivot directly, and from which the engine unit hung.

By 1986 single and twin versions in various sizes were available. They had also produced a machine with the fuel tank under the engine, with a prototype hub-centre design.

Although the design was good, lack of finances meant that the project could not be fully developed.

There has also been a Ducati-engined racing machine raced under the Mick Walker Motorcycles banner.

Source: Graces Guide

Mon Nov 05 2012
jons at
Just a short message to say that Hejira is still in business and has been since 1970. Attached are a few of the bikes.Morte info is available.

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