Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (E)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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E Fontaine
Built at 3 rue Lesueur in Le Havre in 1906 by M. E. Fontaine, the motorcycle has a 401cc engine. Following its sale by Yesterdays in 2004 it was restored between 2005 and 2007. It is believed to be unique.

Manufactured around 1933 by the Gardette firm in the Villefranche sur Saone region.
A 1933 model exists with a 100cc Stainless engine, with an AYA clutch in the rear wheel hub. It is fitted with an AMAC T41 carburetor, has 2 speeds, and has a MEA B 1 magneto. The seat is from Lamplugh.
The dealer plate on the front guard is by P. Felide, Le Coteau (Loire).

Joël Guilet designed the ERS for the Paris-Dakar in which it raced from 1987 to 1989. Using a BMW air-cooled twin housed in a a carbon-fibre frame which weighed a mere 6kg, it had a 64 litre tank which damped fuel movement with a foam bladder.
Source: François-Marie Dumas

  • Elan

  • ELF

  • Elvish
    Manufactured by Elvish-Fontan in Bordeaux. Another address is 64 rue de Livron, Pau, where they built bicycles.
    Established in 1883 in England as a cycle company, production moved to France after WWI with famed cyclist Victor Fontan in partnership with M. Grosnier.
    In 1929 they built a SV 250cc JAP powered motorcycle of quite modern appearance with saddle tank, drum front brake and girder forks. A Cucciolo-powered moped was presented at the 1951 Salon.
    Source: Amis Terriens, Chez Alice,

    E.M.A. engines
    Ets E M A, 192 Avenue du Maine, Paris 14°
    Built 48ccc engines 1950-51
    Source: La Moto Francaise

    Émeraude (Emeraude)
    1902 6 Rue de Rennes, Nantes
    Later at 20 rue de Versailles in Nantes
    Manufacturer: G. Fournier
    In 1907, Monluc de Lariviere and Sauzereau, manufacturers, motorcycle with 2hp engine
    Bourdache p434

    Built by Ets Teyssot, 1950s
    20, Rue Du Placieux Nancy (M. et M.)
    Some models used Comet engines by Le Poulain, others Sachs or AMC.

    Manufactured by the brothers Jean and Claudius Martin in Charlieu (Loire), the first motorcycles were built in 1927, the 175 Type A.
    From 1932 until 1939 they built motorcycles using Chaise, Stainless and JAP engines of up to 350cc. The factory moved to Roanne in 1933 with premises at 43 rue Jean Jaurès and rue Poisson.
    The firm also built bicycles, sewing machines, children's cars and kitchen appliances. Eriol is an anagram of Loire.
    Postwar they are believed to have built mopeds. The company was disolved in 1962.
    Source: Motos dans la Loire

    Moteurs et Motocycles Etoile, Paris, built lightweights using 98cc two-stroke engines from Aubier Dunne and others up to 198cc.
    Sources: Tragatsch p129,

    Manufactured initially by T. Maret who built bicycles as early as 1885 and later built tricycles and "motocyclettes", the firm was taken over by Francis Arnaud of Isère, near Lyon.
    In 1907 they presented an Excelsior-Bruneau, built under licence to Rochet-Bruneau. It was all but identical to that of Rochet, Georges Richard, Roland, Regina and others.

    Manufactured by J. H. Exshaw & Co., 31, Boulevard J.-J. Bosc, Bordeaux. Early 1920s.
    50x50 mm two-stroke engine mounted on a bicycle's rear carrier. A 1 hp version drove the rear wheel by belt, and a 1½ hp unit used a chain.
    Sources:, The Motor Cycle - Paris Salon, 1922.

    Motocyclette with 2 ¼hp engine, 1904
    Bourdache p434


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