Motocyclettes fabriquées en France (H)

Notes on some of the rarer French marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. There is also a page on really obscure French brands.
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H Errard
Located at 20 Rue Réaumu in Paris, the firm's factory in St Etienne had a workforce of 110 people, and merged with the Cocymo group in 1955. Their machines were marketed under the Metropolis brand until 1959.

Source: Motos dans la Loire

H. Mathevet

In the late 20s and early 30s the firm built frames for bicycles and motorcycles. There is a suggestion that they built the Wethy brand of bicycles and light motorcycles.

Source: Motos dans la Loire



Ets Giron,
38 rue Vanneau, Paris

Built motorcycles with using Z.L. V-twin and single cylinder engines

Bourdache p436

Hammon et Mouter
Hammond et Monnier were bicycle dealers who presented a machine at the 1902 Paris Salon. They sold the firm to the Duc d'Uzes around 1907. It is unclear whether they built motocyclettes, but as their main trade was bicycles this seems likely.
Bourdache p146

Hanzer Frères
4 rue Baudin, Ivry (seine)
1899, Motor tricycle
Bourdache p436


Harding-JAP 1912
Two views of the 3½ h.p. Harding-Jap, a twin-cylinder machine built in France with British parts throughout.


Built in by HJ Harding in St. Cyr, Paris, using British components, it was powered by a JAP V-twin 496cc engine and used a Bowden 2-speed gearbox, Druid forks and a Chater-Lea frame. Production began in 1912 and ceased at the outbreak of war.

Sources: Tragatsch p155, The Motor Cycle.


Société Françse des Étabts GOODE et Cie 32 et 34. Rue Pierret - Neuilly-sur-Seine

The Harlette was built in Italy, France and Austria. See also Mas Harlette and Harlette Geco

Source: Period literature

G. HARRISSARD et Cie, Constructeurs. 33, Rue G.-H.-Marsaud GENNEVILLIERS (Seine)
Harrissard engines were fitted to CP Roleo, and were probably used by Durandal. There is an article in la Revue du Motocyclettiste N°101 : Découverte: Les moteurs Harrissard.


Manufactured by Huber et Bailleul, 43 et 45, rue Jules-Ferry, Bagnolet (Seine)

At least two models were available in 1925, the Modele L and the Modele S. They had two-stroke engines of 150cc (56x60mm) and 175cc (62x69mm).

Sources: Period literature

Based in Aix-en-Provence, the firm built BMA lightweights using Aubier-Dunne engines of 98cc.
Sources:, Tragatsch p159

Hémy engines
Ets Paul de Marne et Cie, 3 boulevard Latour-Maubourg, Paris (7°)[1]
Ets G M R, 8-10, Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, Paris 17°
1946-1954, built 34cc and 48cc two-stroke bicycle engines (hilfsmotor) named L'Hemycycle
N.B. Cyclememory gives the first address for the Type 102 34cc engine, and the second for Types 109 (48cc) and 120 (34cc).
Sources: La Moto Francaise, Moped SE

  • Hellessen

  • Henri Vallée

    Constructed in 1905, the motorcycle was water-cooled. Unfortunately it did not gain popularity. M. Vallée was studious and inventive, and built many automobiles. He died tragically by drowning at the age of 51.


    Henriod C.E.
    7/9 rue de Sablonville, Neuilly sur seine
    1898. Manufactured tricycles and engines.
    Bourdache p436

    Ateliers de construction mécanique d'Asnières,
    47 quai d'Asnières, Asnières (seine)
    1897. Petrol engines for automobiles and motorcycles from 1 to 8hp
    Bourdache p436

    Paris representative, 83 rue Lafayette
    Manufacturer of arms and bicycles in Saint-Etienne. Motorcycle 330 cc with magneto ignition. Related to Deronzière and Rupta.
    Produced a ¾ hp engine adaptable to bicycles
    Bourdache p436

    Previously HRD of Varese, Italy, the marque was bought by the Mazères Aviation group and moved to France around 1997. In 2001 the factory was purchased by the Spanish firm Sherco, and is now the company headquarters for this truly European marque which also boasts strong German connections.

    The St Etienne firm sold re-branded Ravat motorcycles in the 1950s. The Huco Type 154/4 is very similar to the Ravat 154 and has a type R9 4-speed engine, and a 1957 Type H52 has a 100cc Sachs engine.
    There appears to have been a connection with Paul Huffschmitt of Strasbourg.
    Source: Motos dans la Loire


    Founded in 1903 and situated at 122 Rue d'Annonay, St Etienne, the firm was acquired by Langénieux in 1906. In 1918 they had moved to 37 avenue Rochetaillé in Saint Etienne.

    From 1922 they built motorcycles with 100cc Stainless, Villiers, 125cc Massardier and 500cc JAP engines. Motorcycle production ended around 1931 or 1932.

    • Paris Salon, 1922

      Hunter - 55x48 mm., two-stroke, embodying a reduction gear in a case integral with crank case.

    Source: Motos dans la Loire


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