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Junak M13 Motorcycles 1961

At the end of 1961, a new version of Junak was prepared at SFM, the M13. Two prototypes were built: one with conventional front suspension, the other with a leading link (as in the SHL M11). Numerous companies used this method of front suspension (a.k.a. Earles Forks), for instance BMW, Rumi and Greeves. The rear of the motorcycle sported a deeply valanced mudguard, covering almost half of the wheel. The engine has battery ignition (although some versions are shown with magneto ignition) and an alternator. The cylinder head was changed, and the pushrods disappeared behind the cylinder fins.

Photos show the M13 Junak fitted with leading link forks, and also with telescopic forks. Other differences from the M10 include the rear wheel.

The number of prototype motorcycles and engines for these prototypes is puzzling. One such engine was found in good condition. Apparently, it was developed for the M13 models, but there is a difference in that the engine does not have a magneto and the photos show such a magneto quite well. The engines visible in the photos differ from those in the M10 and M07.

Source: Junak.net Archive