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Dnepr Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

KMZ Kyivskyi mototsykletnyi zavod, manufactured in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Some 1.5 million Dnepr machines were built for the armed forces of the USSR.

As of 2001, Kyiv Motorcycle Factory in Ukraine manufactures Dnepr MT-11 and MT-16 motorcycles, which are modified by the importer in Seattle, USA.

Please Note This is NOT a Russian motorcycle. It is Ukrainian. The name is sometimes given as Dneipr.

Sources: kmz.com.ua, et al.

Fri Aug 15 2014
ste.depuille at sfr.fr
Certificat of conformity
Dnepr K750 year 1967 Dnepr K750 year 1967
Dear Sir,
I bought a used Side car Dnepr K750 in France. But I have a problem on my French registration document, it's writen SOLO instead of SOLO SIDE. That the reason why I need a certificat of conformity to go to French officiel offices with, in order to put SOLO SIDE on my registration document, instead of SOLO only. (SOLO only writen on my French registration document does not allow me to drive with Side car in France).
Thanks a lot.

Thu Jun 23 2011
manstey1<at>googlemaildot com
French Certificate of Conformity (Attestation de Conform
Dnieper MT 11 (1994)
I am trying to import (customs clear and register) my Dneiper into France and need to get Certificate of Conformity (Attestation de Conformité)- Does anyone know how to get this ?
Gex, France
More information will be posted under Documentation & Paperwork here...

Tue Jun 14 2011
allan.triplea at gmail.com
maintenance manual
1976 Dnepr 750 MT-11
I would like to find a repair manual in english. I am replacing the generator with a new one. Bike runs good and I will be selling it soon. Anyone interested?
Whittier, California

Tue Jan 25 2011
birojek<at>hotmaildot com
Ukrainian Motor Bike
Australian Buyer, will import from USA West Coast or from Ukrain.  Interested in any Ukrainian Millitary model for regular riding.
Australia Melbourne

Tue Feb 17 2009
need parts
Denper 750cc Flat Head Motor
I need a replacement main seal plate, seal, bearings for above motor.
Kent, Ohio, Usa

Fri Mar 07 2008
joextremo at t-online.de
Dnepr MT11
I'ts a very good side
Take a look at my side
www.dnepr-jo.com (404)
You can copy you're link to my side if you want
Bye. Jo

Tue Oct 30 2007
ivan at iscmldot com
Hello, I would like to point out 2 of your mistakes. First Dniepr(Dnipro)is a Ukrainian bike. Second, it is Ukraine not THE Ukraine. I hope you would take some time to ensure the hystorical and geographical correctness.
Now in Canada

Sat Sep 15 2007
camdenc200 at hotmaildot com
Barn find Russian K750 +sidecar
1960 K750
Aunt died in Latvia. In her house found Russian K750 1960 mod with sidecar complete. see photo
I would like to restore it and ship it to Australia- any idears.

Thu Sep 20 2007
barryr85 at fuse.net
push rod
have you ever experienced the problem of the push rods collapsing and the valve keep getting loose?

Tue Mar 27 2007
pankob at yahoodot com
Correction (clarification) requirement
Dnepr (Dnipro)
Dear Sirs,

I'm approaching you due to incorrect info to be placed on your web-site part, which is dedicated to the list of motorcycle producers. The matter is that Dnepr (Dnipro in Ukrainian transliteration) is not a Russian model or smth, but a trade mark of Ukrainian producer - KMZ (Kyivskyi mototsykletnyi zavod = Kyiv [Kiev] motorcycle factory). So I would like you to correct your information regarding this issue.

For further details, please, refer to URL: kmz.com.ua

Thank you in advance

Andriy (a Ukrainian reader)
Kyiv, Ukraine

Thu Oct 26 2006
cdesignc at maildot com
Looking for Collectors
IZs, Dnper
I am seeking collectors for iz and dnper motorbikes with side cars and also models without, mt-9, mt-10, k-750 etc etc.
phone:00371 26385154

Tue Sep 20 2005
ismael at etepoc.minbas.cu
Por favor enviarme el manual de Taller del motor dnieper de 1981

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