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Borgo Sidecar on 1918 Reading Standard

Gosford Sidecar 1912

Juwel Sidecar 1933 Luxus Sport

Royal Sidecar ca 1959 Durkopp Diana

Burbury Sidecars

Burbury Sidecars and Sidecar Chassis. T. CADBY & SONS, Ltd., Birmingham.

BMW Troika SR2100 C, 2000
Photo by Hans Denzel

  • ACAP
  • ADKA, Germany
  • Aero
  • A.G.
  • AJS
  • Alfred Jockisch see Juwel Sidecars
  • Anfa Seitenwagen
  • APS SeitenwagenArmec, built in Switzerland by Kurt and Markus Aregge, aircraft industry.
  • Austro-Omega, Austria
  • AJL Sidecars
  • APS Sidecars
  • Avion
  • BAF
  • Bambini (see also Watsonian)
  • BD
  • Bender, Denmark
  • Binder
  • Blacknell, UK
  • Blackthorn
  • BOB Seitenwagen, Berlin 1950s, Gerhard Bobbe
  • Bramble
  • Briggs, UK
  • Bufflier, France
  • Berkeley see British Marques (B)
  • Burbury, UK
  • Burlington, UK
  • Bernardet, FR
  • Busmar, UK
  • Canoelet, UK
  • Canterbury, UK
  • Carell, Germany
  • Carpio - Henri Carpio Sidecars, Romainville, Paris
  • Cassardo - Cesar Cassardo, St. Etienne, France, circa early 1930's
  • Castle, UK
  • Cechie by Bohmerland
  • Challenger, UK
  • Charnwood, fitted to R67 in BMW gallery
  • C.I.M.T. Gribaudi Sidecar 1947
  • Chorovski
  • Combination Garage, Japan
  • Continental, India
  • Corda
  • Corgi, UK
  • Cozy, India
  • Cushman, United States
  • Cykleborsen, Denmark
  • CZ-Stoye
  • Dania
  • Derwent Sidecar Co., of Borrowash, Derby. Fitted to 1916 Brough HO Twin.
  • Dorway 1922
  • Dnepr
  • Druzeta by Drupol, Prague.
  • Duco 1911, Belgium
  • Dukelet 1912
  • Duna - models include the OK4 with headlights and grille.
  • Dunhills, Glasgow
  • Dunkley
  • Durapid, Roma. Fitted to Moto Rumi.
  • Dusting, Australia
  • Egli, Switzerland
  • EML - built quality sidecar outfits for 30 years. emlsidecar.com
  • Engstrom, Denmark
  • Era
  • Ero Sidecars
  • EZS - well-established firm in the Netherlands.
  • Falke/Falkensee
  • Farrar's 1912
  • Faurne, Valence
  • Favorit
  • Favorite
  • Felber, Austria
  • Flotteur, 174, rue de Vaurgirard, Paris (15)
  • Fritz Heigl, Germany
  • Fulgur Trailers. Vincennes, Seine, France. More information: French Marques (F)
  • heigl-fritz.de
  • Galimberti, Italy
  • Garnier - A. G. Garnier, Paris. Paris Salon, 1922
  • Garrard, UK
  • Gautherot, France
  • Geko, Swiss
  • Georgi, Germany
  • Gewo
  • Globe, India
  • Gloria Sidecars
  • Gosford 1912
  • Goulding, Australia
  • Graiseley
  • Grindlay, Great Britain
  • Grus
  • Grüter & Gut GG
  • Haller-Stoye
  • Harley Davidson, United States
  • Hawke, Queensland 1930s
  • HB Side-Cars, Ets P. Humblot, France.
  • HBJ
  • HBS
  • C. W. Hayward, see Graiseley
  • Helen Sidecars 1922
  • HGT
  • Hiller
  • Hillsborough 1949 Sidecars
  • HMO Hegi
  • HTH
  • Ideal Sidecars
  • Imperia
  • Imperial Sidecars
  • Jeaniel
  • James Grose Sidecars 1922
  • Junak
  • Jurisch Microcars
  • Juwel Sidecars
  • Kalinowski Sidecars (Kali)
  • Kalich Sidecars
  • Kappa, Japan. sakuma-engineering
  • Krauser Domani
  • Kruger, Germany
  • Laurin & Klement, Austria
  • Lefévre
  • Legno
  • Lohner, Austria
  • Longhi, Italy
  • Lowen, GB 1907
  • Marchetti Stabil trailers
  • Master, Netherlands
  • MAW
  • Mills & Fulford
  • Minato, Japan
  • MMO
  • Mober Sidecars
  • Moline. New Mexico. Similar to the Moturist of the Netherlands, possibly a copy.
  • Motek Sidecars
  • Montgomery, UK
  • MotoWig
  • Moturist
  • MSE Pera
  • Murphy, Australia. Norton 16H with Murphy in the Norton Gallery
  • Murray
  • New Imperial
  • Nimbus, Denmark
  • Noxal
  • Oakleigh - Oakleigh Sidecar Co. West Dulwich. There was also a firm named Oakleigh Motor Co. of West Dulwich.
  • OWB, Germany
  • Parri, Torino
  • Pav 40 Trailer
  • PeRa Sidecars, Germany
  • Perscheid
  • P.E.U.P.L.E.
  • Piaggio/Vespa, Italy
  • PMB Sidecars 1955
  • Poinard, France
  • Précision, 39bis Rue Martre, Clichy (Seine)
  • Pride and Clarke
  • Quepo, Italy
  • Rabbit, Japan
  • Rankin, UK
  • Rekfod, Austria
  • Rainer Koch of Brazil fitted VW engines to Amazonas and built a variety of other sidecar machines..
  • Rotax Sidecars 1926
  • Royal Sidecars
  • Sandham, UK
  • Sandum 1925, UK
  • Sauer
  • Sakuma, Japan
  • Seidel, Austria
  • Sheffield-Henderson
  • SideRider, UK
  • Silver Pigeon, Japan
  • Simmer, Germany
  • Squire, UK
  • SOL
  • Stemler
  • Sterling
  • Star, Denmark
  • Steib, Germany
  • Stolz, Germany
  • Stoye, Germany
  • Superelastik Sidecars
  • Surrey, UK
  • Swallow, UK
  • Swan Sidecars (Oxford), Ltd.
  • Szentesi Sidecar
  • Texas Sidecars, United States (closed 2015)
  • Theurer Sidecar, Wurttemberg (possibly for bicycles only)
  • Thompson CycleCar, San Fernando, California, 1971-1985
  • Tilbrook, Australia
  • Tittarelli, Italy
  • Tornado Sidecars 1926, Hudson & Matthews
  • Troika
  • Trojan, UK
  • Vannod, France
  • Velorex
  • VMC
  • VP
  • Vodac Cycle Trailer
  • Volta UK
  • VOA
  • VP Sidcears
  • Walter
  • Wasp, UK
  • Watsonian, UK
  • Whitley, UK
  • Wolbrown Sidecars by W.H. Brownlow, Leeds
  • Wunsche
  • Zephyr built in Richmond California in the 1970s. The passenger needed to be something of a contortionist.
  • Zundapp, Germany

Several sidecars were to be seen outside the building. Among these we may mention the Delta, now known as the Volta, which was described in detail in the issue of June 3rd, 1920.

Car Type Tyres.

One of these machines was shown fitted with a 750 x 135 mm. oversize Palmer cord tyre. The sidecar is best known for its luxuriously fitted and elaborately equipped projectile-shaped body. Such a tyre as that referred to is practically unwearable, and greatly increases the comfort of the passenger.

The Volta sidecar is sold by the Volta Sidecar and Accessories Co., 23, Westworth Road, Manor Park, London, E.12.

For those who fancy a two-seated sidecar the Art should be of special interest. It is manufactured by the Sandham Engineering Co., Ltd., and is sold by the Art Motor Cycle and Sidecar Co...
Continued: Sandham by Ascot

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920.

efftani at yahoo.com
BMW R nine t 2018
I am interested in buying or building a leaner side car for my 80 lb (35 kilo) dog in California. Do you ship to the US? Do you have a cost breakdown of various models and options?
Thank you in advance for any help.
Jeff Shaffer
United States

Sorry, we don't sell sidecars.
Sidecar image posted to Comments

sdfcxzp at gmail.com
Flexible or leaner
I am desperately looking for plans to build a flexible or leaner sidecar. I have a collection of vintage motorbikes but cannot ride them without a sidecar after being badly injured in an armed robbery. I live in South Africa and importing one if I could find one is with our exchange rate impossible
South Africa
bk4140 at aol.com
1970 Zephyr Sidecar
Do you have any information on this sidecar?
Just got one and am restoring it.

Try floridasidecarproducts.com

Mon Oct 13 2014
porzi.wentland at gmx.de
Vodac Sidecars
Hello there!
I am a student for conservation of technological heritage. At the moment I am working on a cycle pulled trailer by the company "Vodac". I can't seem to find any information on this company, I only came across this name on your website referring to the welbikes. It seems to have been a company specialised on side cars or trailers. Do you perhaps have any information concerning "vodac" or know where I could look for it? I'd be very happy if so. I attached some photos. The database says the trailer was manufactured in 1952. Many thanks and greetings from Glasgow,
Eva Wentland

Images of the Vodak child's trailer are in the sidecar gallery.

Dec 5th 2013
Walter sidecars
WALTER Motorrad-Gespanntechnik
Inh.: Ridiger & Zech
D-34590 Wabern-Harle
Zur Weinen Brucke 4A
walter-motorradgespanntechnik.de (1806)

Jan 20th 2014
There is a newly published book on Czech sidecars which contains photos and history of approximately 34 different makes.
The text is in Czechoslovakian language.  The book is available through several English book sellers.
Best Wishes,  Jonathan Hayt

Czech Sidecars

Fri Mar 15 2013
czech obscure
Many obscure Czech sidecars are listed with photos on the Motorcycle Club Praha web site.
Look under "Sidecars made in Bohemia" for the listing with photos.
They would be good items for your web site.
Best Regards,   Jonathan Hayt

The page Jonathan refers to is: http://www.sidecar-cz.com/sidecary-vyrabene-cechach-ceskoslovensku

Marques mentioned include:

Grus Chorovski
Laurin & Klement
Marque "S"
Tacheci (sp?)

The Troika is designed and built by Heiner Heidenwang using components manufactured by EML, and the sidecars are available only as complete, finished outfits. In production since 1978, earlier models included the Troika SR 80/100 based on the aircooled boxer, with later machines using BMW R 1200 C twins.
Visit heidenwag-gespannbau.de

modichella at libero.it
1200C anno2004 indipendents
I would like to know who produces the troika Sidecar model for the BMW1200c independents
Giuseppe Modica

Mon Jan 09 2012
twinkley4<at>hotmail dot com
Garrard Latimer
Hi, we are trying to find a detailed drawing of the chassis for 1954 / 55 model, are you able to advise where we may find one, we have searched the net endlessly to no avail. Please help. Many thanks, Sue
London, UK

Fri Dec 23 2011
johnlynda<at>ymail com
Australian sidecar
Hawk or Hawke? 1930's
Believed to have used some Dusting mounts. Rear has hawk tail shape

Attached pics of the Hawke sidecar. Only story to come with it was that it was used in 1939 for a honeymoon in South Australia. The felt hub seal outer has GMH stamped into it.
Ipswich Qld Australia

Sat Jul 31 2010
emnjonh<at>gmail com
European sidecars
Binder, Hiller, Favorit sidecars
A few more sidecars for your
sidecar page: Binder (Not Bender)
Hiller (not Haller-Stoye) and
Favorit = all German postwar but classic design.
Best wishes, Jonathan Hayt

August 2009
Nowadays, a motorcycle sidecar might not arouse the same ecstasy as it used to bikes in early days, but the latest vehicle by Francois Knorreck is a sidecar with difference that gives an entirely new definition to the sidecars. Dubbed "Snaefell," the 1000cc Laverda motorcycle has three exhausts, and its sidecar offers a luxury ride in comparison to regular sidecars. The designer has employed different parts of a Kawasaki 1000RX and a number of cars to accomplish the motorcycle sidecar, which took 10 years and nearly 15,000 Euros to combine biking and luxury car ride in a single vehicle.

Sun May 31 2009
Is this HMO-Hegi Emblem for sale? i understand not very well ingish, but I'm very intresting for this Emblem because look www.hmo-gespanne,ch
6372 Ennetmoos

Sun May 03 2009
duna sidecar
Duna unknown
I am looking for a parts source for Duna sidecars used on the Pannonia motorcycle. anyone know of any reliable parts sources?

Mar 08 2009
Badge offered on Ebay
Size 7 cm / 2.75 inches

Mon Mar 02 2009
Globe Rocket Sidecar
Globe Rocket
Is it possible to get fitting which connects sizecar to scooter.the one I have is for a Vespa. The type may be similar to Bambani.
Perth Australia

Thu Feb 12 2009
Czech sidecars
CZ et al sidecars
You may wish to see an obscure Czech sidecar site:
www.volny.cz/sidecar. Particularly see photos of CZ-Stpye.

Another web site of which you probably aware is: www.vorkriegs-seitenwagen.de

In the event that you are not familiar with this site, it lists some 45 plus prewar german and austrian sidecar manufacturers and includes photos and other data relating to some of the various makes.

Best wishes. Jonathan Hayt
Tucson, AZ, USA


Your excellent web site does not include certain European sidecars that you may wish to add:

Danish sidecars: Bender, Dania, Star, Sterling, Engstrom, and Nimbus. Your photos of Nimbus combiinations include ACAP and, I believe, a green Nimbus sidecar. Additionally, there are several photos of a red Nimbus motorcycle with a red sidecar that has vertical chrome or alloy trim strips and a blunt nose. That sidecar is not identified in the captions but it is a Dania..

Under Stoye sidecars, you may wish to add the following Stoye licensed products: CZ-Stoye (Czech), Haller-Stoye (Swiss) and Precision (Belgian And French).

Under DDR, the following: Falke/Falkensee, Gewo, MAW, HTH and Wunsche. There are others but, I think, for the moment that is enough so I'll stop here.

Regards, jonathan

Thanks to Jonathon Hayt

Feb 2009
Australian sidecars include Dusting and Goulding.

Jan 2009
“The Sidecar - A History” by Geoff Brazendale, a limited edition, 250pp, A4, quality hardback book covering the complete story of the origins and development of the sidecar in the 20th century. The book includes a section on bicycle sidecars and an appendix of over 300 makes.
More information:

Thu May 10 2007
nannyteeny<at>hotmail dot com
bambini box

Hi I have an old Bambini Box, and am hoping to sell it- I wondered if you could give me any idea of it's value- it has been resprayed anf looks in good condition.

posted. .

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

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