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Junak B21 Utility Tricyle

Engine - type S03, four-stroke, data as for the M07 Junak.

Electrical system - data as in the M07 Junak, with the following changes: two headlights, with an optical system diameter of 160 mm, with high beam, symmetrical low beam and position lights. Drive system - data as in the M07 Junak.

Chassis - the vehicle frame consisted of the M07 motorcycle frame, supplemented in the front part with the cargo box frame and front suspension. Suspension of the front wheels is independent, on single transverse wishbones, fitted with a semi-elliptical leaf spring placed transversely. Rear wheel suspension on trailing arm, with two spring elements, with coil springs and double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear wheel travel 96mm. Front disc wheels, pressed from steel sheet. 3.50x12" rims, 5.20-12" tubular tyres. Spoked rear wheel. Rim size 1.85x19". Tube tyres, size 3.50-19".

Braking system - mechanically actuated, independent, drum brakes. Front brake (hand brake) acting on the two front wheels. Foot brake acting on the rear wheel. Steering system - steel tubular motorcycle handlebars, connected by steering rods to the steering knuckles of the front wheels. Clutch and handbrake levers of pressed steel.

Bodywork - Wooden cargo box. Two headlights and a steel bumper attached to the front wall. Fuel tank welded from steel sheet stampings. A trunk, pressed from sheet metal, is attached to the tank. Three-position fuel tap. Double bench seat, porous rubber cushion, dermatoid cover. In the rear part of the motorcycle frame, there is a battery compartment, an air filter on the left, and a tool compartment on the right. Adjustable driver's footrests with rubber pads. Passenger footrests fold up, with rubber pads. Partial drive chain cover. the fixed part attached to the engine, the movable part to the swingarm. Shallow rear guard. Low exhaust system mounted on the right.

Dimensions - wheelbase 1600 mm, front wheelbase 1100 mm. total length 2750 mm, width 1300 mrn, height 1100 mm. Front seat height 760 mm, rear seat height 800 mm. Weight - approx. 300 kg. payload 300 kg. Capacity - fuel tank 17 litres, engine lubrication system 2.4 litres. clutch housing 0.5 litres, gearbox 0.4 litres. Maximum speed 60 km/h.

Source: Junak.net Archive