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Junak Militia Motorcycles

In 1960, constructors from SFM prepared a special version of Junak for the needs of the road patrols of the Citizens' Militia. This adaptation consisted of equipping the motorcycle with a wide fairing with a windshield and leg guards, a solo seat, and radio apparatus with a range of 20 km. The microphone was placed on the handlebars and could be used whist riding. In addition, the motorcycle had a tubular bar around the radio designed to protect the apparatus from damage in the event of accident.

The militia equipment was augmented by a siren produced in the "Elektra" Cooperative in Warsaw and a blue light.

Junak's engine in this version did not differ from the standard model, although plans were afoot to increase its power.

In 1961 Junak began supplying the flying patrols of the Citizens' Militia

At the end of the seventies, these motorcycles began to be withdrawn from service.

Source: Marigan Junak Archive