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Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (D)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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Dainty logo

Owned by Ravat, the brand was established in 1922 in Saint Etienne and built bicycles, sewing machines and, in the 1950s, mopeds powered by Vap 4 engines.

Source: Motos dans la Loire

Dalifol 1894

Le Sphinx engine in a Damas tricycle.

10 rue Barbès, Levallois - Perret (Seine)
Around 1899 these motorcycles and tricycles were built fitted with Le Sphinx engines. A motorcycle rescued from a scrapyard in 1972 was part of the Guélon Collection
Bourdache p434


Flat-tank two-stroke. Appears to be late 1920s. Built by Bonnet & Guyonnet.

Daring Cycles Poster

Darmont 1927 Cyclecar

Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Darmont cyclecars
Darmont logo
Darmont 1927 750cc - 7 Cv - Supersport 3 wheels, 2 gears, no reverse gear, built under license to Morgan.
1st place 1934 Bol d'Or


1905. Tricar with J.Quentin engine and Bozier gearbox.
Bourdache p434


49cc mopeds built at the Peugeot factory in the 1950s. It is not clear whether the brand was owned by Peugeot.

"Nouvelle Bicyclette a Moteur Davy. Fabrication des Cycles Peugeot. Beaulieu - Valentigney (Doubs)"

The firm manufactured components such as brakes, pedals and wheel rims in the 1950s. Their address was the same as that of Samir, at 10 rue Emile Zola, St Etienne. Samir made Samimox wheels which were fitted to Flandria.
Source: Motos dans la Loire


85 rue de Bourgogne, Lyon
These machines were re-badged Italian Della Ferrera machines sold around 1913.

"En cette année 1913, deux nouvelles marques françases sont lancées. L'une fait largement appel à la construction italienne la Debeaune est en réalité une Della Ferrera dont le réservoir porte la marque de l'ex-terreur à la René Gillet."

(In this year 1913, two new French brands were launched. One makes extensive use of Italian construction, the Debeaune is actually a Della Ferrera whose tank bears the mark of the former terror à la René Gillet.)

Bourdache pp 335, 343, 346, 349, 356, 369, 385, 398-400.

Became the Aiglon marque.
Bourdache p146, p429

Decolon Motorcycles

Their 1948 model has a four-stroke AMC 108cc engine, girder fork and rigid rear.

In the mid-1950s they built three-wheeled microcars powered by Ydral engines.

Sources: La Moto Francaise, et al.


Established in 1998 by the brothers Jean-Michel and Pierre-Jean Dedôm

Rue de la Poudrerie, ZI Franchises – 52200 Langres

Builds touring, sports and off-road sidecars.


In his workshop at No. 1 Avenue du Roule, Neuilly, M. Degré built a Minerva-powered 233cc motorcycle which he presented at the London show of 1902. The marque existed until at least 1906, but at that stage was producing front suspension, not complete motorcycles. An example of the machine dated c.1903 was part of the Guélon Collection.
Sources: Guélon Collection

Manufactured by Delaplace Ets
The Horsy scooter appeared at the 1952 Salon powered by an 85cc Le Poulain engine. It did not enter production.
Source: Amis Terriens

DeLaurier and Morin 1869

Motorcycle involved in the 1903 M.C.F. competition.
Bourdache p403

Motorcycle exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1898 (15/26 December)
Bourdache p434

Petrol-engined bicycle cited by the magazine Touring Club de France, 1902
Bourdache p434

DEM (D.E.M.)
Manufactured motorcycles 1926~27 through to 1933~34, and possibly as late as 1946. Models included 100 and 175cc Aubier&Dunne powered machines along with Chaise 250 and 350cc motorcycles.
The tank logo would often be a fairly large D.E.M.

It is possible D.E.M and Ets Demade are related.
La Moto Francaise

H & G Demade Frères built motorcycles in Bruay sur Escaut, some models using Moser engines. An ID plate gives Type D12, year 1934. The machine is a dual-exhaust OHV with chain drive, large external flywheel, rigid rear end and lights. It appears very similar to a Motosacoche of the same period, and it is likely a re-badged machine.
It is possible D.E.M and Ets Demade are related.
La Moto Francaise,

4 avenue Carnot, Paris
Motorcycle classified 8th of the criterium of the motorcycles the 24 of October of 1901, ridden by De Ridder.
Bourdache p434

Machine exhibited at the 1902 Salon.
Bourdache p146

3 and 5 Rue Jouvenet, Paris, 1906.
Motos and Tricars with integral suspension.
See also Mauxion & Devinant 1903, same address.
Bourdache p434

Manufactured by Ets Smagghe of Seclin (near Lille) in 1954.
Established as a bicycle manufacturer in 1896, Smagghe built mopeds named Diane with Le Poulain engines.

Didier Jillet
The DJ 1200 was an unusual motorcycle with hub-centre steering, powered by a Peugeot 204 1130cc inline four. The endurance racer failed to qualify for the Bol d'Or.
Sources:, Moto Revue No. 2452, March 6, 1980

Ets Diem, 28-30 rue de Borrégo, Paris 20
Built 33cc and 48cc cycle attachment engines 1948-54. These were fitted to the Dupont invalid carriage, among others.
Source: La Moto Francaise

Jules Zimmermann et Cie
10 rue Emile Allez, Paris
Motos, 1903
Bourdache p434

DJ Construction

Based in Savoie, Jean-Louis Damois has been building sidecars since 1993. Several models are offered including touring, sports and offroad.

Sources:, et al

DMS (1) - D·M·S Société LA MAZARINE. 9, Rue Mazarine - Paris-6e.
Source: Moped SE

(2) - Moteurs D.M.S., 13, Avenue Jules-Ferry, Casablanca, MOROCCO. 50cc two-stroke bicycle attachment engine.


Participated in an event at the 1904 La Provence Sportive
Bourdache p434


Dampf-Fahrrad von Doudart de la Grée mit Kondensator als Sonnendacb. (

Doudart de la Grée steam bicycle with condenser as a sunroof.)

There is very little information about this machine, not even a date. It may however be the product of a famous figure in French history, whose name has appeared on three French warships.

"Doudart became a commander in the French Navy in 1864 and was appointed French resident at Phnom Penh. In 1866 he led a geographic survey and exploration of the Mekong River into Laos and China. He died in northern Yunnan." ~ Britannica

"Ernest Doudart de Lagrée was also an entomologist. Insect collections made by him in Africa are conserved in Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris." ~ Wikipedia

Sources:, Britannicam, Wikipedia.

Motorised bicycle displayed at the 1900 exhibition in Vincennes
Bourdache p434


Manufactured by M.A Dumas fils of Champigny-sur-Marne, 1902-1903.

The three-wheeler was powered by a Buchet 4.5hp engine mounted behind the front wheel which it drove by chain. A bench seat accomodated two, and steering was by steering wheel.

Sources:, Wikipedia DE, et al

Tricycle exhibited at the Salon des Tuileries in 1899
Bourdache p434

Dupont Voiture a Moteur, Hautefeuille, Paris (VI)
48cc engine by Diem. Invalid carriage, mid 1930s, and probably later.
Source: Period advertising

Manufactured a De Dion engined motorcycle in Maubeuge (North), exhibited at the 2nd Salon (10/25 December 1901)
Bourdache p434

Ets. Motorcycles Durand of Abbeville fitted Zürcher sidevalve and OHV engines to frames of their own manufacture.
Sources: Tragatsch p123,

Duravia 1950-1957


82 rue d'Hauteville, Paris ( 1907)
Motorized bicycle named La Parfaite with engines above the pedals in 1900.
Bourdache pp 69, 84, 86, 98.

Motocyclette of 1903
Bourdache p434

Duten Engines
56 rue des Arts in Levallois-Perret (Seine)
Built in the 1920s, they were best known for their "rotary-valve" 175cc and 250cc 2-strokes which were fitted to many marques such as Dé-Dé, Rochester, G.D, Propul-Cycle, DS-Malterre, Vog and Charles Gerald.
Crankcase induction was via a hole in the crankshaft in the main bearing area. These were relatively complex engines and probably more expensive than the competitors.

Dutheil-Chalmers et Cie
Took part in the M.C.F. concours d'endurance of 1903. A patent for a motorcycle was taken in 1901 by the same company.
Bourdache p434

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