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The Junak motorcycle was produced in the Szczecin Motorbike Factory ( SFM ). Initially, only one M07 model was produced , which slowly turned into the M10 and its B20 truck version.

In addition to the models mentioned above, there were also a few less known ones that did not go into production, but they are worth mentioning. It was a sports Junak : M07R, M07C, prototype: M07/B21, M13 and the most modern M14 Iskra with a two-cylinder engine and a futuristic body.

Until recently, Junak was treated as an ordinary utility vehicle, only by some as a road veteran, but now no one will say that these motorcycles are not vintage motorcycles . They fully deserved to be called classic motorcycles. It is worth respecting and treating it as a vintage motorcycle.

This website was created for people who own Junak or want to get to know this motorcycle. I posted here stories, old articles, photos, workshop tips , something for those who like sidecarsand of course a gallery with photos both contemporary and old (not only Junak, but Jawa and other motorcycles). The purpose of creating this website is to present the Polish production of the Junak motorcycle, its history, and to familiarize interested parties with its construction, and in particular to popularize this, the only post-war four-stroke motorcycle, aimed at preserving as many motorcycles as possible in their original condition for future generations.

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