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Felber Microcars and Sidecars

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: A. Felber & Co, Vienna
The Felber company a well-known manufacturer of sidecars. In 1952 the first Autoroller three-wheeler microcars were produced with a 400cc engine and a four-speed gearbox, plus reverse.

A second model was released using a 350cc Rotax.

Productiion of these quite wonderful machines ceased in 1954.

Microcar Models:
Felber Autoroller T 400, 1953-1954
Twin-cylinder Rotax two-stroke of 398ccm with 6 volt electrics and electric start. Four-speed gearbox with reverse.
Excellent fuel economy and a top speed over 80kph.

Felber Autoroller TL 400
As above, premium version.

Hofmann & Moldrich of Vienna built a dozen or so coachbuilt machines based on the Felber, somewhat similar in appearance to the Fuldamobil.

Felber sidecars were built under licence by George Brough in England in the 1930s.

Austrians Eduard Edlitzberger and Norbert Wittasek rode rode around the world on a Horex-Felber sidecar outfit, 1953-1954.

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