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Harris Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marques

There are two businesses named Harris, each involving different men with the name of Les Harris.

1. The brothers Steve and Lester Harris formed Harris Performance in Hertford UK in the early 1970s and produced frame kits and complete motorcycles using Japanese, Italian and British engines.

See Harris Performance

Les Harris established LF Harris International Ltd and was responsible for the Harris Triumph Bonneville of 1984-87, and also for the Harris Matchless of 1987-93, a 500cc single-cylinder Rotax-engined machine.

See Harris International

Prior to WWI there was a Harris of Coventry

Harris Motorcycles
In your entry on Harris Motorcycles you refer to two totally separate businesses. Harris Performance was founded by Steve and Lester (sometimes known as Les) Harris , but the Les Harris of Bonneville and Matchless G80 fame was Leslie Frederic Harris who founded LF Harris International Ltd. There is no connection between these two businesses, although many people mistakenly believe that the two Les Harris's are the same person! A search on Google for either person will quickly establish the right facts. I hope that this is of use to you.
Peterborough, UK
Thu Jun 17 2010

Sat, 10 Feb 2018
Pamnw at icloud.com
Matchless 1988 Harris G80

I have owned my Matchy for 10 years and yes, I admit they are hard to start; in fact, I was nearly talked into fitting an alternative carby but I am glad I didn't. I had the bike for a month or more before I I could even get it started. All you have to do is put the choke on full, set the twist grip to about one quarter, line up the indicator in the cam window and give it a good kick. Never operate the throttle other than to set it and only use the choke on a cold start. If you operate the throttle as in old bikes this is guaranteed to flood the engine and make it very hard to start. All round, a very fun bike to ride, handles beautifully, crap chrome on the rims and a real head turner amongst motorcycle enthusiasts. I will never regret buying it.
South Australia Australia

Mon Nov 14 2011
wiring diagram needed
Harris Matchless G80
I need a wiring diagram for my 88' Harris Matchless. Can anyone direst me where to get one? thanks,
New York

Sun Apr 17 2011
dpnz<at>hotmail dot com
Harris Bikes
Harris Bonneville
Do you have any info on the harris bike? Im doing some research for the website triumphbonneville.co.nz which is exclusively for the Harris model.

(The now defunct site stated the Harris Bonneville was built from 1985 until about 1988 and that "there were 72 of them brought into NZ")

Wed Oct 21 2009
william.silver at gmail dot com
Harris G80 for sale in California
Matchless G80-Harris
New 1988 G80 Harris Matchless for sale in SoCal. Never started. Dual discs and electric starter.
San Diego, CA

Mon Aug 24 2009
vibvaagl at online.no
Harris alu frame
Yamaha 1984
I want information about this model.
Oslo, Norway

Sat Jun 06 2009
j.e.hettinga at hotmail dot com
Harris Matchless
Matchless G80 Harris
My side stand is buckled and I wonder if this side stand was also used on other bikes, so it wil be easier to find. The same for te centre stand witch is missing and the taillight en rear indicators, witch are not original

Mon Mar 23 2009
johnwalton55 at talktalk.net
rotax 500
Harris Matchless 1989 G80 500CC
silly question. Regarding the 600cc big bore kits. Can you tell from the outside of engine if a big bore kit is fitted? I do not know if any previous owner has fitted. Bike seems far too rapid for a 500!
Oxford, UK

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