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Polish automobile constructions

Junak - The Polish Harley

If I feel pity for any domestic product of the motorization industry, then it especially is the Junak - a great motorcycle, which should be modernised and produced until this very day.

Basic model - Junak M10 (after modernisation)

The Junak design emerged from the Warsaw Motor Industry's Construction Bureau (BKPMot).

The team was led by expert motorcycle constructors with experience from the pre-war National Engineering Works (PZInz), Jan Ignatowicz and Stefan Porazinski. The name Junak was related to the popular Fiat 508, which was made in PZInz in the 30's, and at the same time it brought to mind the gallant members of the those days young men's labour brigades.

Theoretic work began in 1952. In the beginning it was supposed to be a heavy motorcycle - mainly for the military - with a 500 cm3 engine, but the project was changed and in effect a 350 cm3 class vehicle was created. It was shown for the first time on the expo in "Hala Ludowa" in Wroclaw, arranged in 1954, in occasion with the 10'th anniversary of Polish People's Republic.

The Junak immediately created a sensation. Articles, published in among others the "Motor", were calling on instant serial production of the motorcycle. But this was problematic. The Stettin's Metal Part Production Plant, which was to manufacture the Junak, was not prepared for it, lacking vital tools. The co-operators also needed to create the instrumentation. Initial in 1956 the first 30 motorcycles were made, nearly by hand. During the next year only 253 Junaks rolled off the production line. In January 1958 WSM took on the name "Szczecin's Motorcycles Factory"(SFM), and began an expansion, in order to produce 20 thousand units of two-wheelers a year. These skills were achieved in 1962, producing exactly 20 127 motorcycles.

Still in Poland they were hard to obtain, as export began. Junaks were successfully sold in Bulgaria, Cuba, Mongolia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Hungary and ... the USA. On the other hand, other motorcycles as Jawa, Izh, Simson and MZ began to flow into Poland.

In the sixty's the Junak got a few variations - a sidecar, a load crate, a cross version - and had a serious facelift. The headlight got a smooth casing, which was integrated with the suspension fork, got a deeper mudguard, more efficient brakes were introduced, the chain was encapsulated and the exhaust changed.

The motorcycle - in a standard version - cost nearly 23 thousand PLZ, and was quite expensive compared with the average salary of 2,5 thousand PLZ. Potential consumers - in their twenties - were making an average of 1500 PLZ. Imported motorcycles were cheaper, and the Junak began to lose national market, although not enough to stop production. Unfortunately the central leadership of PPR decided to shut down SFM. It transformed into the co-operators of the FSO and FSM and began manufacturing of steering controls and transmission valves. In 1964 SFM engineers developed a prototype of a modern motorcycle "Iskra" with a two cylinder engine, but production plans were never discussed. Polish People's Republic garrotted a greatly expanding motorcycle industry, because the "Council for Mutual Economic Aid" strategy said so. The two-wheelers were to be in the domain of DDR, Czechoslovakia and USSR...

Zbigniew D. Skoczek

(translated by Kristoffer Malewski - Denmark)
krzych at vip.cybercity.dk
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Sat Apr 21 2012
junak millenium
Tell me please if there is a dealer of JUNAK bikes in USA and if there is then in what city??? Thank you.
New York

Thu Mar 22 2012
junak 121
Hi, I'm looking into importing a junak 121 to the uk but am struggling to find information about importers and whether it will be hard to register with the DVLA in relation to emissions etc, also in fact if its learner legal. It looks like the nicest and best built 125 bike on the market and I'd love to have one but floundering a bit. If you have any advice I'd be very grateful

Sun Jun 21 2009
gerd.struempel at freenet.de
Junak 350
ich suche nach einer Junak 350. Könnten Sie mir mit kontaktinformationen helfen? Danke, freue mich auf Anwort.

Mon Oct 01 2007
danielcrawt at hotmail dot com
junak m10
Hi,im going to buy an m10 in poland and bring it back to england,any advise?

Sun Mar 11 2007
a-gonta at hotmail dot com
buy a junak millenium

Could you please tell me where i could purchase a junak millenium in the UK.

Kind Regards

Sat Feb 10 2007
nathalie.de.smet at telenet.be
Junak side-car
Hello, i've got a moto BMW with a junak side-car, i'm looking for a Junak windbreaker but i don't know where to search, i'm belgian. thanks a lot, nathalie

Sun Feb 04 2007
ziemian-pnd at interia.pl
part of motorcycle

Hi! My name is Pawel. I have a few motorcycles parts on sale (WFM OSA, RY&#346; MR1, JUNAK, SIMSON SR2). Could you write on your site this advertisement??
Poland - Krosno

Fri Nov 17 2006
pustynny at vp.pl
Junak Pomorski - Wortal of Free Owners of Junak SFM
All Junak Models
Hello Friends
I would like to present the biggest wortal of Junak Owners.
http://junak.ekoma.pl [404 0611]
There are Gallery with old and the newest photos of Junak, Polish language forum of owners and much more about Junak SFM. If You have any questions send email to me (kbad at polbox.com).

Good luck and see you on roads!

Pustynny :)
Stargard Szczecinski

December 12, 2002
My brother and i have a Junak M10, and we need a turning engine part. Who oh who can help us. please send your message to wgoeman at zeelandnet.nl -- Netherlands

October 2, 2002
Here is the current URL of Pawel Cmielewski's Junak page:

http://www.polskie.motocykle.org/polmot.html 404

Best regards
Krzych -- km at houe-olsen.dk

August 8, 2002
Hallo Junak - friends,
Can you tell me the next date from the oldtimer bazar in wrozlaw?
Thank for the information Wolfgang -- wosch53 at web.de

July 31, 2002
I'm from Poland, in Warsaw. My name is Arek. I have Junak M10, Royal Enfield Bullet, 2000years, and Simson Awo 1956 years.
If you want parts for Junak, look in www.skuterdebica.hg.pl
My address javol at poczta.onet.pl
Best Regards
Arek from Poland

June 7, 2002
Via een kennis in Polen kreeg ik dit e-mail adres door ivm Junak motoren. Hij vertelde mij dat jullie ook een web pagina hebben. Kunt u het adres daarvan doorgeven aub?
Bij voorbaat mijn dank,
R. Grootjans -- rgrootjans at vermeer-international.com

June 4, 2002
Hello friends
My name is Jacob Foder -- jacob at zwicky.dk
6000 Kolding

I hawe JUNAK M 10 1962
I Hawe buy it in Poland

December 25, 2001
Hello Esa,
I just read your email to www.narma.org
It is possible to find an original Junak M10 in Poland without any problems. You can find the offers in MC magazines or on the net. (all in polish)

The Junak should cost from 2000 PLZ (solo in running condition), up to 10000 PLZ (with side-car and after TOP renovation)

If you are still interesting in buying the bike, please contact me by e-mail.
Best regards
Krzych >> Vadum, DK
Junak M-10 (with side-car)
krzych at vip.cybercity.dk
Junak mailing list
Junak at motocykle.org
http://listserv.motocykle.org/mailman/listinfo/junak [404]

November 24, 2001
Hallo Junak friends,
I have a Junak (cafee racer) und I search for a Junak club or a date from the next JunaK meeting. -- greetings from wolfgang -- WUdo222 at aol dot com

August 28, 2001
Did You all know that thanks to POLMO-Szczecin Junak is reincarnated !? After 35 years it made its début on 2001 Poznan Motor Show. I've heard that Junak presented two models: belt driven for smaller cc engine & shaft for larger one. Don't know all the details about these new machines, but after my September visit to Poland I'll be more than happy to share with you all I inquired there. -- maciek kolodziejczak -- my e-mail jeicam at msn dot com or metanoiamt at hotmail dot com

June 8, 2001
Hi Junak fans,

The new Junak was reborn. But unfortunately, it is not an original Junak. It is Hyongsung from Far East, which will be marketing in Poland under name of Junak - Millennium. (see the pictures of new and old Junak, what a difference!)  -- Regards -- Kristoffer krzych at vip.cybercity.dk

May 15, 2001
Dear "Junak" Friends!
The best way to buy all parts you want for your motorcycle is to go for it to Poland! What's the problem!? Only 100-300 km from Germany. There are frequently (three or four times in all year) organised following old motorcycle markets:

- "Moto Weteran Bazar" ("Moto-Veteran Bazaar") in Lodz (central Poland), the biggest and the famous;

- "Oldtimer Bazar" ("Oldtimer Bazaar") in Wroclaw (south-western Poland), a little smaller than in Lodz, but near German border);

- "Warszawski Bazar Motocyklowy" ("Warsaw Motorcycle Bazaar") in Warsaw (central Poland), new but big.

In Poland they produce many new parts: pipe, kick-starter, rear lamp, piston, etc. Maybe sending by post is possible too. All parts (new and used) are very chip. And new issue of the manual and parts list (in Polish of course) is available.

Actual calendar you may check on page: wanderer.riders.pl/coc.htm (404)

"Swieto Junaka" ("Junak Meeting") in Szczecin (Junak's build place)is planned on 29.06.-01.07.2001.

In my opinion the best web page about "Junak" is: www.kki.net.pl/~junax/

"Spiker" -- lkm-wehikul at poczta.onet.pl

Sorry, but my English gramma isn't very good, yet.

From Sheldon -- Your English is a lot better than my Polish...

March 29, 2001
Does anybody can inform me: is it possible to buy in Poland a Junak M10? How much does it approximately cost? -- Esa Alin, Finnland -- e.alin at luukku dot com

March 13, 2001
I hev junak from 1959 model M-O7 lukaszzegar at poczta.onet.pl

February 17, 2001
Hello! Are you still interested in polish motorcycles? If yes, then try following web site: marigan.w.interia.pl (a lot of info about Junak). Pozdrawiam Mariusz Gandzel --- marigan at interia.pl

Marigan Junak Archive

February 16, 2001
Hi guys
I can supply photocopies of Junak wiring diagram, parts book etc. Please email me if you need information. If you need Junak parts in Holland, try:
 Jaap En Tinus
Tel: 0174 382909 or 0174 625205

Please find attached a picture of my M10 and also a WSK.

Tom Norman -- tom.norman -- tom.norman at ntlworld.com

January 30, 2001
Hello Junak friends !
My name is Mariusz Gandzel and I am from Polands. I have two Junak M10 in my garage, and I have much of information on this theme. I can help with technical problems. If you need any information, write to me and I will answer soon as I can. Visit my page marigan.w.interia.pl (404)
Mariusz (Black) -- marigan at interia.pl

Marigan Junak Archive

November 18, 2001
Czesc Junak owners.
I have what is possibly the only Junak in UK. What is it like to ride?
- Interesting!
Engine - easy starter and flexible but definitely not quick. Oil leaks are a constant problem.
Brakes - for the brave. I have relined with British material, made up stiffer cables and checked everything I can think of, but at the end of the day the brakes still look better than they perform.
Gearbox - lots of neutrals
Centre stand - a real hernia inducer (try and get a side stand, but that increases the oil leaks)
Suspension - very soft and far more comfortable than a British bike of the same period.

I have an original copy of the Polish magazine Motor from 1960 which includes a Junak road test - most of the above criticisms are mentioned in that article (and a few more)

Do I like it? Of course I do! It is my own private piece of Poland.

There is a reprinted Junak spares and maintenance book (in Polish) available in Poland. Entitled Junak M10, the ISBN is 83-206-1202-0. It includes a fully illustrated parts list and wiring diagrams. If you have difficulty getting a copy, I can probably help.

The Polish motorcycle magazine Swiat Motocycle has recently published a series of articles on Junaks (again all in Polish). swiat-motocykli.pl

I have a number of contemporary Polish articles. If anybody would like a photocopy I will happily send one.

There is a section on Junak in the excellent book Polskie motocycle 1946-1985 by Andrzej Zielinski.

Spare parts.
Dutch owners should contact: Jaap En Tinus, Motorenverzamelaars, tel 0174-382909 or 0174-625205. Dealer in Junak spares. There are a number of Junak spares specialists in Poland. Their advertisements can be found in Swiat Motocycl. However as far as I know, none of them speak English or are geared up for exports. If anybody wants these addresses please let me know and I will post them. If you are completely stuck for parts send me an email. I have Polish motorcyclist friends who will be prepared to help.

If anybody wants to email me about Polish motorcycles I will be happy to hear from them.

Good riding
Tom Norman -- tom.norman at ntlworld.com

November 13, 2000
Hello Junak friends,
I wonder if someone could help me on the following subject. A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a Junak and it needs thoroughly to be restored. One of the problems I noticed almost immediately was that the dynamo is missing. Now I have heard something about a modification to a 12 V installation. Is there anybody who can make me clever on this subject?
Gerard van Oostrom -- the Netherlands -- gvanohhw at wish.net

October 10, 2000
I found your site while searching for info on my own bike, a 1963 SFM Junak 350. Mine is the competition (MX) model. They also made a street, and sixday enduro model. I have for info: a color sales brochure showing the different models, a photocopy of the original repair manual with exploded views, and a 1963 issue of "Cycle World" that has a test of the enduro model. From what I gathered, they were imported to the US by Portnoy Imports in Linwood NJ. this town is about 30 miles from my house. I have contacted the widowed Mrs. Portnoy but she told me nothing remains of the dealership at all. The manual was loaned to me by a gentle man in Ohio and he allowed me to copy it. when it arrived I was surprised to see the dealership and town stamped on the cover. I'll try to locate his name/address, as he was very interested in finding one for sale. He said he owned a new one when he was younger. I will try to help out the people on the list with the info that I have, when time permits and perhaps if their interested I can get the brochure and the article scanned by a friend. The manual is way too large to do but perhaps if their is interest I could recopy it for others.

Hope this helps, By the way, I need a carb, pipe and kickstarter if anyone has these. Thanks. -- -Thom Allewelt -- relicracing at aol dot com

October 5, 2000
Hi there!
Are you still interested in polish motorcycles?
If yes, then try following web site:

http://tytan.umcs.lublin.pl/~pchmiel/polmot.htm [404]

(all about polish motorcycles, with a lot of info about Junak).
Grzech -- Grzegorz Kiwialo -- zenek at start.com.au

(Note from Sheldon August 24, 2002, Looks like this site is no longer working. If anyone knows the current URL please let me know)

March 5, 2000
Do you have information as to were you can buy parts for a Junak M10 BJ 65 in Germany ? -- Thanks, Peter Arendt -- Peter.Arendt at t-online.de

Novemeber 16, 1999
I am Menno Sikkink from the Netherlands. I have a Junak m10 in my garage, and now I am trying to get it on the road, but there are still a few problems I have to solve. I have problems fixing the electrical wiring. Do you have a schedule of this system for me? Please let me Know. By the way what a great peace of technical they make in Poland. -- Menno Sikkink -- menno.sikkink at wxs.nl

November 10, 1999
Hello I'm Sven Sterckx from Belgium. If you have information concerning this bike is it possible to mail it to me? I have a Junak but he is not driving and I want to repair it. I have the bike almost 2 years now. I don't know from which year the bike is but the front of the bike is different. -- Sven Sterckx -- ssterckx at be.packardbell.org

October 16, 1999
My name is Jan Helder and I am from the Netherlands. My brother bought 2 Junak's one from 1960 and one from 1963. We want to have some more info about them... Do you know sites with info about parts and stuff... -- Thanks, Jan Helder -- helderjr at hotmail dot com

March 29, 1999
Tell me what you want to know about these good bikes. I have owned a few of them, and it is really bulletproof bikes with two exceptions. The magneto is the main problem, not because its poor quality, but because it have a stupid location, in front of the engine, just in place for water from the front wheel. It also has a too small dynamo, which lets you drive at night with a candle light. Most bikes these days have a 12 volt dynamo and a normal distributor, and then you have a bike that never let you down.
If you need any information, just mail me and I will answer soon as I can.
Väinö Kultima, Kultima at online.no

Here is a photo of a Junak M10 from 1963 -- Varga Bela, from Hungary -- varga at kgtt.bme.hu

If you can read Polish please translate this site: pol.pl/news.-p/motor/retro-sa/junak/index.htm [404]

Note from Sheldon August 24, 2002, Looks like this site is no longer working. This appears to be the current site: polskie.motocykle.org/polmot.html [404]

If you have a query or information about Junak motorcycles please contact us